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Keeping your room dark, cool, and quiet is not enough to get a comfortable sleep. You need to choose the right sleepwear made of the right fabric to get the optimal sleep environment. Do you know an average person spends 26 years of their life asleep, but sleeping is an unspoken topic and most people don’t know how to get comfortable sleep and we choose the wrong fabric for sleepwear? And as a result, we don’t get a peaceful sleep. Trunk Club has classy and trendy women’s apparel that is perfect to wear in summer. Use the Trunk Club promo codes and get breathable clothes at a decent price. Because most people wear workout apparel at night for sleep, as they are so comfortable. 

The Best Fabric To Wear At Home 

Most people like to walk in their PJs when they are one. Pajamas come in different fabrics too, to satisfy different demands of the customer. Deciding what fabric to choose for sleep is an important element to consider to ensure you get a peaceful and comfortable sleep. pajamas or other sleepwear made of different fabrics have some pros and as well as cons too. but it is up to you to choose the right fabric according to your skin type and comfort preferences. Let’s look at the different fabrics typically on offer to us for sleepwear.


Cotton is the most likable fabric for sleepwear that is preferred by every age group, people love to wear cotton-made nightwear to get a comfortable sleep. cotton fabric is lightweight, has a great breathable space, and gives a soft and smooth touch so that skin doesn’t get irritated. These sleepers are perfect for summer nights but not good for winter nights because they are lightweight and their feature is to give you a cooling effect during the night. If you are wearing cotton-made nightwear in winter without wearing a thick blanket then you can’t get a restful and comfortable night’s sleep. But cotton doesn’t have a wicking feature in it so if you are prone to night sweats then this fabric will not be suitable for you. 


Linen-made sleepwear is a lightweight and durable choice for everyone. That’s why people love to wear linen-made nightwear in summer to get a good night’s sleep. if you choose linen fabric sleepwear then it allows you to perspire up to 1.5 times less than when you wear cotton fabric. One of the major hand-down factors in linen is that they catch stains easily on it plus it tends to crease and crinkle. But it is exceptionally breathable and more durable than other fabrics for sleepwear. 


Silk tends to keep you warm when you feel cold and can also keep you cool when you are feeling hot. This smooth, sleek material is best for every skin time as it is gentle to the skin and hair won’t be snagged. It is known as thermoregulating fabric. If you want to create an ideal sleep environment then choose silk-made fabric sleepwear for sleeping, silk pajamas, and silk nightwear on a cotton bed sheet. This fabric provides great health benefits however, some people don’t find silk to be a great option for them. Because many people don’t like to wear silk and they prefer other fabric made sleep wears for themselves. 

Brushed Fleece

If you live in a place where the night gets chilled, a cozy sweater can work perfectly for you. It will make you feel warm at night and cozy to get you through those cold winter months. If you pair your sweater with leggings then it can create a snuggly outfit perfect for lounging around the home or staying warm while looking cute. Brushed cotton fleece is available in several different colors so you can choose any of your favorite color sweaters. 

Supima Cotton

It is the premium version of regular cotton pajamas. This fabric of night suit pajamas is one of the highest quality cotton fabrics you can buy, it tends to be softer than ordinary cotton while maintaining its breathability. It also has an extra lightweight and some stretch so that you can move around easily in your home and can sleep in any position.

Some fabric gives you a feeling that they are holding you down but this fabric doesn’t. If you combine it with cotton bedsheets, you may even feel as if you are sleeping on the clouds. But the only drawback of this fabric, it tends to be a more expensive fabric compared to some of the other mentioned fabric materials. 

Coolest Fabric To Sleep In 

If you want to have peaceful, good sleep then always consider temperature, as it is an important factor to ensure you get the best sleep. If you want something cool to wear at night to get a good sleep then you can check Wildfox discount code because they have a wide range of comfortable clothes that can be worn all day comfortably.

Sleeping in a too cool or too warm room can make you not feel comfortable and don’t let you sleep peacefully so it is better to maintain the temperature perfectly. To control this factor, you can also choose the right sleepwear made of the perfect fabric to maintain the desired temperature during the night.

Some people prefer wearing cotton pajamas as they are light in weight and keep you cool when you feel warm during sleep. But you can’t wear them in warmer months and for that, you need to look for other fabric-made sleepwear to get a good sleep. 

As I mentioned above, silk tends to make you warm when you feel cold and can make you cool when you feel warm. So, if you are from those people then you can go with this fabric to get a desirable peaceful sleep.  

Other Fabrics For Sleepwear

As we all will agree we want something comfortable and loose to wear for sleep, right? Selection of fabric material for sleepwear, we should consider our room temperature because it is important. Whether you are a cold sleeper or a warmer one. 

Most people prefer to sleep in a cool temperature room and pair them with bedding and sleepwear that warms their skin. This helps people to decrease body temperature at night by releasing heat as a result of warm skin. A lower core body temperature is very much important to get a good comfortable sleep. 

There are some other fabrics and materials too that are use to make sleepwear according to different preferences. 

  • Some brands blend multiple fibers and as a result fabric blends give the advantage of different materials.
  • Sleepwear made of bamboo-derived fabric is breathable and tends to be lightweight.
  • Sleepwear made of fleece fabric is specially design for winter and people wear fleece fabric-made nightwear during cold days because it keeps their body warm and gives a comfortable sleep.
  • You can also find polyester-made night wears, they are affordable but not as breathable as other materials.
  • Just like silk you can also find satin nightwear pajamas as people also love this fabric.
  • Wool-made fabric is also some people’s choice but they are a bit scratchy and not everyone likes to wear it. 

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