EICR Report
EICR Report

Landlords-Must take the EICR Report every 3-5 years or when changing tenants. For owners of private rental homes in London, UK. Five years of testing is mandatory. Vacation rules are the same as for long vacations. You must take the Electrical Installation Condition Report every 5 years and be able to provide guests with a copy of the latest report or a copy of the latest report.  

Local Government Upon Request EICR Report. As part of the EICR Report, there are some issues that can lead to inadequate classification.

  • Device or circuit problems that can cause the entire system to overheat.
  • Danger of fire or danger of electric shock
  • Safety concerns relate to grounding equipment or circuits
  • Failure of electrical equipment that can cause harm or injury.

The severity of the error that occur during the test corresponds to the error code indicate in the detail comments in the report. These icons are:

  • C1-means there is a danger. Possibility of injury should be change immediately
  • C2-This indicates a potential risk or danger. Suggest urgent changes
  • C3-Indicates that electrical equipment improvements are recommend but not require. This is the only point you can earn while continuing to earn a satisfying EICR.

After work, the original report is complete. Then you will receive an EICR security certificate once your electrical system has been fully inspect.

Is the EICR Report a legal requirement?

In London, homeowners must legally perform an EICR test on their property. To ensure that tenants are safe from fire hazards and electrical accidents. The government has also announce a five-year electrical safety check in the UK for the private charter sector. This includes all new rents starting after 1 July 2020 and 1 April 2021. This includes all existing rents.

How often are new EICRs available?

Business Owners / Commercial Real Estate Owners-On average, you need to take the EICR Report every 5 years, but you may need to increase the frequency. This depends on the size of the building, the age and the complexity of the circuit. Therefore, it is advisable to seek advice from a qualified EICR auditor.

Homeowner-The EICR test should be done every 3-5 years, as recommend in the previous inspection. However, if you have a pool, it is advisable to take the EICR test every year.

Home Buyer-You or your surveyor is encourage to view the update EICR for the property you want to buy. If you are not satisfied with the latest information in the report, you can ask the seller to arrange an inspection, but it is not a legal requirement and may incur costs.

What is the difference between the EICR test and the EIC test?

EICR or Electrical Safety Certificate When installing for the first time, ensure correct and safe electrical equipment. EICR continuously monitors safety and installation without fixing dangers or malfunctions. Although the goals of the safety and compliance testing process are the same, EICR Report applies only to rental properties and workspaces to ensure the safety of tenants and protect the responsibilities of landlords and employers. 

What is the difference between the EICR test and the PAT test?

An electrical certificate obtain with sufficient EICR certification ensures that it is not dangerous. Electrical Failure EICR is intend for components commonly associate with electrical equipment and systems. The PAT test (or portable device test) evaluates all electrical equipment use in an electrical system. It can be use safely. This includes everything from hair dryers to hair dryers with plugs.

How much does the EICR Certificate Cost?

How much does the EICR certificate cost? This really depends on the size of your property. A typical household test starts at around £ 99 and the price of commercial real estate can fluctuate up to £ 200. There may be more, which depends on the size and complexity of the circuit.

When comparing an electrician to the performance of an EICR Report, make sure that the electrician is fully qualified and that the electrician complies with the 18th edition of the Wiring Regulations. Always use a certified electrician and register with an institution such as NICEIC or NAPIT. This allows for quick P notifications.

The EICR Report only recommends maintenance and no necessary improvements. As with the annual MOT, testing focuses only on bugs. Fix costs are higher.


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