Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce company not just because its marketing agencies say so, but genuinely. In 2022, there is nothing related to eCommerce that you can do without involving this platform in some manner.

Everything is on point with an Amazon partner, from developing safe doorstep delivery systems to B2B marketing. It has not only boosted the level of business activity in the country but has done much more.

Everything is right at your fingertips, from amazon marketing services, shipping to Amazon FBA express freight to drop shipping via sellers. While the competition on such platforms is increasing, it is important to make an effective strategy before starting to sell.

Ecommerce is mostly just based on research and content planning. You cannot just fill your warehouse without proper research. You have to keep on updating the audience. Fulfill their demands just as you know something is in trend.

One key part of all this planning is predicting what trend might be on the rise up next. The most successful sellers are not the ones who sell a unique product but the ones who brand it well. Today, marketing and advertising mean more than offering quality.


Marketing as An Amazon Seller

Many sellers out there have quality products and services to offer, but they can not brand the products well. To carry out an eCommerce business, you must have a brand website.

This website shouldn’t only ‘ market ‘ your brand. It should also manage content in a way that people access the page even if they don’t need your product. Blogging and publishing one blog post daily is a key part of managing your website.

Other than that, many factors like maintaining your website and having a smooth and effective UI design and graphics are also crucial.

Now, if you don’t know what exactly you should aim for to be successful on Amazon, we’ll tell you. The Amazon best seller badge in any particular category is one way that determines the ultimate success of your brand.


What Is This Badge About?

This isn’t a badge some amazon salesperson comes and gives you as a reward for doing business. It is an auto-generated badge given to some products in a category. When you open the search page, you see some products on the top, some in the middle, and others below.

This ranking is because each item is positioned by the sales software. It estimates each product’s cost, reviews, stars, and sales and ranks them.

This way, if customers are in a hurry and don’t have much time to search for every product, they can choose easily. Usually, this best-seller product is the one people are most likely to choose.


How to Earn the Best Seller Badge – Key Tips

Every product category on Amazon has around 10-15 best-seller products. Therefore, you don’t have to be the only top best. You have listed ‘among ‘the top best. Now, this makes it easy for sellers to look at the best sellers and take lessons.

One thing you will always notice about the best sellers is that their marketing is not only through the store itself. They would have a proper website and social media for their business. Now since it is a lot common between products that have a best-seller badge, we can list some actual tips and procedures to follow.


#1) Understanding The Dynamics

The first step towards the best seller badge is understanding how people gain and lose it. There might be many system-oriented reasons that even Amazon can’t control. We know this because often, even the platforms’ products are not listed as the top best sellers.

So one key thing you need to understand here is: that you can gain and lose the badge in a matter of hours. It is rare that a product in any particular category gains the badge and keeps it for even more than a day.

It isn’t possible that product A has a thousand sales and other products stop gaining more. The reason is that there are millions of sales occurring via this online store on a minute basis! To match the speed of sales, the software is ready to change the best-seller almost every hour.

That is, the customers get to know the recent top best according to the sales of each product made.


#2) Optimize Your Listings

Listing is the description you add to your products so people can have a look. These provide mini-descriptions to the viewers; they don’t have to switch to the website for more. Many sellers just redirect amazon viewers to their website for information.

However, when someone is ordering from an online seller, it is best to find the product features right there. The reason is that those listings are likely to be more reliable. Now to optimize your listings, you can do two things:

  1. Hire an expert, and they will do the work for you
  2. Learn how the categories in Amazon work to optimize listings yourself

Now we can help you with the second way. It is best to learn things yourself before outsourcing for them or hiring someone to do the task. This is because once you learn the gist of it yourself, you can also monitor the employee yourself when you hire.

The way listing works is really simple if you view it as a buyer. Here are some tips you can use:

  • Use high-volume keywords
  • Make product category names your keywords
  • Include the right categories in the title of the product
  • Highlight only the catchiest features of the product
  • Try to achieve a high ranking in a sub-category rather than the main niche


#3) Develop A Pricing Strategy

Pricing approaches are tailored specifically to each individual market. This is due to the fact that eCommerce is more competitive than traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. Therefore, if you charge higher prices in eCommerce, you run the risk of seeing a drop in your rankings.

In real life, a customer might find it hectic to check 10-15 stores to compare processes for the same products. They might do it for the pricey products, but certainly not for everything they buy.

However, it is easier to compare in the online market. You just have to open a website that compares 2-3 products together, and you’ll be able to choose the best one for them!

Therefore, competitive pricing is the best strategy for selling on Amazon. Match your prices with the competitors, and you’ll be more likely to win the badge!


#4) The Choice Badge

Another badge many over-conscious buyers wish to choose over anything else is the “Amazon’s Choice” Badge. Now many sellers think that only the FBA products are more likely to earn this badge.

However, that’s not the truth. Amazon gives this badge to only the products that it makes itself. But don’t think that you can’t compete with these because the biggest eCommerce store is selling these products.

Many find the best seller badge more original than the other badges because those ratings fluctuate daily! On the other hand, the choice badge usually stays on the same products of one category.



In conclusion, achieving and losing the best seller badge is a matter of minutes and hours. However, with the right strategies used, you can surely make it!



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