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Transportation often involves a lot of vibration, whether it’s from the bumps of a truck ride or the turbulence of an airplane. This can put stress on products and lead to damage, particularly if the product is fragile or has moving parts. That’s why it’s important to test products for vibration before shipping them. Thus, we at Presto will provide you with a high-quality vibration table that is useful in determining damage caused by repetitive moments in the vehicles.

By simulating the types of vibrations that the product will experience during transport, you can identify any potential problems and take steps to prevent them. This way, you can be confident that your products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with information about how you can easily make use of the Presto vibration table to address different areas of damage. So, let us get started!

Introduction to vibration table

We designed the vibration tester machine to scientifically simulate the vibrations and jolts subjected to various filled containers during the transportation within the laboratory. This lab testing instrument is based on the guidelines provided and ASTM D-999. They can use it for a variety of filled containers such as cans, bottles, jars, and cartons.

The test results will help identify potential packaging problems and provide insights for designing better packaging to protect your product during transportation. The machine is easy to operate and comes with a comprehensive user manual. It is a valuable testing machine for your packaging industry.

This lab testing equipment is highly useful in testing the transport worthiness of the package and making sure that the package will be good to go. Testing your product in advance will also help you to ship your materials without facing any errors.

The Presto vibration table is versatile and user-friendly testing equipment that has been designed to meet the needs of today’s laboratories. It has been made in accordance with industry standards and is equipped with several features that make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications. Below, we have listed the features and technical specifications of the vibration table.

Features of Presto vibration table

When you move your package from one place to another, then your product may experience the influence of vibration that may affect its reliability. Therefore, it is important for you to perform vibration testing on packaging materials to make them worthy of transport.

The Presto is a leading manufacturer of vibration tables and makes sure that your package will not face any errors during transportation and shipping.

It has embedded this laboratory testing instrument with several features that make it unique from other brands. Below, we have listed the features of the Presto vibration table.

  • Digital LED Display
  • Highly accurate test results under various frequency settings
  • Digital Timer for setting test run time
  • Sample Slippage protection by rail on all sides
  • Strong base plate with rugged structure
  • Adjustable Frequency
  • Feather Touch Controls

With these features, it will be easy for you to conduct vibration tests on packaging materials with ease. Now, let us focus on the technical specifications of the Presto vibration table.

Technical Specifications of Presto vibration table

  •  Maximum Load Capacity: 100 Kg
  •  Display: LED (Digital)
  •  Table Size: 800 * 800 mm
  •  Amplitude: 25 mm peak to peak
  •  Power: 220V, Single Phase, 50 Hz
  •  Frequency: 2Hz to 6Hz
  •  Testing model:
  •  Vertical synchronous
  •  Vertical asynchronous
  •  Swivel synchronous
  •  Swivel asynchronous
  • Angle in Swivel Model: 0º, 30º, 60º, 90º
  •  Timer: Up to 99.9 min or 99.9 hrs
  •  In the Swivel Testing Model, it changes the angle according to changeable sprockets provided in the machine

By taking vibration tests, you can easily evaluate the tolerance resistance properties of materials. This test will be simple and easy to conduct. Now, let us discuss how you can easily operate this lab testing instrument.

How you can easily operate the Presto vibration table?

The Presto vibration table is a standardized lab testing instrument that is helpful in testing whether your product will stimulate the vibrations or not. This machine is easy to install and operate. You can read about the steps of the installation of this testing machine.

Let us discuss the steps to operate this lab testing instrument effectively.

  • Once you install the machine, then you need to prepare the specimen first. You can take the corrugated box to test and close all sides of the box effectively.
  • Place the specimen in the test area and tighten the hex bolt.
  • Set the frequency of the machine with the help of down arrow keys.
  • Press the off button to register the values to the desired keys and similarly perform programming for other functions keys like F2, F3, and F4.
  • Do not disturb the further parameters.
  • Now restart the machine to commence the test.

In this way, you can easily make the use of the Presto vibration table to test the vibrations the package can bear. To know about vibration table priceyou can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at [email protected]. Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your queries.


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