What is The Source of The Lightsaber's Color

The fact that not all lightsabers are the same hue is well-known to movie and television franchise fans who have paid attention to the different cartoons created around those properties. There are blue ones, green ones, and red ones. When it comes to this color, there is a lot of variances based on crystals. Crystals in the Star Wars universe come in a variety of colors.

In addition, each shade may be found in a different hue. It is thus impossible to compare the intensity of all the blue sabers. When it came to Anakin, the others had either light blue blades or dark blue blades with cyan highlights, but Anakin’s first saber was clearly dark blue.

The same may be said for the red saber of the Sith. Again, the hues vary; some are brilliant red, while others are dark, and yet others are framed in black. Using many crystals of various colors or compressing them creates these unique colors. It is for this reason that the range of color tones is restricted to just a handful of hues.

Meaning of Lightsaber Color Schemes

Padawansabers sells lightsabers in the UK. It’s not a matter of personal preference, but rather a matter of personality and battle style that dictates the choice of colors.

Each Color Has its Own Significance

Blue Saber

Because they are generally left to the Guardians, the Jedi, who are used to physical warfare, are the best candidates to handle them. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are two of the most well-known since the latter had not yet turned to the dark side of the force.

Saber, Luke’s Father, Also Made a Full Recovery in The First Trilogy

Turquoise Saber

It is also awarded to a knight who practices meditation since the turquoise sword signifies purity beyond all things. Jedi who wields the color saber tend to be more attuned to the light side of the Force than those who do not.

Fels Olin, for Example, is Popular Among The Jedi

Green Saber

However, since they are targeted at diplomats and consulates and are intended to negotiate peace rather than employ violence, green sabers are also highly prevalent among the Jedi.

It was because of this that Qui-Gon Jinn received the weapon. Yoda and Ahsoka Tano, of course, are in the same boat. Luke’s green saber, which he forged, will also be passed down to him.

Light Green Saber

This kind of sword is frequently given to the Jedi, who are in tune with nature and may form deep bonds with the Order of the Jedi. Ramkota, for example, has a sword like this. There is no exception to this rule for Kao Sendak.

Purple Saber

For the Jedi, the brilliant and dark sides of the Force are combined to create these sabers, which are only handed out once in a great while. This means that they must be very wise and self-restrained.

Samuel L. Jackson ordered a bespoke lightsaber in the UK in this hue for his second trilogy, which you may have heard of. It should also be emphasized that Mace Windu is not the only one to wield this sort of weapon.

Also, Darth Toraya, who, by the way, is the Sith Lord, wields this weapon. Luke Skywalker’s new Jedi Order took inspiration from Mara Jade, who spent her early years in Emperor Palpatine’s care before becoming a beacon of hope for the galaxy. The boy is called Ben Skywalker, and she’s his daughter. He had a kid with her.

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Orange Saber

The saber’s symbolism includes cunning and negotiation, among other things. As a result, only those working in the shadows, such as spies and assassins, have access to them. Yoda Jedi Yaddle and a Wookiee who can see into the future are the only known examples of this sort of saber in use by a fictional character.

Yellow Saber

To protect these sabers, the Jedi sentries have been tasked with conducting combat training in the dark.

During the time of the Old Republic, sentinels were designed to follow and hunt out dark-side minions and Jedi who had wandered too far from the light. They’ve developed a greater resilience to the Force’s evil side.

  • Bastirashan and Atonland are two of the most well-known sentinels.
  • Sword in the sky
  • Physical force is seldom used by Jedi who wields sabers like this.

Because they are more difficult to see and don’t enjoy being stuck, they aren’t as hazardous. Because of this, it is important not to underestimate the importance of the latter in practice.

Silver Saver

Such a saber is quite rare among the Jedi. Concentration beyond all else is symbolized by this hue, which is granted to the most intelligent warriors and demonstrates a strong connection to the Force.

White Saber

There aren’t many Jedi that deals with sabers of this hue, and that’s for good reason. This hue represents a fighter who is willing to give their all for the cause they believe in, even if it means sacrificing all they own. Lightsabers of this hue are often seen in the possession of Jedi dedicated to the cause of peace and justice. In Star Wars Rebels, Ahsoka Tano will also use this style of saber.

Brown Saber

There is a solid reason why they are so rare: It is frequently awarded to Jedi knights who are very aggressive and physically attack-oriented. Jedi are capable of unleashing terrible assaults on their adversaries. Loubacca, Chewbacca’s nephew, carries a lightsaber.

Red Saber

This time, let’s take the other side. There are a lot of Sith who utilize the Red Saber. These weapons could not have been created using any of the original modifications that were employed. So it’s developed in the lab from scratch.

FAQs of What is The Source of The Lightsaber’s Color

What are the origins of lightsaber colors?

Kyber crystals, which are rare, force-tuned crystals that grow in nature and may be found on various worlds, are what give lightsabers their distinct hues. Once discovered by a Jedi, Kyber crystals take on a variety of hues.

What does the lightsaber’s color denote?

Star Wars’ continuous conflict between good and evil is symbolized by the lightsaber, an iconic Star Wars prop. Blue and red were the initial colors for lightsabers used by Jedi and Sith. The lightsaber’s hue is determined by the cyber crystal it is powered by.

Which color lightsaber is the most difficult to find?

There has only ever been one known user of a Bronze lightsaber in all of Star Wars’ expanded canon.


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