Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

General Studies-IV (GS-IV) i.e. Ethics Integrity and Aptitude are one of the most tactical papers set by the UPSC CSE board committee. This paper requires a different approach as compared to what we usually apply in the case of GS papers or Prelims.

As an aspirant myself, I had opted for Eden IAS’s Ethics course. Once you opt for it, the road will become clearer for you:

  • Schedule – Syllabus will be covered as per a systematic schedule and nothing will be missed. This is the most time-saving aspect of this strategy. Once Eden provides you with a schedule, follow it diligently. 
  • Revision – During every lecture, you will be ask to write class notes. Try to listen and scribble down. What is. Being taught? Go home and revise the notes. Trust me, you will be able to grasp each and everything with utmost ease if you will repeat this cycle every day.
  • Solving case studies – One of the most important aspects to work upon is solving case studies. Eden IAS rolls out an Ethics case study workbook comprising 100 mind-boggling case studies. The mentor of this course, Roy sir teaches you how to go about this course and answer in the most efficacious manner possible. 
  • Mock tests – Once you have grasped the concepts and have practiced enough, it is “test time”. I have taken up the “Ethics Test series” by Eden IAS. Therein, they grill you like anything. They take seven sectional tests followed by four mock tests. So that students. Are tested. On each and every aspect of Ethics, integrity and aptitude. 
  • Evaluation – Eden IAS has this system of returning the evaluated answer sheets back to the students with individual feedback. Once you get the evaluated answer sheet back, your task is to go through it thoroughly and see where you have committed errors.


This is my strategy. It’s not always that every strategy will work for you. Just try your hand over some and you will stumble across the one which is really effective in your case.

How Are Ethics, Integrity And Aptitude Different From One Another?

I am taking the Ethics course of Eden IAS. Taking into consideration this very thing, I deem myself fit to answer this question.

Ethics refers to a set of standards, norms, principles that that society places over itself, which helps to guide the behavious, choices and actions of a person.

  • In other terms, it is a moral philosophy or a philosophical treatise which studies human behaviour and tries to determine whether an act performed is morally right or wrong.
  • It is derived from. Various sources. Such as civil society, human conscience, customs, traditions etc.
  • Integrity refrs to the ability of an individual to remain consistent and committed to his/her personal and professional values. When seen from the lens of governance, it takes the form of honesty and trustworthiness in the discharge of responsibility and duties, serving as an epitome of antithesis to corruption.
  • I love how the British writer C.S. Lewis summaries integrity, “integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching”.

Aptitude refers to one’s capacity to perform a task or learn a skill.

It is your grasping or learning quotient. It has three manifestations – Intellectual aptitude, emotional aptitude and moral aptitude.

I was able to answer this question easily, thanks to Eden IAS’s Ethics course. There, we are lectured. Upon concepts. By the very renowned faculty member of Eden IAS – Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary.

Students Are supplemented. With crisp study material snippets which not only helps them to grasp in a groundbreaking manner but is also beneficial in times of revision at the eleventh hour.

Ethics GS4 The booklets help in understanding the theories, grasping the portion on “Thinkers and Thoughts”, going through a minimum of 10 case studies and, deciphering the technical terms of the subject known as the Ethics terminology. 


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