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Cleaning Services

Keeping your office neat and clean is as essential as keeping your house clean. Though the primary goal of both these services is the same, there are some specific differences between commercial cleaning services in Toronto and house cleaning. Both these places must remain clean, healthy and hygienic throughout the year – which will help you avoid health issues among your loved ones and staff.

If you need to hire a cleaning company for your commercial building, ensure that they can provide you with specifically designed solutions for commercial properties. Before that, let’s see what makes commercial cleaning services different from residential cleaning.

Common Factors to Make Office and Home Cleaning Different

Vastness of the Area

Most commercial buildings are more significant than residential ones, for which commercial cleaners need to cover a vast area. Such areas include parking lots, driveways, lobby, roof, stairs, garage, office floor, lifts, toilets, etc. Such areas can also be found in a house, but the size will be smaller and easy to manage.

Time and Effort

Since a commercial property is typically more significant than a residential one, it takes more time to clean it. Cleaning a house can be done within a few hours. But, it can take 2 or 3 days to clean an entire commercial building. The effort has to be more intense because of the time and the size of the property.

Time of Operation

Most of the house cleaning services in Mississauga are done during the day, while commercial cleaning should be done at night. This is because most of the commercial buildings remain empty at night. During the daytime, there are workers, visitors, clients and others for which the cleaning job cannot be done uninterruptedly. Moreover, cleaning tasks can disturb the daily operation of your staff. Therefore, you should ask your cleaning company to schedule their service at night.

Special Training

Commercial cleaning experts must have special training since commercial buildings are larger and have more segments than houses. They must be aware of industrial equipment and products to provide clients with flawless results. They should know how to clean parking or driveways where plenty of cars are parked every day.

Need to Understand the Emotion 

While cleaning clients’ houses, you may need to touch their personal belongings. This can include their bed, furniture, clothes and other personal items. They may have a particular emotion for these things. While cleaning an office, store or school, such feelings are not there. These places typically do not have any personal items. Residential cleaning has to be more detail-oriented.

Price of the Service

Commercial cleaning is typically more expensive than residential cleaning because of its size and extent. But, office cleaning is a monthly task. You need to spend a certain amount of money every month on this. On the other hand, house cleaning can be done every three or four months, which is less expensive. But, in both these cases, you must look for a budget-friendly service and the best in quality.

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