Nowadays everyone follows the new trend of getting information via their mobile phones. You will find that most people around the world use their mobile phones to do everything instead of using laptops and desktops. Some statistic shows that more than 50% of traffic comes from the mobile devices as per GlobalStats.

The percentage we mentioned is not the accurate number but yes in coming years most of the traffic will come from mobile devices as compared to the total number of users that prefer computers.

So this is the main reason why people around the world think that they need to create or redesign the existing website that is more mobile-friendly. The new trends of mobility encourage business owners to create websites to enhance their performance, appearance, and loading speed on different mobile devices.

Some people will prefer to create a responsive website design whereas some will refer to use a modern approach that is AMP which is also known as accelerated mobile pages.

You might be in wondering about the main difference between both approaches and which is better as compared to the other one.

The main focus of the responsive design is on UX quality and all devices. That means responsive design does not only focus on mobile devices.

So, your website might lack some of the features that will help you to optimize your website speed and performance. And this is the reason that why AMP is used. The main focus of AMP is on mobile performance and speed. So let us know about AMP.

What do you mean by AMP?

AMP is basically a new approach in the world of web development. However, it is also an open-source HTML framework. This approach provides an easy way to create web pages and websites based on best WordPress themes that will be focused on fast loading speed and user friendly.

Some top principles of AMP are

  • Resources are prioritized
  • Lazy loading
  • Downloadable fonts are absent
  • Prefetching resources
  • Inline style sheets are used

Also, it is important to know how AMP works with the elements of JavaScript. Providing a faster loading speed is the main purpose of AMP. However, the web pages of its will never be overloaded with JavaScript elements.

So you should never prefer AMP if your web pages need features of JavaScript. AMP is preferable for static web pages. While creating a website makes sure you have chosen the best technology.

How you can find the developers of AMP?

If you are looking to update your WordPress website so that you can make AMP versions then you will find different options to make it possible.

Either you can hire freelancers, off-shore one, or select a development team or you might feel comfortable in gathering your own team. All of the options that we mentioned are having advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let us see some of the top advantages and disadvantages of using AMP pages

For your new business, AMP can be the best strategy that will help you to attract maximum visitors to your website and help you to enhance the visibility in search engine results pages. So let’s check out some of the pros and cons of AMP development.

  • Metrics and speed of your website created with WordPress themes will be improved
  • From various sources get the users
  • Ignore the development headache

While talking about AMP’s advantages you should never ignore the cons of AMP. Because every solution comes with options that might help you to promote yourself and your services whereas some of them may take you back.

So AMPs also come with some options that will help you to divert most user attention of your mobile devices. However, they will have a better mobile experience. Among other cons some major points you should be considered are

  • Never ignore the AMP and its original website.
  • Need to use so May plugins.
  • Restrictions of custom elements and UI designs.

The idea of accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) was introduced by Google to make uninterrupted web experience on mobile devices. Dynamic sites sometimes take a extended time to on mobile operating systems. In other instances, the content appears first then the pictures and other media files load.

AMPs efficiently solve of these problems and make an immersive experience for website visitors.

With the proper AMP development in situ , you’ll dramatically reduce the bounce rate on your website. AMPs also enable you to earn money from advertisers and other content-heavy pages.

Faster loading and seamless navigations also are good for your website’s SEO. Every website is different for us. and that we approach every project with an equal amount to meticulousness and commitment.

Reduced Load Time
Google AMP Website design and development services specially designed to scale back the loading time of the web site . It helps to retain the interest of tourists by loading the page easily and with accuracy.

Low Bounce Rate
As the visitors can quickly view the page and its content with accuracy and with none hurdle in design, it helps to avoid a coffee bounce rate from the web site . Also, it provides improved mobile compatibility which also helps to take care of the visitors’ interest within the page.

Mobile Friendly
As the name itself suggests, the AMPs are accessible across all the devices covering quite 50% of consumers across the digital platform. This makes them the perfect mobile solution for your business.

Adjustment On Any Browser
Google AMP Website design and development services specially designed to scale back the loading time of the web site . It helps to retain the interest of tourists by loading the page easily and with accuracy.

SEO Optimized
Google loves AMPs. there’s no got to customize your content because the search engines can easily discover your page. Thus, it enhanced the SEO for your site.

Increase the amount of Visitors
As there’s an improved SEO, there’s a rise within the number of tourists . you’ll find increased numbers of your visitors who are often your potential customers within the future


Nowadays most people prefer to use AMP on their website which is a great choice to enhance the visibility of their website and its performance but need to consider its pros and cons too. Some major points that will help you to implement AMP are given in this blog.


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