There are specialized doctors for different treatments of a human body for example heart, brain, or any other body organ. Every doctor is a specialist of his field and performs different procedures. Similarly professionals or surgeons for knee injuries who are certified to treat critical knee joint problems helps us to get rid of knee wounds, or injuries. Knee injuries can happen easily whether you are playing a lighter pace sport or a vigorous one. It can also happen to anyone randomly or you may get banged while driving.

Knee Injuries

There are many knee joint specialists who specialized in knee injuries specifically and have greater experience, observation skills, and expertise as compared to other doctors. Random knee aches are usually less critical but major knee injuries can be very dangerous. If such injuries are not treated may cause disability. For treating those complex knee injuries, the professionals of this field must be the most suitable point of contact. Many certified knee injury doctor in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi can treat your knee problems with great experience and expertise. Let’s get to know first what types of knee pains one can have. 

Some of the most common reasons are as below:

Old injury

If you have gone through any knee injury in the past, you may feel knee pain afterward and it may continue to very long term.

Recent Injury

You may have a sports injury in which you fell and felt that the knee joint is cracked or broken. In this case, you cannot walk and probably feel severe pain in your knee joint.


This is a very common problem mostly in old age people but it can strike in younger age earlier than 30 years as well.

Osgood-Schlatter Disease

This knee ache comes from an overused and irritated tendon in the knee. In this case, there can be a painful bump or swollen muscle below the knee where that irritating tendon connects to your kneecap. It is especially common in teenagers or sports players.


There are several bursa pockets in a knee joint. Bursa is a sack full of fluid that protects and cushions the knee joint from friction. Bending of the joint repeatedly or in the wrong direction, a fall, accident, or overuse can cause irritation in the bursa sacks and cause pain and visible swelling.

Doctors who can help!

If you have consistent pain in your knee joints or have undergone any recent injuries. It will be helpful to see a knee injury specialist, rheumatologist, or ACL injury doctor in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and other big cities. You can also start with your family physician. They will examine the problem thoroughly and refer you to the relevant doctors. But if you have a major injury, instantly go to the expert surgeons to get First aid at the right time preventing complications.

ACL Injury Specialist Surgeons

In case you don’t know ACL injury, it is called Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury in which your most strong bands of knee tissues that help connect your thigh bone get injured or damage. This injury usually occurs during sports like high jumps or long jumps or in-game like football or basketball. There are many famous ACL injury doctors in Lahore and all over Pakistan who can expertly treat these injuries as they have specialized in specific branch. They are having extensive experience and detailed research as compared to other orthopedic doctors or surgeons.

Knee or Joint Replacement Surgeons

If you have a severe arthritis problem, it can be very disturbing sometimes and when reached on an extremely painful level it does not allow you to perform your day-to-day activities. The pains got chorionic sometimes and you cannot even go to the toilet due to this problem. So then you must be ready for knee joint replacement surgery because this is an alarming situation.

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Donot waste time anymore and go for joint replacement surgery instantly. Surgeries like hip or joint replacement can aid your arthritis and enable you to get back to your normal life once again. Even if you want to be active in old age and want to continue your healthy activities for health then you must consider knee replacement surgery. There are specialized knee replacement doctors all over Pakistan to help you in this regard.

Orthopedic Doctor or Surgeon

Orthopedic doctors or surgeons may start with thorough examination and some necessary tests like X-ray or MRI to get the problem in actual before treatment. Once all doubts are clear the treatment is decided. The problems other than severe injury in which knee cap is broken or small fracture can be dealt by orthopedic doctors. But if the surgery is required patients are referred to expert surgeons. Such surgeons have skills and experience in doing knee surgeries. They can also resolve disjointing problems.


Rheumatology is the field of medicine. It is concerned with the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of those people who are suffering from autoimmune conditions. This condition includes joint diseases, or knee aches including Osteoarthritis and Osgood-Schlatter Disease.  Whereas, basic clinical diagnosis, clinical research, treatment, follow up and long-term pain management of patients with these problems are covered in Rheumatology branches. A rheumatologist is a specialist in the branch of Rheumatology and an expert in nonsurgical treatment of rheumatic illnesses discussed earlier.

Post-surgery suggestions

  • Give rest to your knees, if you have pain due to injury or overuse of joints. This will help to treat the inflamed areas enable you to return to normal life soon. Icing the knee can also help reducing swelling.
  • After a specific treatment or surgery, painkillers can also help to reduce swelling and promotes healing. 
  • Strengthening and stretching exercises can also help in standing back on your legs again but only if the doctor suggests.


Knee injuries can be very painful and time taking to heal. But fortunately, there are many good knee injury doctor in Lahore and Karachi to aid and help you. Timely treatment has great value so don’t hesitate to go to the doctor if you have any knee injury or severe pain. 


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