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It is a common question of all mobile users that which is the best video downloader app for android? Because now a day, everyone is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media networks on phone. Let’s have a look that how many types of video downloader apps are available and which one works well.

FB Video Downloader App

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks from long time. People can post videos of any size and quality in it. Facebook users like me mostly want to download fb videos on mobile but stuck due to many reasons.

Mostly video downloader apps, which provide Facebook login to sign-in works much better. However, there many Facebook video downloader apps also available which doesn’t require any login authentication. It depends on you that which type of video downloader app suits for you.

According to the trends and users’ overviews, most of android users prefer to use auto video download apps. You only need to play the desired video, choose video quality from SD to HD and hit the download button. This Video Downloader App gives you smooth experience to download videos without copy and paste video URL from fb to other app.

Twitter Video Downloader App

Twitter is also having a vast community from different countries. It is little bit tricky to copy and paste video URL from twitter app to any downloader. That is why auto URL detect video downloader is best choice for twitter.

You only need to explore twitter videos in such video downloader apps. Play the video which you want to download for free. At that time mostly apps show a popup to select video quality for users. If you can’t see such popup, don’t worry. Because the video downloader auto select highest available HD video quality and you can enjoy HD videos download and watch offline later into your android phone or tablet.

Vidmate Video Downloader App

When the question appears for any mobile user that which is the best video downloader for android? First name appears in the mind is Vidmate. There is no any doubt that vidmate is supporting too much social media platforms and websites including youtube to download videos into your mobile. But mostly people remove it after using for few days. There are following few reasons to uninstall the vidmate:

High Battery Draining

When you start using vidmate app into your mobile. A non-removable popup appears into the notification bar of your android device. Even you close the app after downloading the desired video. The app still runs not only behind the screen but also in notification bar of your device. It means the app is draining 2x more battery than any other video downloader app.

If you have mobile phone with less than 40000mah battery, then vidmate is not a good choice for you to download videos from social media networks and youtube. Because it’ll drain your phone battery faster and you have to charge the phone more time than using other apps.

Privacy Issues

The app is not available on Google Play Store. Even the app is not available on any other official store. That is why people can’t trust such apps to collect and share their personal data, which are not available of Play Store or AppStore.

Because in Play Store, there are many restrictions about data policy of users for app publishers. If any app has unexpected or suspected behavior to collect or share unnecessary data from user device! The store instantly removes such apps to protect privacy of their users.

Too Much Ads

One of the biggest issues to not use the Vidmate is the rush of ads. On each click you have to face an unexpected ad on your mobile screen. It’s not only irritating but also annoying. That’s why people prefer to use such All Video Downloader App which show less ads and allow to download videos in high resolution for free.

Instagram Video Downloader App

Instagram is also a giant social media network. Now it is owned by Facebook company, named Meta. It has millions of users on daily basis. People are sharing stories and videos in their profiles to engage mobile users. There are many apps which are providing Instagram video downloading feature in their module. But as Fb video downloader, it depends on you that which type of video downloader app suits you.

You can download Instagram videos by just playing them, or you can also download insta videos by copying the link of video and past into another video downloader app for Android. In this fast era, people prefer to consume less time and get more benefits. That is why auto detect video url and download videos are good for Instagram users.

You only have to login with your account detailed by using such video downloader apps. Explore media and choose any video to download. Hit the play button and choose video quality as per your wish from SD to HD. At the end, click on download button and get your desired video in no time.

Which is the Best Video Downloader App for Android?

As we mentioned above, there are three types of following video downloader apps:

Auto Detect Video URL

Such apps work very well on different types of android versions and devices of almost all companies. If you are using even 1Gb ram mobile and worried to download videos! Such apps give you finest experience to download fb, Instagram and other social media videos for without any issue.

Copy & Paste Video URL

If you want to download video without login into other apps! Then copy and paste video url to download videos is good for you. Well, most of such apps disappoint due to not downloading the desired video. That is why such apps are not much preferable.

Unofficial Downloader Apps

If you search on google about video downloader apps or which is the best video downloader app for android? You’ll find an infinite list of websites, which provides different apps to download fb, Instagram, twitter videos. You can even download YouTube videos by using such unofficial apps, because Play Store doesn’t allow apps to provide YouTube Video Downloader features.

That is why people publish YouTube Video Downloader apps on other websites. But there can be several issues about data privacy of users, high battery draining and more. That is why, such apps are not suggested and wide range of mobile users don’t like such apps.

So, we have clearly discussed about the types of video downloader apps available on google and play store. We hope it helps you to choose the best video downloader for you phone. Moreover, if you still have any query about which is the best video downloader app for Android? You can use any above-mentioned app.

These apps save your time from copying and pasting video URL. You can download you desired video from any social media network in few clicks only. There are also tons of video downloader apps available on play store for tiktok and other entertaining and streaming apps. We’ll also discuss tiktok, snack video and other online streaming video download apps in our upcoming articles at articlering.

So that you’ll be able to choose the best video downloader for your device and save your time, because Time is Money. Have a very good day.


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