Whipped cream has been popular since the 16th century. It originated in France. These products come from cow’s milk. All milk products are measured by their fat content. Though, there is a record in a French recipe book from the 16th century. It used to be called milk snow. Whipped cream is the most popular topping for fruits and desserts.            

Everything tastes better in whip cream. It is a perfect fit for cake toppings, cake fillings, and hot drinks. The heavenly taste of the whipped cream makes you feel great and satisfied. It is easy to make and gives heavenly taste. Most of us will buy whipped cream from the supermarket. But, homemade cream is much better than the one sold in the market. 

To learn more about the methods and techniques you can reach the baking courses in Chennai. They will teach the aspirants from the basic level. For now, let’s see about the preparation of the whipped cream.

How to make whipped cream? 

Before you begin, keep all the baking ingredients and tools within your reach . The essentials that you need to make whipped cream are a hand mixer, a bowl, vanilla extract, and many more. Ingredients like sugar and cream need to be kept close for easy cooking. Preparation is easy, you won’t get tired of doing it. 

 Step 1: Start whipping the cream

First, make sure your beaters and bowls are cooled. Cooled tools will help your cream to beat quickly. You can keep it in the fridge for cooling. Usually, whipping creams double in size. Make sure you fill a quarter of the bowl so that your cream will have more space. 

Add the cream to the chilled bowl and beat it until it gets thicker.

Step 2: Mix the ingredients

The next step is to add the other ingredients once the cream has thickened. Then add the ingredients like sugar and vanilla to taste better. The vanilla flavor is the best because it is creamy and delicious. The flavor can enhance the richness of your desserts. To whip the cream you can use a hand mixer or stand mixer. 

Step 3: Soft peaks

Soft peaks are the most important thing in this process. Peaks are nothing but the ridges formed after whisking. When you lift the beaters, the cream will cling but the peaks of the cream will not stand up straight. It should be in perfect consistency for topping the desserts. 

Cream only whips at temperatures under 50 degrees. If it has a high temperature then it will become like butter. When you lift the beaters, the cream should stand at a firm point. That’s called the stiff peaks. Don’t over-whip the cream. To make the cream extra delicious, you can add maple syrup or honey. Many beginners think that whipped cream is only affordable by using an expensive mixer which is not true.

Therefore, these are the procedures to prepare the whipped cream with your homemade essentials. Baking institute in Chennai helps their students with wider knowledge about baking skills. You can enroll yourself in this institute and become a professional baker.


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