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There’s indeed an entire committee focused on stamp designing. Several famous faces on your postal stamps throughout the years, including the former Presidents of America, Elvis Presley, Harriet Tubman, Louis Armstrong, Emily Dickinson, and even Mr. Rogers.

The postal service issue around 35 new stamps per year. With all the fresh artwork in the postage stamps, you’ve probably wondered who comes up with these fresh concepts. A lot more effort goes into stamping than you might think. Find out more exciting information about U.S. Post Office.

What is the Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee?

The committee members use their collective expertise in areas such as public interests, education, art, sciences, history, sports, and technology to suggest stamp topics.

With 11 members within the group, CSAC is held in a private and private setting every quarter before submitting ideas to the PMG to be approved by the PMG. Check out the way mail delivery was as it did 100 years ago.

What is the procedure for selecting stamps?

Ideas for stamps have to meet specific requirements before they can be considered, for example, the subject being of significant influence on American culture and being dead for a minimum of three years. Anyone can submit ideas by mail and include crucial historical information. At present, the proposals can only be accepted via email or telephone.

Due to the time required for the research and approval process, the stamp idea must be presented at least three years before the insurance year.

The committee receives more than thirty thousand proposals annually and scrutinizes every one. It is important to remember that there isn’t any compensation or credit if a particular idea is chosen. Find out how the United States government spends the tax dollars you pay in finance.

Person in control of stamp designing

Art directors are professionals who supervise the stamp design process, working with artists, designers, photographers, and illustrators to create art.

With USPS at risk of collapse, the company, which has provided a source of hope for us all through many years, desperately needs a significant boost.

The U.S. Postal Service unveiled some of the new stamp designs planned for 2022. They include historical makers, musicians, fruit, flowers, and two brand new “Love” stamps.

There’s indeed an entire committee focused on stamp designs. Several famous faces on your postal stamps throughout the years.

There’s indeed an entire committee focused on stamp designs. Several famous faces on your postal stamps throughout the years.

Stamp Designing Update 2022

“The new 2022 stamp designs are miniature works of art, designed to be educational and appeal to collectors and pen pals worldwide,” said USPS Stamp Services Director William Gicker. “As every year, the program features a wide range of themes that celebrate American history and culture. The vibrant colors and striking designs of this year’s offerings will bring an aesthetic to those envelopes.”

The Postal Service said all plans are preliminary and subject to alteration.

Lunar New Year — Year of the Tiger. The third of the 12 stamps from the newest Lunar New Year stamp series commemorates that it is the Year of the Tiger. It is reminiscent of the intricately decorated masks that are used in the lion or dragon dances that are often seen in Lunar New Year parades, this three-dimensional mask featuring the tiger is a modern version of the long-standing tradition of folk art cut from paper crafts that are made during this auspicious season. The tiger-themed cover incorporates designs and colors that represent the celebration. Director of art Antonio Alcala designed the stamp and pane using original artwork created by Camille Chew.


U.S. Flags. The postal Service continues its tradition of recognizing this year’s U.S. flag with this stamp. 

This stamp’s artwork consists of 3 flags in a circle reminiscent of the 50 flags surrounding the Washington Monument. The artist used three photos depicting the same flag taken just seconds apart to serve as a reference.

He then put them together to create one composition. Laura Stutzman was the stamp designer and illustrator. Ethel Kessler was the art director.

Love 2022. Two brand new Love stamps are a celebration of the joy flowers bring. Inspired by traditional European folk artwork, the stamps have digital images with similar designs.

They feature three stylized and rounded blooms stretching symmetrically along the top with more little, rounded blooms in those lower corners.

The Background Color

The background color on the first stamp is blue powder, while the other color is coral. Twisting vines that contain small flowers with multiple petals form abstract heart-shaped shapes.

Bailey Sullivan designed the stamps and created the original artwork. Greg Breeding was the art director.

Edmonia Lewis. The 45th stamp of the Black Heritage series honors sculptor Edmonia Lewis (circa 1844-07). 

How Many Stamps Do I Need? The Guide USA – USPS

Lewis challenged social barriers and prejudices regarding artists from mid-19th century of America. The stamp art depicts a casein-on-wood portrait of Lewis inspired by the image of Boston between 1864 to 1871. Director of art Antonio Alcala designed the stamp using original artwork created by Alex Bostic.

Butterfly Garden Flowers. Each logo depicts two of the flowers butterflies love to see, such as scabiosa and cosmos.

Inspired by block-printed textiles and pattern designs, The artist hand-carved the images into a linoleum block. After inking them, she placed them on paper, scanned the photos, and added color digitally.

Director of art Antonio Alcala designed the stamps with original artwork from Rigel Stuhmiller.


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