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Why Buy Commercial Real Estate In Turkey

Commercial property in Turkey is in high demand. Many foreign investors are interested in it to get income from rent or to launch their own business. If you want to start your businesses, it can be reasonable to contact a developer to get the building in compliance with your demands. So, Stay Property is ready to construct it fast. It is a reliable developer that works in the most popular tourist cities of Turkey.

Best Cities To Buy Commercial Real Estate In Turkey

Most foreign investors are focused on the commercial areas in the following cities:

  1. Istanbul. The city is developing fast. Moreover, a new channel will be constructed soon and it will positively affect the business. That’s why many investors are trying to buy commercial property in Istanbul right now.
  2. Alanya is a popular tourist city. Most investors prefer to launch cafes, restaurants, tourist boutiques, or trading companies.
  3. Antalya is a big city. There are many features for business. Many foreigners are focused on the tourist sphere or on warehouses that are in great demand.
  4. Belek is not a big city, that’s why the competition is not very high. So, the chance for success in starting your business is rather high.
  5. Kemer is another small city that is located between Alanya and Antalya. It is reasonable to focus on tourists and native citizens to make a business successful.

The cities are in the TOP list to launch business in Turkey.

Commercial Property Types

It’s possible to purchase the following:

  1. Trading platforms in residential buildings (commercial premises are located on the ground floor of the building, apartments on the upper ones).
  2. Retail and office premises (there are retail premises on the ground floor, and offices on the upper ones).
  3. Office rooms in business centers.
  4. Hotels (large and small hotels, apartment hotels, and boutique hotels).
  5. Business centers (the facilities are fully equipped for doing business, have a well-thought-out layout, and the presence of internal infrastructure).
  6. Production facilities.
  7. Warehouses and logistics.

There are objects under construction and already built. According to the practice, some investors buy real estate with renters. In this case, there is no need to launch your own business. Just negotiate about the rent price and get a monthly income in compliance with the treaty.

Investors can return their money in 5-7 years, depending on the type of object. Short-term investments in commercial property at an early stage of construction can bring income in the amount of 20-40% in 2-3 years after commissioning and resale.

It is better to find a forwarder who will help you find the property and will make the deal correctly. Stay Property specialists are ready to offer you different objects that are under construction or to build something from the very beginning.


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