Citrus Heights Full Body Massage
Citrus Heights Full Body Massage

Why Choose Good Hands Massage

At Good Hands Massage, you can take advantage of our offerings for your stress relief and pain management. Relax with a full-body massage including Swedish or deep tissue (including foot reflexology), along with fresh linens and Chinese tea to make the experience more comfortable.

Full Body Massage

Our Citrus Heights Full Body Massage services include Swedish and Ashiatsu massage techniques. A Swedish massage is a relaxing style of therapy used to relieve muscle tension, while an Ashiatsu session works out knots in deeper layers of the body’s muscles using barefoot deep tissue pressure points on feet.

Full body Swedish massage is our most popular service, but Ashiatsu (foot pressure) is worth a try for a new way to relax. These are the two most common and recognizable types of massage therapy; they both offer great benefits like reducing fatigue or stress and help with soreness in your muscles. Full body massages can be performed on their own or as part of combination specials that include reflexology foot treatments too!

Deep Tissue Massage

With the combination of Western and Eastern techniques, our Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage provides an overall improvement in one’s health. The body can heal by releasing tension that nests below surface through applying pressure on contracted areas of the muscles.

Deep tissue massage is a special type of massage that uses deep pressure to target the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues. This targeted approach can help increase flexibility, improve mobility in your joints, release tension from sore body parts- such as lower back pain resulting from an intense workout or stiffness after sitting for hours at work -and reduce chronic discomfort caused by conditions like arthritis.

Reflexology Foot Massage

In its practice, Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology involves massaging the hands and feet to stimulate certain points which run up along energy lines that intersect with different parts of your body. Reflexologists believe this helps alleviate symptoms in areas associated with these specific regions.

Experience the benefits of foot reflexology without having to take your clothes off. This massage service is similar to deep-tissue and helps you balance your body’s health, treat conditions such as inflammation or autoimmune disorders, and help with mental illness issues.

Come visit the Good Hands Massage Citrus Heights location for a luxurious, rejuvenating massage. We’ll start you off with fresh towels and robes so that every moment is comfortable from beginning to end. You can schedule an appointment or have one of our masseuses come to your home in any area surrounding Auburn Boulevard!


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