dental continuing education courses 2022
Why dental continuing education can be a fruitful long-term investment for you

Dental continuing: Most degrees end after you graduate. Once you get the degree, you can land a good job, get promoted based on your performance, and lead a happy future unless you plan for a Ph.D. or Master’s program. But in most cases, your education process ends after you graduate with a bachelor’s degree.

Although, this is not the case when you are associated with a healthcare field. Fields like dentistry are an uphill battle academically. You need to stay informed and keep playing catch-up with newer techniques and guidelines. 

An online dental continuing education course is one way to bridge your dental practice and academics. These courses can help you master your techniques and procedures with ease, and they can bring about a profound change in your dental practice. It will require you to put in some hours and pay some money but trust the process. The outcome will be much better than you will anticipate.

Benefits of CE courses 

Dental continuing education courses are not always what you studied in dental school. On the contrary, these courses teach you all the new methods and procedures that are currently in practice all over the world. It allows you to broaden your horizon and get ahead of the competition. 

Some other reasons why people choose to start dental continuing education courses are:

Increase your salary and chances of promotion

It is crucial to understand that if you want to stay ahead of your colleagues at a similar position and pay grade, you will need to work for it. CE courses teach you newer things that can better impact your superiors as they will understand your potential. In addition, people will notice your progress, which will multiply your chances of getting a promotion. Moreover, if you think you deserve a raise, you need to ask yourself what you bring to the table. 

It helps you in switching jobs.

It would help if you created an edge for yourself when applying for newer positions. You need to stand out from other competitors with the same qualifications and prior experience. Hence, it is essential to realize that having various educational courses under your belt can help you learn newer things that can help you land a better job than the one you have. Although, it applies to every field and not just dentistry.

Improving your image and credibility

Education is not just crucial for your dental career. It assists you with developing as an individual too. A long lasting interaction has no downside to it. When a person picks new courses during his professional work or regular activities, he is deemed an ambitious person. It reflects your dedication to the field. The employers and your colleagues will value your opinions because they will know that you are in touch with all the latest news. Lastly, it is safe to say that picking up CE courses can help you professionally and personally. 

Best dental continuing education courses 2022

Countless dental courses are available on multiple platforms. They can be neutral platforms for all fields with thousands of online courses like Udemy or Coursera. Or they can be dentistry-specific programs like DentalTown, etc. Regardless, these courses are great for your career development. 

Here, we have short-listed some of the best dental continuing education courses 2022 editions from these platforms.

Materials in oral health by University of Hong Kong

This course is available on Coursera. It highlights the use and composition of all the biomaterials currently in use in dental surgeries and various procedures, for instance, Zirconia, Titanium dioxide, etc. It also covers materials for maxillofacial surgeries, dental implants, etc. 

Introduction to implant dentistry: the fundamentals by Institute of digital dentistry

This course is for everyone who needs to refresh their basics of implantology. It elaborates on all the safest yet most effective techniques and procedures of a dental implant. 

This course will also help you master reading 3D X-rays. In conclusion, this implant dentistry course can benefit your patients and decrease your surgery time.

Four steps to a predictable full arch rehabilitation

This course by Dentalxp is an excellent help for many dentists struggling with arch rehabilitation. It can guide you in diagnosing and pulling up a treatment plan to perform a full arch rehabilitation. In addition, Dentalxp promises to teach you their four-step digital protocol that can help you get consistent and effective results every time. 

Nitrous Oxide Course for Dentists & Dental Hygienists by Udemy

Dealing with Nitrous oxide can make you become a laughing stock. Not quite literally, but it is still essential that you understand its basics. This course is available on Udemy and is best for dental practitioners. It applies to many dental surgeries and can help relieve anxious patients. This 5-hour course can help you understand how to use this analgesic and incorporate laughing gas into your daily practice


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