School Management System


The school management system is designed to automate and ease the workload of educational institutions. The school management system will help your educational institute by managing your daily administrative and academic work. Not only from the school but from anywhere.  This system focuses on managing all work in an easier way for example online fees, attendance, online class, online exam.

School Management System Modules

The best school management system contains multiple modules. Each serves a different objective. Here we will talk about only supreme ones among all.

  • Fees Management

School ERP Software can simply do the fees collection work, automize your all transactions and create reports of your educational institute. You will be able to keep a record of the pending fees and as it is software there will be no chance of errors. The fees management system will generate diverse fees structures and fees receipts for different-different events.

The School ERP system will also notify parents when the fee is pending.

  • Online Registration

School ERP software is helpful for your school to manage the whole admission process online. This system will make the staircase from the form inquiry. Form submission to final admission. Online admission becomes easy. Thus, there will be virtually no chance of human error and you can process more forms.

 • Online Attendance Management

The best school management works online through the biometric tracking system. That qualifies for 100% real and authentic attendance instead of anyone’s proxy like some notorious students who give proxy of their friends. This system gives you the permit of 100% correct attendance. 

Resultantly, now teachers can start teaching directly instead of wasting their time. By finding out who’s absent and which student is present. Attendance reports can be generated with just one click.

Also, you can inform the parents of students who were absent. 

  • Student Educational Records 

In just a few seconds, faculty and the administrations can access students’ enrollment information and personal information with the School software. School ERP system also lets you add the categories of the students, information of the subjects, adding or removing of the students from the batch. 

All of this allows educational institutions to handle multiple batches and courses smoothly. 

 • Online Exam and Result Management

It doesn’t matter if the school is open or close, you can take online exams, track the process of students with School software. 

 During the exam, the school management software will prevent paper wastage. You can use it to quickly create reports and administer tests of both the objective and descriptive varieties. There is no need to print the reports cards also.

 The school Management software will keep an eye on every student and deliver the appraisal reports. These reports will be beneficial for both teachers and students’ parents. Teachers can identify the areas of improving their student’s needs and parents can understand the help their child to study more.

  • Library Management System

The arrival of online libraries is one of the greatest improvements in human history. If your educational institution has an online library, ask all students to spend time there. The library management system keeps the track of issued books and the books that are issued and about to return.

The library management system saves the time of students by searching and issuing the books quickly.  

  • Inventory Management

Inventory management is time-consuming work and also consumes money. The inventory management system can manage your school’s inventory effectively.  School’s assets like computers, furniture, equipment of labs, etc.  

The inventory management system also audits the asset that is transferred from department to department in the school. Also, you can track every asset of the school from the comfort of your home.

Advantages of School Management System

In the past years, we all have witnessed various technology in the educational area. What’s more impressive is these technologies are changing the way of education and fulfilling the requirements of students. 

school ERP software allows students to take online classes, online notes, and interaction between teachers and students can be done easily, etc. 

1. Cost-Saving

The first advantage of the school management system is that it increases the efficiency of the educational institutes. Now managing the schools will be a hassle-free work that too with less effort. And the work will get complete fast.

There would be a significant reduction in printing, energy, and paper costs, among other things. This will result in a significant reduction in annual expenditure for institutions.

2. Accessible Interface 

The reason behind the popularity of the school ERP system is the simple-to-use interface. The interface can be accessed by anyone easily hence, students, teachers, parents can use it without facing any problem.

It will take only a few days to make you comfortable with it.

3. Personalized access

Students and teachers have their personal platform to join the School software. The admin of the school can manage the activities like taking fees online, online exams, online classes, interaction with parents of the students, etc.

On the other hand, students can join virtual classes, take notes online, etc. 

4. Multiple-User Friendly

School software can be accessed by many users at the same time. So, you don’t have to doubt how many students, teachers, or parents can join at the same time when giving them access to their platform. 

5. Data Security

The school has a lot of data that is confidential and can’t be shared with anyone. also, it includes financial data, in the same way, a school. Also has information about their students and their staff. 

The best school management system ensures that all the confidential data of your school will be protected at every cost. similarly, no third-party user can gain that information.

6. SMS and Email Integration

School ERP system will make communication easier by  Integration of email and SMS. Teachers, students will be able to communicate.  via email and text messages without having to open another program.

7. Cloud Facilitation

All the information is given above will happen online. The school management software can be utilized from everywhere. Teachers and students can now use this software from their homes. The cloud facilitates data mobility, reliability, and backup, among other advantages.


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