HDB Contractors vs Unlicensed Contractors

Are you ready to renovate your flat or home? Or, shortlisted a few contractors and getting confused in between them? We have got you covered!

Well, it is necessary to work with authorized and HDB contractors. It relieves your stress of work being done in the wrong way. Before making a decision, note down that cheaper never means best in the long run.

We have enlisted many justifications to prove that HDB approved contractors are better than unlicensed contractors. Let’s read!

What are HDB approved contractors and their importance? 

HDB-licensed contractors get professional HDB training. They know how to do renovation in HDB flats. The contractors can complete all tasks without any damage to your property or room. 

HDB-licensed contractors undergo certification methods that notify them among the Housing and Development Board rules that focus on property developments. You can say HDB approved contractors are those who provide 100% compliance.

Furthermore, the HDB license of contractors can be suspended if they accumulate a certain number of demerit points from infringing HDB rules.

Who are HDB-licensed?

  • The contractors completed the training course of HDB.
  • They should have experience of a minimum of 3 years and must be involved in the renovation work.
  • Their company should be ACRA-registered approx one year minimum.
  • The contractor is required to have the owner of a company for more than 1 year.
  • A company needs to have good records. 

HDB Contractors Are Better than Unlicensed Contractors

It’s a challenging task to get an HDB license, and that’s why unlicensed contractors try to engage customers. They might borrow licenses from another company. So be aware of frauds!

Assigning the renovation work to unlicensed contractors for HDB flats has risk and is illegal. Further, it may charge you a fine of approx $5000, with other penalties. 

The contractors become authorized of working on HDB flats by the HDB’s RRCS (Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme). It is a program designed to operate the activities of contractors serving in HDB flats. Also, it allows doesn’t cause damage or annoy building residents on HDB property. To find the best, you can search them on various Facebook pages and countless renovation websites.

Believe it or not, when it comes to the home, you only hire a trustworthy person. Many people prefer designing interiors by themself. However, it may lead to imperfection that can be shown in the work of HDB licensed contractors.

How To Find Right HDB Approved Contractor?

As of now, you know the importance of HDB approved contractors and their way of working. Now let’s find how can you find the best renovation contractor.

HDB handles an extensive database of all the businesses and companies which have gone through the licensing process.

However, a database is quite impersonal. Mainly it doesn’t provide you with further information such as the overall experience or background of professionals. Moreover, you need to research additional data about any company or individual. If you have references, the HDB database is a good reference for you. 

A few things that matter while choosing the right HDB approved contractor are:

  • The number one on the list is the overall experience a company has in the renovation sector.
  • The second one is the total client satisfaction and the reputation of all the team members. You can ask your friends and neighbors for a referral.
  • Next is checking the portfolio of the company. Remember portfolio has all their achievements, so don’t forget to cross-check them. Also, find out if that company is capable to accomplish your goals. 
  • Last but not the least, a reputable company always tells you their policies and benefits on the very first day. So read out all their clauses and agreement (if any).

What Are The Top Advantages Of HDB Approved Contractors?

Accurate Designing And Planning

For any residence or commercial renovation project, the very first step is accurate planning and designs. If you hire HDB approved contractors, you may get the entire information about future plans. They will notify you of all new updates.

Furthermore, the best contractors accurately plan right from the first step to the last step. In almost every phase they will prefer transparency with their customers. It simply states that you are going to see a proposal having a realistic price, timeline, as well as milestones.

Easy Approvals And Permits

As you know official documents and application process is really very time-consuming. Further, it includes a lot of paperwork by authority. So, HDB approved contractors have deep knowledge and experience of these formalities.

They can help to execute this on your behalf. After this, you don’t need to stress about wasting money and time because the contractor is overlooking the legal process.

Best execution

Renovation service demands an experienced and trustworthy company. The biggest advantage of hiring HDB approved contractors is you can have access to one contact person directly. You don’t need to contact or coordinate with many contractors. It will save you money, time as well you may avoid miscommunication. So, there will be fewer possibilities of delays.

Furthermore, a deep understanding of the project allows your contractor to easily combine functionality by design.

For instance, the contractor will make sure that pipes and electrical outlets are placed rightly without losing the aesthetics of your home.


HDB approved contractors generally focus on the expertise of any project and are dedicated to commitment. At the end of the project, they will personally check it. Further will give the finishing touches to the renovation of your home.

It means they will check whether your specifications are meeting the final result or not.

When you choose HDB approved contractors, they can source fixtures and appliances. They will use only those accessories that fit best with the dimensions of your home, electrical outlets, and the overall layout. 


Don’t forget to check that if the HDB contractor is licensed or not. Furthermore, you can visit the website of your contractor. If you are opting for renovation, then we recommend an HDB-licensed contractor.

We hope this article might help you to choose the best renovation contractors and boost your renovation knowledge. If you are still confused, then drop your queries. We will love to hear you! 


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