As a conscientious and environmentally-aware individual, you might already be making an effort to recycle waste products, buy sustainable clothes and furniture, adopt low-waste cooking techniques, and reduce your carbon footprint in all possible ways. And yet there is one area where many of us are still contributing to environmental degradation without even realizing it: our food packaging.

  1. Shelf Life

Unlike the eco-friendly food packaging wholesale, the traditional food packaging we are used to uses a type of material called polyethylene terephthalate, which is a plastic resin. Plastics, being synthetic molecules, do not break down in nature much like food does, and can therefore be recycled into new packaging material. But the problem is that most plastics are made of petroleum (oil), and have a very short life span as they become brittle over time and disintegrate. This means they will sit in landfills for decades getting polluted by bacteria and degrading at an extremely slow rate.

But thanks to the use of food-grade packaging, our food can now reach peak freshness for a much longer period of time. Eco friendly, biodegradable and compostable food packaging like plastic and paper bags and wraps will not degrade as quickly. 


By switching over to eco friendly food packaging wholesale, we can ensure that this material does not end up in landfill where it is eventually destroyed by natural elements like rainfall, wind or heat.

Instead, Eco friendly food packaging like brown bags and paper wraps that are used for packaging of food or household items can now be recycled into new recycled materials which will be put into landfill again in future. By deciding to food packaging products you are helping the environment. 

  1. Minimizing Waste Disposal Cost

Reducing waste disposal costs is a major factor in the shift to eco-friendly food packaging wholesale. When non-biodegradable materials like plastic and paper bags are thrown away, they get thrown in landfills where they eventually break down and release toxic gaseous substances into the air and pollute the ground around them. This can have serious environmental effects on both human health and the population at large.

With  biodegradable food boxes one can reduce the environmental impacts that might otherwise be caused by the disposal of non-biodegradable materials like plastics, tapes or ropes.

  1. Preservation of The Environment

Going green means taking better care of our environment, and an eco-friendly food packaging wholesale like ours does just that. Biodegradable food bags and wraps are compostable – they break down fast when thrown into the right composting areas. This means no more toxic gaseous substances released into the air and earth which can contaminate drinking water sources and other natural elements. Biodegradable bags are also less likely to cause floods in landfills as they break down within a matter of months.

  1. Quality Assurance

When you choose eco friendly food packaging wholesale like we offer here at Green Packaging Solutions, you are guaranteed quality and reliability. We use FDA approved food grade plastic wrap to make sure that your food is always safe to eat. We have a variety of eco friendly storage and transport options for all situations. The materials used by us are certified by the FDA, USDA or other relevant authorities to ensure that they will not degrade your produce any more than it naturally would in nature.

  1. Minimized Risk of Contamination

Since traditional plastic food packaging cannot be disposed of in composting sites and must be thrown into landfill, there is a risk of contamination which can affect the quality of your produce. When you choose eco friendly food pack wholesale like ours, you will always have high-quality products that are contamination-free due to their biodegradable nature.

  1. Happy Employees and Customers

Happy customers make happy business owners, so if you want to keep your employees happy and motivated then it’s important to consider this aspect in your choice of eco-friendly food packaging .

  1. Sustainability

Sustainability is a serious issue, and with the shift to more environmentally-friendly product packaging, this will give us an edge over our competitors. If we make the effort now, we will be rewarded in the long run with less pollution and fewer problems.

  1. Reduced Health Risks by Preventing Food Contamination

Our health is at risk when plastic packaging material is used in food packaging. When this happens, the plastic can let harmful gases into your food which can cause serious health issues and even death. This problem is especially prevalent on packaged foods that contain fruit or vegetables.

  1. Minimized Toxins and BPA Risks

Plastic food packaging materials are made from toxic petrochemicals which do not biodegrade and can instead leach into the product within. If they are not incinerated in landfill or seal up, they will contaminate groundwater and cause other environmental problems down the road. But when you choose eco friendly food packaging wholesale, you get foods that have been packaged in a material that will last for years instead of months. This means you can avoid damaging your health by not putting these chemicals on your food any more than is absolutely eco-friendly. 

Cost Savings

In today’s economy, cost savings are a major factor in the choice of eco-friendly food packaging wholesale. When you choose us for your plastic packaging material needs, you will be saving money and minimizing your waste disposal costs. We offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality or the environment. We supply all types of food packaging material including paper bags, white plastic bags and black plastic bags plus many other types of packaging supplies.


With eco-friendly food packaging wholesale, you can be sure that all the benefits one can get from this type of packaging are truly worth it. By using natural and sustainable materials in our product range, we are ensuring that the freshness of our foods will last only as long as we want it to. And with fewer leftover plastic bags littering our environment, there is less pollution circulating through our lives.



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