In the current scenario, millions of people are interested in watching the movies for various reasons. Well, some people are watching the movies for an entertainment. On the other hand, some sections of the audience are looking for their favourite actors. For instance, there are also some people who are a movie fan will be looking for a query often like king of opening in Tamil cinema. The thing is for many generations, we have been experiencing different stars in Tamil cinema.

Yes, in terms of collection only, production houses will confirm that actually the king in certain movie industries is. When it comes to Kollywood, we can see that still fan war is going across social media to know who the king of opening in Tamil cinema is. The thing one should keep it in mind is based on the collection it has to be decided. Before some years, Super star Rajini was there to deliver the strong opening. Along with that, Ajithwas considered to be the king of opening. Even if you have a look at google, you can see that still searches are showing that.

Who is the current king of opening in Tamil cinema?

According to the sources, after the consecutive blockbusters given by the Vijay, he captures the king of opening position. The best part is without releasing multi languages, he also managed to get collection over 250 crores. This thing clearly shows that who has become a king in Tamil cinema. Also, most of the producers, distributors and theatre owners are telling that Vijay’s movies are collecting way higher than Rajni and Ajith. At the end of the day, it clearly shows that who the king in terms of boxoffice collection is.

Final words

Apart from vijay, rajni and ajith, you can also witness that sivakarthikeyan is turning out to be a big thing in Kollywood. However, we can’t conclude this as it is. It is important for us to wait for some years to bring conclusion. On the other hand, if you want to gather more information regarding this, you can find so many sources. Yes, it will be helpful for you to know the right person that who is actually ruling Tamil cinema as per current trends. Hopefully, it will be helpful for you to gather essential information to collect for you as a fan of Tamil cinema at any time.



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