kraft pillow boxes

Kraft boxes are made of Kraft paper. It is a durable and sturdy material that you can use to pack heavy loads. While talking about Kraft pillow boxes wholesale, its texture is higher than ordinary brown Kraft paper. The experts generally consider it less prone to tearing. Therefore, Kraft boxes are ideal for large items and products with sharp corners.

Kraft cartons are not only suitable for heavy items, but also easy to open. No special tools or equipment are required as they are simply ripped at the perforation of the box.

They are also an economical and environmentally friendly packaging solution for heavy goods. For this reason, packaging in Kraft cartons is becoming more and more popular year by year. You can make these boxes on your own or buy them from a store or online. However, it is important to pack them properly for safety and prevent damage. To learn more about Kraft paper packaging, read this article.

Why choose a Kraft carton for heavy items?

Kraft cartons are the best choice for packing heavy items. Kraft cartons withstand weight, pressure, and shock well without cracking or tearing.

In addition, you can also use Kraft pillow boxes wholesale to pack heavy items. The reason is that it is economical. They are suitable as they can be significantly more expensive than other materials such as metal containers. Also, unlike tin boxes, which corrode after a few years, Kraft boxes won’t rust over time. Kraft cartons do not require any special handling for disposal. They are biodegradable. So, if recycled properly, they do not pollute the environment like plastic materials.

How can I improve the durability of my craft box?

With proper care, Kraft paper boxes can last a long time. In general, Kraft paper is not suitable for use in harsh environments and is not very durable as it will leak and tear very quickly! Therefore, Kraft paper is not as durable as it should be.

The best way to prevent damage to Kraft cartons is to prevent them from being damaged in the first place. For example, don’t stack Kraft paper packaging too high. They may break due to pressure and weight distribution issues (always observe recommended stacking limits).

You can also try packing heavy products in a Kraft carton and using softer materials like pouches to prevent sharp objects from hitting the packaging surface. Also, avoid Kraft boxes with holes in the sides. The reason is that Kraft boxes with perforated sides may be more prone to damage.

You can also take the following steps to increase the rigidity of these boxes.

Choose a thicker type.

You can use thick paper for Kraft boxes because it is stronger than thin paper. This thicker material is more resistant to tears and holes, so boxes made with this type of Kraft cardboard will be stronger than boxes made with thinner materials. Also, only choose the Kraft paper that best meets the structural requirements of your Kraft carton (such as moisture resistance, ink absorption, etc.).

Properly stack Kraft cartons.

Stack each package correctly and carefully. You make sure that they don’t fall apart during shipping or when customers handle them in-store. If there are gaps between stacked boxes, fill them with something else, such as a plastic wrap or foam peanuts, to keep the product from bouncing around during shipping and storage.

Add custom filler

Durability can be increased by adding custom padding to these boxes. You can find several filling options at packaging companies. They offer Kraft filler, Kraft bubble wrap, and peanut foam to fill gaps in stacked boxes and protect products from damage during shipping and storage.

Liners can also be custom packaging boxes designed to meet product requirements. It does not only improve the durability and aesthetics of the box, but you can also protect the product and promote your business in the marketplace.

Kraft carton embossing

Kraft paper is dyed hemp paper made from recycled fibers with a rough surface. These kraft carton to print a kraft carton, you need some special requirements, such as — water-based ink (this is the printing and processing method of a Kraft carton.

Kraft paper is brown paper made from recycled fibers with a rough surface. Printing Kraft cartons needs to meet special requirements, such as water-based inks (without harming the product), high-quality, environmentally friendly printing technology, and digital printers.

Types of heavy-duty cowhide packaging

Heavy-duty cowhide packaging can have many types. Some are cowhide Clothes, cowhide containers, cowhide bags, and cowhide bags. These durable Kraft wraps are suitable for products that require a high degree of protection from damage during shipping or storage.

Where can I buy these packaging containers?

Some packaging suppliers offer the best quality of folding cartons packaging for your heavier products. You can search for “stationery packaging near me” to see how many packaging suppliers are available in your area. Before choosing a company, you give them a down-to-earth lesson and check all the details. Check the company’s services, prices, and reputation in the market, then place an order to buy these containers to ensure the success of your business in the market.


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