With the increasing toll of the virus across the world, it doesn’t seem that our lives will be normal again soon. The travel world is seeing the worst of it. Airlines, hotels, airports, and everyone are at risk of losing their livelihoods. The carriers laid off many employees in the past year. The vast losses and little income are not enough to carry the operations. Airlines are seeing the worst effect of the virus due to minimal traveling. The number of people taking flights is down more than 50 percent of the 2019 levels. Although the expenses are the same, the income is less than half.

It has had an adverse effect on the life of airline employees. Cabin and airport staff are at risk of losing their jobs to this virus. For the same reasons, the US administration gave out a stimulus in the past year. It sanctioned an amount to the airlines for keeping their employees. It helped save jobs at the moment, but the situation is the same now. The stimulus is assisting operations to and keeping on those Direct flights from Delhi to USA and others. Otherwise, many airlines won’t be able to survive this pandemic. Let us see the latest stimulus given out by the US administration:

The latest stimulus

The airlines in the USA were part of three such packages. The previous government signed two packages in the previous year to help airlines stay on track. It helped avoid the furloughs and layoffs. As the pandemic is still here, the third package is here to help keep the jobs.

  • The government-sanctioned amount of $14 Billion is for the airlines. It is a stimulus to help them support their operations. Also, it has helped save the jobs of thousands of people.
  • Such a grant is an overall stimulus for the economy. The people’s jobs are helping them earn a livelihood and maintain their employment. Also, the airlines need this amount for their operations and expenses.
  • Many airlines had issued furlough and layoff notices to employees. The latest grant has helped them take those notices back and retain the employees.
  • The airlines accepting this grant cannot lay off any employees till September months. It will help the employees have a sense of safety in these difficult times.
  • There is another grant of $9 Billion for the airports. Also, another $1 billion for the contractors is there. It will help the airports maintain their high costs of maintenance.
  • There are many employees at the airport for everything related to safety till boarding. The government has set this amount to help maintain the safety protocols and the working of the airport.

Is this stimulus enough?

The latest grant might be enough to save the jobs of the employees. However, the airlines are still facing huge losses. If the current state continues, it might not be enough to maintain the airlines. The number of travelers is not even half as before. The situation is grave; however, this stimulus will help the airlines for the next few months. You can book your Non stop flights from USA to India with the airlines right now before the situation takes another turn.


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