In today’s age, it is almost impossible for someone with a computer to not know of a PDF. Almost everyone has either used or created a PDF. It is one of the most used file formats and simply acts as a digital paper for all your documents and texts. You can choose from a wide array of fonts, colors, and styles to create a document of your choice that is no less than a physical document. In fact, you can insert pictures into the pdf or add other graphic elements to make it more engaging and meaningful. However, all of this requires an effective pdf editor that can help you to load and edit pdf files.

UPDF is a great pdf editor that can prove to be a powerhouse for all your pdf files. You can edit your files with just a few clicks and enhance your workflow. Despite being a free pdf editor, UPDF has numerous features that can help you to increase your productivity and efficiency. Some of these are as follows;

Text Editor

Errors are a part of the work, it is impossible to operate with zero errors. But, workflow enhancement is all about trying to reduce or eliminate errors. With the inbuilt text editor, you can easily edit the text in your PDF document. You can change the font style, size, and colors of your file using UPDF. Not only this but you can also add or remove text from the document. Official documents often require changes before they can be approved and used. With UPDF, you can make changes within a blink of an eye.


Documents are often moved back and forth between clients and various departments. However in all of this, the feedback and changes made in the document are somehow lost. Moreover, there are also chances of error. By using UPDF, you can highlight, underline and make notes on the pdf hassle-free. It helps you to annotate the same document over and over again without saving a new copy. This helps to streamline the process as no one has to worry about downloading the latest file and ensures transparency. 

Reading Modes

If you are someone who goes through a ton of pdf documents on a daily basis, UPDF can help you to increase your productivity and workflow as it has four different reading modes. You can choose between single page, single-page scrolling, or two pages and two-page scrolling as per your comfort. 

Manage Pages

With the page manager, you can bring all the information to one place by extracting relevant sections or pages from different documents. Alongside this, you can also add or delete pages from the file and even rearrange or reorder the pages. This can save you a lot of time which can then be allocated to other tasks. 

The prime objective of improving workflow is that it increases efficiency. While UPDF is considered to be an Adobe Reader alternative, it only outperforms it. Using UPDF at the workplace would ensure that you can complete the job in less time with more accuracy. UPDF was just released for Windows on 21 May 2022, one month after its release on macOS. With free access, no file size restrictions, and watermarks it is increasingly becoming a popular choice of all, professionals, students, and regular users. 


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