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Thanksgiving Day is one of the most awaited celebration events in the US, UK, and Canada where people meet and greet with their loved ones. Most interestingly, they exchange gifts as a token of love and appreciation for their significant role in their lives. To make this day even more special, you should grab our Custom Cardboard Boxes to pack your gifts. People like to give a diversity of gifts to each other from apparel items to jewelry, and from bakery items to household products. Thus, to complement the diversity of gifts, you must choose reliable packaging for them. Cardboard is a great choice due to its high-quality strength and eminent printing on it that makes it worth buying.

Due to your busy schedules, you may be far away from your precious people on celebration day. So, you like to send your greeting and gifts through the mail. But you are looking for a selection of an appropriate Mailer Box. If so, then you must contact us at GCustomBoxes. We are dealing with all kinds of custom packaging solutions especially for celebration events like Thanksgiving Day.

cardboard boxes

Gift Box quality is mandatory to focus on

As Thanksgiving Day is a day of exchanging gifts, so it should be in a proper way that your gift recipient will remember this always. That’s why; trying various Gift Boxes are good every year. But, one must focus on the quality of boxes because it will become your first impression to the recipient. That is the reason, we make these boxes by using high-quality and first-rate packaging materials. If you have to deliver your gifts from faraway places in Mailer Boxes then the quality should be outstanding for boxes. You will have to select the best stocks to keep your precious gifts safe while traveling.

GCustomBoxes is just like always a savior for its customers. Our researchers do thorough research on packaging stocks before crafting a specific box. Moreover, we analyze the situation and needs of the clients as well. So, for this celebration event, we offer huge custom varieties in our stock selection. From the strongest corrugated to the eco-friendly Kraft we are offering plenty of options to the customers. Talking about Kraft Boxes, they are widely used as gift packaging. You can pack various food items and lightweight gifts into these boxes.

cardboard boxes

Custom Printed Cardboard Packaging for Gifts

The most iconic and idyllic way to present your gifts to your favorite people is to pack them in Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes. These boxes as the name suggest are made up of cardboard which is eco-friendly and good in strength. So, you can pack a wide range of stuff into these boxes as per your suitability. Moreover, custom printing enhances the overall appeal of these packaging boxes for gifts. Through custom printing, you can print anything of your choice onto these boxes. For example, printing the gift recipient’s picture or his favorite quote is a great idea for sure. GCustomBoxes masterly do these kinds of printings.

Besides this, if a gift manufacturing company needs a bulk of these boxes with custom printing, we are also doing this for them. Through our eminent printing services, you can get Printed Cardboard Boxes with your brands’ taglines, motto, signature, etc.

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Printing Techniques that you can select

Among different printing techniques, few are most common for Gift’s Boxes, especially for Thanksgiving Day.

  • Screen printing
  • Digital printing
  • Flexography printing
  • 3D printing
  • Offset printing

Choose any of the above-mentioned printing techniques for your boxes as off of them are awesome in their ways.

cardboard boxes

Things to remember while purchasing a Custom Printed Cardboard Boxes

Giving or taking gifts always feels special. If you can make it more special through custom packaging then go for it. Using Cardboard Custom Boxes to pack your gifts for special events is one of the wisest decisions you would take. But, before selecting the appropriate cardboard packaging for gifts, you must keep few important things in mind. Talking about Kraft Boxes, they are widely used as gift packaging. You can pack various food items and lightweight gifts into these boxes.

  • Pick up experienced packaging providers in your town that are into this work for many years and have proven themselves. Professional help would make your work easy for you so pick up professionals like GCustomBoxes.
  • Check the quality of cardboard and prefer it from eco-friendly resources. According to your gift’s weight, add more layers of stock if needed.
  • For printings, choose the latest printing services because of their great value if you can afford them.
  • For coloring, if you have the budget, then go for PMS. Otherwise, the CMYK coloring scheme is also good for your boxes.
  • If you are a retailer, then try to get these boxes wholesale. From Kraft Boxes to the Mailer Boxes, you should get them at wholesale to get discounts.


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