Parties are all about never-ending fun and delicious drinks to get the stress off with. If you’re all set to enjoy another party and can’t wait to host your friends, then you must sort the drinks menu first. Almost every guest looks forward to the kind of drinks at a party. Hence, try to include the diverse cocktails that overwhelm your taste buds and help unwind after a long week. From the lemony indulgence of margarita to the zesty appeal of mojitos, you can try it all. Keep reading to find the list of top cocktails that may amaze every guest at the parties. Also one can also go for blanton’s whiskey. 


One of the best drinks that almost every person likes to sip on is a glass of fruity sangria. You must include the sangria containing red wine in your party menu. This is because the drink requires minimal ingredients and will enlighten your taste buds. With the fruity punch of pineapples coupled up with the spicy indulgence of ginger ale, it helps relax your mind in no time. 


  • 1 bottle of red wine 
  • 1 lemon 
  • 1 orange, cut into wedges 
  • 1 lime wedges 
  • 8-ounce pineapple, containing juice 
  • 2 tbsp. sugar 
  • 1-ounce orange juice 
  • 4 ounces gin, or triple sec 
  • 4 cups ginger ale 
  • 1 cup raspberries frozen 

How To Prepare? 

  • Pour some red wine into a large pitcher and add the remaining ingredients except berries, ginger ale, and ice. 
  • Keep the pitcher in the refrigerator overnight after squeezing the juices from the lime into it. 
  • Serve the drink fresh by pouring in some ginger ale, berries, and ice cubes later.  

 Belmont Jewel  

Did you know that bourbon cocktails are both savory as well as therapeutic in nature? You can use the Breckenridge bourbon to create a glass of decadent Belmont jewel. Also, it contains the tangy essence of lemon zest to delight your taste buds at parties. What makes the drink an even better party drink option is that it’s easy to prepare and store.  


  • 1 1/2 ounces bourbon whiskey 
  • 2 ounces lemonade 
  • 1-ounce pomegranate juice 
  • Lemon wedge for garnish. 

How To Prepare? 

  • Add all the ingredients to the cocktail shaker and mix them well. 
  • Shake the shaker vigorously to allow all the ingredients to mix.  
  • Put a few ice cubes in a cocktail glass and serve the drink fresh.  

White Cosmo  

Another delicious drink to ponder upon while you’re hosting a party is the white cosmopolitan. You can try the white cranberry juice to prepare an easy drink for the parties. Also, the drink contains vodka mixed with some Cointreau to induce the perfect mix of bitter-sweet. Pair up the drink with some chest pizza slices or fries for a complete meal.  


  • 2-ounce vodka 
  • 1-ounce white cranberry juice 
  • 1/2 ounce lime juice 
  • 1/2 ounce Cointreau  

How To Prepare? 

  • Add all the ingredients to the cocktail shaker and mix it with ice cubes. 
  • Shake the mixture for a few seconds to let the contents mix well. 
  • Pour the cocktail into a glass before filling it with ice cubes. 
  • End the recipe by garnishing the drink with lemon wedges for a complete cocktail experience. 

Espresso Martini  

If you like sipping on some coffee often, then the espresso martini may be the ideal one for you. Try to prepare the martini variants containing coffee beans and bitter-sweet indulgence. Also, it helps induce more energy and tastes well with other dessert variants. You may experiment with different vodkas to prepare your delicious cocktail. However, fill in some Kahlua to satiate your tummy and experience the tasting notes of martini at the same time.  


  • 3-4 coffee beans 
  • 2 ounces vodka  
  • Half ounce Kahlua  
  • Half ounce espresso 

How To Prepare? 

  • Take a cocktail shaker and fill it with the ingredients in the right proportion. 
  • Mix the ingredients well in the shaker to let them blend well together. 
  • Pour the drink into your favorite cocktail glass and top it up with coffee beans to enhance aesthetics. 

Summer Peach Tea  

Are you a tea fanatic who likes it cold and tangy to freshen up your taste buds? Summer peach tea is your favorite option for a summer party drink. Also, you can prepare the drink in no time and use minimal ingredients. Get the best whiskey and top it up with lemon wedges for a sour indulgence.  


  • 1-ounce Canadian whisky
  • 1-ounce peach liqueur
  • 4 ounces iced tea, chilled 
  • Lemon wedge for garnish. 
  • Peach slices for optional garnish. 

How To Prepare? 

  • Take a highball glass and fill it with the liquid ingredients mentioned above. 
  • Top the drink with iced tea and ice cubes to make it cold and tangy. 
  • In the end, you could add the peach and lemon wedges for a fruity punch.  

Bottom Line 

The modern lifestyle requires you to be on edge constantly with hectic deadlines and workloads. But, you must take frequent breaks and unwind to breathe monotony at work. For this purpose, you can always party with your friends or host some of the get-togethers. Sort the drinks menu with easy yet delicious drink options around the corner. You could prepare some margarita, martini, or sangria for the drinks menu. Or, maybe mix and match through cosmos and other cocktail variants at the party. Do your bit to add diverse drinks and enlighten the mood of your guests at the party. 


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