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CMS or web agency? The eternal question when it comes to creating a website! Digital Marketing Agency Mohali we give you 5 reasons to choose a tailor-made web agency for the creation of your website!

1. A unique website to assert your identity

A website that does not blend in with the crowd

Today 34% of sites on the web are made with WordPress, which means that by choosing this solution you have a good chance of ending up with a site very similar to an already existing site (probably from one of your competitors).

One might think that this is not very serious , but here it is, the user experience is a major issue and has a direct impact on your sales . The design of your website should therefore not be left to chance!

A website with unique graphics

Your company is unique, it is normal that its website reflects its identity.

It is complicate to highlight your uniqueness with a website create according to a predefine model.

By using a tailor-made web agency , you benefit from unique graphics, develop especially for you . Thanks to personalize designs, your website better reflects your identity and your values.

As they say “you will never get a second chance to make a good first impression”. On the internet, the first impression is mainly through the graphics and the browsing experience offer by your site. Don’t miss your chance to make a good impression!

2. A website that promotes user experience

Offer a unique experience to your visitors

As we have just said, the browsing experience is decisive in the impression that you will leave on your users.

  • As part of an e-commerce site, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali the user experience is a key factor in the act of purchase.
  • That’s why having the ability to customize this experience down to the smallest detail is a real benefit to your business.
  • With a custom-made website , you choose each element of the buying process and you optimize your chances of selling your products online.

Accompany users to purchase

When you create an E-Commerce Site with a CMS you are force to comply with a certain layout and a certain format. The rigidity of the templates offere by these CMS does not really allow you to personalize the experience of your users. Today, e-commerce sites record 70% of abandon baskets, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali this figure can be reduce thanks to the implementation of several reinsurance elements.

3. A website perfectly adapted to your needs

All your tailor-made business tools

Your business has its particularities and it can be complex to transpose your needs into a system already in place. Sometimes your organization has specific needs for which a “classic” tool is not enough.

This is where one of the main advantages of a custom-made website comes in. Your business tools can be develope according to your specific criteria.

You then benefit from a website that adapts to your needs, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali and not the other way around.

An easy-to-use website for more productivity

Your time is valuable and your site’s administration platform must allow you to add content easily and quickly.

  1. The back office of a CMS is not customizable and sometimes you can find yourself overwhelm with all the editing features on offer.
  2. You can also choose to devote all your time to your business and send all your content to the agency in charge of your website to take care of making the changes.
  3. Less time to administer your site means more time to do your job and therefore more productivity!

4. A flexible and scalable site

The flexibility of a tailor-made site

The real advantage of a custom-built site is that you get real flexibility in its design.

No constraint link to a predefine framework, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali you decide on each element and if you change your mind you are not “tie and bound” because everything is modifiable.

A site that evolves over time

Your business evolves over time and so do your needs , today you may not have the need to offer certain services. Tomorrow your company may take a completely different turn and your website may have to evolve accordingly.

The advantage of a custom- made site is that it can be modifie at any time . Especially for a site develope with Symfony, for which the evolution over time is not a problem.

5. A site as exceptional as you!

As you have understood, we are a little advocating made-to-measure in this article. But we see so many advantages for your business that it hurts our hearts to see you miss out.

You deserve so much better than a “boat” site identical to that of your competitors! We want to see you shine!

So, Digital Marketing Agency Mohali hop we stop wasting its potential and we choose a tailor-made site!



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