It seems one might not be able to escape stress in our world. This is because almost everything around us and in society is a potential source of stress. The economy, relationships, obligations at work, family, health, and others could trigger anxiety.  

Healthy management of stress is essential to health and one’s well-being as there are many ways one can manage stress. However, not all approaches are sustainable or healthy. While smoking, alcohol consumption, and binge eating might provide temporal relief, the issue never really goes away.  

This calls for a healthy and sustainable approach to handling stress and calming your mind. The technique hinges on some lifestyle choices and changes inhabit. For instance, living an active lifestyle with enough exercise and choosing healthy meals can help manage stress and lift your mood.  

Everyone in need of a sustainable approach to calm racing thoughts in their mind will find these five stress-busting tips that are proven to work for you. 

Here are five ways to calm the mind and relieve stress: 

Use kush OG 

 OG Kush is a hybrid strain that originated in Florida in the early ‘90s and has since become a staple with many cannabis users. OG Kush contains an earthy/woody aroma with a hint of spice. This strain will give you a cerebral high with relaxed, euphoric, and uplifting effects, making it perfect to help melt away lingering stress. One can also use kush og for anxiety to have mental peace and feel refreshing.

Spend Time Outside to Reduce Stress

Endeavor to get vitamin D from the sun. According to research, it can increase your supply of feel-good hormones like serotonin. In other words, ensure you are not curled up in your blanket on the couch all day. Besides, spending time in nature usually influences mental health positively.  

Based on research, simply spending time in a large expanse of green scenery can calm your nerves and reduce stress. So, don’t ditch any opportunity to enjoy an evening or picnic in an open space with green scenery.  

As you spend time outside, enjoy the breeze blowing on your skin and adore the birds in their majesty. Such a change of scenery can lift your mood and adjust your focus such that it will distract you from the source of stress.  

Going outdoors might be a luxury for some people. Consider bringing the green scene indoors by introducing indoor plants. Such action can also have a positive effect on your stress level.  

Reduce Stress With a Good Laugh 

Laughing lifts the mood makes you happy, and fuels dopamine release in your body. It is a stress-bursting tool that can positively influence you. When you laugh, it releases tension from various body parts and muscles in your body.  

Research reveals that laughing boosts the mood and supercharges the immune system. not only that, but laughing also increases the intake of oxygen, which stimulates various body organs like the lungs, heart, and muscle. Besides, this automatically fuels the release of oxygen. 

 Head over to Instagram for some hilarious skit, watch an episode of the sitcom, and hang out with funny friends. Such actions can lift your mood and dissipate stress.  

Men's White Button-up Dress ShirtMeditation  

Meditation calms the muscle and various body parts, which benefits the body immensely. This is another reliable tool that you can use to manage your mind and override stress. One will get various benefits, both physical and mental benefits, with meditation. 

Your energy level increases; it influences your sleep positively, lifts your mood and spirit, and fights stress when you meditate.  

You can meditate successfully with access to a quiet place with no distraction. All you need is your breath or a phrase, and you can sit or lie down. You want to bring your attention to your breath or the mantra, which will calm your nerves and upgrade your mood. Even though it seems hard at first, you can get the hang of it with time. 

Pile of Rock Near Lake

 Get Moving  

There is more to exercise than losing weight and packing lean muscles. Exercise also benefits mental health, which manifests via improved mood, and reduced stress. Endorphins are released during exercise that can improve mood. As a result, your energy level increases, and your focus improves with reduced pressure.  

Make constant exercise in your lifestyle. Although you should go for it, this is not about registering at the gym. However, a dance class, going for a walk, jogging, etc., will go a long way to help. If you are too busy to squeeze time for exercise, consider incorporating exercise into your lifestyle.  

For instance, you can park your car at the most extreme spot at the office or grocery store and use the opportunity to walk.  

Strong man showing bicep against hilly terrain


While stress might seem inevitable, you can arm yourself with the right tools to cope. Besides helping you cope with anxiety, these stress-busting tools will also go a long way to improve your overall health and wellbeing.  

Rather than resorting to unhealthy coping mechanisms, consider a lifestyle change like the tips suggested in this article.  




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