6 Different Ways Of Styling A Dupatta

You will love our many different ways to style a Dupatta. Dupattas can be described as the ideal standard outfit. They are a popular choice for Indians and ethnic fashion lovers.

You may also have heard the expression, “You can take Dupatta from India, but you cannot take Dupatta from Indians.”

Although it may seem exaggerated and mute at first glance, the quote accurately describes our love for Dupattas as well as its global accreditation.

But why is it that we (Indians) or India as a whole are tied to this formula? This is why we must go back to India’s very humble beginnings of THE style statement that never goes out of fashion.

Histories of Dupatta

The name “Dupatta”, which is a combination of two Sanskrit words, “Du” meaning 2 or Increased, and “Patta” meaning Piece of Clothes, can be taken as a starting point.

The design may be an evolution of the old Uttariya, a stole that is worn to cover the upper fifty percent of the body.

Early evidence of Dupatta can be found in Indus Valley Civilisation (or before), where females are seen wearing a shroud around the shoulders. This is in keeping with ancient inscriptions and sculptures that depict important occasions in this civilization. It is safe to say that dupatta wholesale has its origins in India.

What do Indians think? Styling A Dupatta

Its origins are in the Indian subcontinent so it is obvious that we should consider Dupattas as part of our own.

They are an integral part of society in received families since ladies often wear their dupattas so that it covers their heads.

This is done to keep their faces hidden from their spouse. This custom is no longer practiced today, but it still serves a variety of purposes.

If you’re from Delhi, Mumbai, or other parts of South India, where there is pollution in the air, You will see women wearing Kurti pants set with a dupatta to protect their faces.

Additionally, most Indian women allow dupattas to drop from their necks or be draped around their shoulders to cover the top fifty percent of their bodies. This is perhaps the most common usage.

We don’t know why we wear dupattas. However, we do know that we always find a reason to wear them. Also,

Dupattas are a fashion craze that fills deep spaces in our wardrobes, even though they have been around for centuries.

Crossing Boundaries – Dupattas of Western Culture

It was considered an afterthought in India before Dupatta crossed borders to obtain international certification.

We didn’t avoid diversifying the different ways of styling a Dupatta

But it was the Indo-Western clothes society that showed the effectiveness of Dupattas, and how they subtly elevate an outfit.

British Asian women saw their mothers wearing dupattas over their necks. It was used by their mothers to represent Indian culture but British Asians saw it differently.

Dupattas experienced a modern upbringing after it was passed to them (the next generation – British Asians).

We can certainly question the migration of the “Dupatta as clothing” fad to the West. However, it is clear that this was a positive change.

Dupatta was a fashion statement. Producers also worked hard to make them more vibrant and ornamental.

The days of simple dupattas were gone! You are basically an outcast in fashion if you don’t have any style on your dupatta (literally).

The material’s aesthetics were also changed, as was the way to wear (or “embrace”) the dupattas.


Different Ways Of Styling A Dupatta

Fashionistas had a chance to explore this baffling transition from being a common practice in Indian homes to becoming a global style statement.

Their experiments have led to a variety of ways you can carry your Dupattas today. We chose our favorite dupattas to help you achieve that trendy look with dupattas.

1. Stole

Takes is a modern way to add elegance to your current attire.

It’s very versatile and can be worn with Kurtis or Pants or a long skirt – basically anything you have in your closet!

A swiped to is easy and doesn’t require any initiative. You just need to drape it around your neck, and allow it to hang freely. – It’s easy to get summer ready!

2. Dupatta with pants and top

This trend is growing among the style community: Matching your dupatta with a Top or Denim is a popular choice.

The combination of the bright dupatta and the elegant look it creates adds style to the simple top.

You can have your traditional dupatta for your modern-day top and pants. To complete the look, you can also wear an ornamented dupatta.

3. It can be worn with jeans and saree.

You are choosing Indo-Western Fusion because you want it to be. You can also drape your dupatta as a saree, capturing the traditional look of the west while still showing off the style statement of the west with Pants!

The best part is that you can use as many as one curtains or more to drape a saree. It allows you to find the perfect one for your style.

4. Side Cowls Design

That does not such as cotton kurta set for women! The best part is that you don’t need to wear a dupatta with your cotton kurta set. The desi look of putting on a dupatta is enhanced by the use of a lehenga and a dupatta. We are tired of the traditional method of putting a single dupatta around our necks. We recommend the Side Cowls Design.

Your dupatta should be placed across your body as a saree. To create cowls, pin the ends together. The ends should be printed to your shoulders.

5. Dupatta with a Waistline Belt

You will need to be creative when styling a dupatta with a developer coat and a long skirt.

It is worth investing in a waist belt to keep your dupatta in place.

Your dupatta should be worn on your shoulder. Let it extend a little beyond your waistline. Next, remove your smooth belt and belt it with your data’s front.

6. Via one shoulder and also pin it at the wrist

Even if your outfit isn’t as elaborate, it can still add an imperial touch.

Your dupatta should be styled so that it runs through your shoulders and is not confined to the wrist.

This style is great for ethnic wear, and it’s also perfect for functions. Your dupatta won’t fall off as you move to the beat.

The best part is that you can use as many as one curtains or more to drape a saree. It allows you to find the perfect one for your style.


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