Lymphedema is a condition in which your lymph fluid does not flow properly through your lymphatic system. This disruption causes this fluid to stay under your skin, causing swelling in your limbs. It may surprise you to know that you can reduce lymphedema through physical therapy Raleigh NC. This is what you should know.

Excellent Treatment for Sports Related Injuries

Traumatic events, including sports injuries, can cause lymphedema. In fact, this condition is common after major and minor surgeries. Your treatments may focus on stretching, but you should also receive massage therapies that will encourage proper drainage. You may need to wear compression garments or bandages as well.

Your therapist will also likely guide you through exercises designed to move the fluid out of your body. In addition, you will need to elevate any limbs impacted by lymphedema. You will learn hygiene techniques for your nails and skin that can help your body fight or prevent infection.

These techniques also encourage healing in your sports injuries. They keep your muscles strong so they can support your bones and other soft tissues. Also, moving the fluid off your limbs alleviates the additional pressure on your injury, giving you pain relief and encouraging healing.

Fitness Education To Prevent Future Injury

As you search for physical therapy near me, find a clinic that teaches you about proper fitness. These professionals will likely discuss nutrition, but they should also show you techniques to maintain your fitness. Lymphedema relief requires regular exercise, and your therapist can guide you in the types, length and intensity you need to keep your body from swelling.

In addition, your therapist should discuss the food and drinks that make your lymphedema worse and what you can do to reduce your body’s swelling. For example, you will likely receive instruction to avoid excessive sodium and encouragement to focus on a well-balanced diet with lots of good fiber.

Improving Your Athletes Performance

Physical therapy also improves your athletic performance. Not only will you strengthen your muscles, but the stretching should improve your range of motion. Lymphedema causes discomfort that can keep you from moving and completing daily tasks, but as you reduce the fluid in your body, you will move easier. You will also learn what you can do at home to improve your condition.

As you consistently exercise and stretch, you gain athletic performance capabilities. You will learn how to optimize your movements, especially in your joints. You will gain flexibility and balance. Your therapist should help you gain spatial awareness.

Your coordination should also improve. You will learn how to move with greater efficiency. These strengths will show themselves in your athletic performance. You should come back from your injury stronger, more coordinated and balanced. You should learn how to avoid similar injuries in the future and how to avoid overusing your muscles so your injury heals completely.

As you consider clinics that specialize in physical therapy Winston Salem, think about all the benefits you hope to gain through your treatments. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and search for clinicians who specialize in your injury and lymphedema treatment so you can experience great outcomes.


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