Best small-town day trips from major cities
Best small-town day trips from major cities

You need to plan everything & fly for your dream trip properly. However, planning a vacation from a small or a big town depends on the people’s preference. But, there are multiple advantages while exploring a small town in terms of the various aspects. 

However, the interesting part about moving across these small areas is covering the major sites in less time. On the other side, enjoy the great charming aura surrounded by the unique environment that attracts a massive crowd. 

Apart from the overall scenic beauty, various essential elements make the trip unforgettable. Choosing a small town is not a bad idea to explore the world. 

List of the beautiful small towns:

  1. Gelena:

It’s located about three hours Northwest of Chicago & always proves to be an incredible weekend escape. Moreover, the town was established in 1826 & serves as a home to Ulysses.S Grant. 

If you are looking for the best location to spend some amazing time, it offers countless things to provide the best moments. The commuters can go for rounds & know about the whole town in a detailed manner. 

You will get to enjoy lots of surprises & more. 

  1. Jerome:

You’ll find it based at 5,200ft on the top of Cleopatra hill, which somehow lies between Prescott & Flagstaff. Moreover, flying to these places via Spirit Airlines makes your trip quite unbelievable. However, connecting with Spirit Airlines Reservations provides affordable flights & last-minute deals. 

It was founded in 1876 & consider among the fourth largest city in Arizona. Currently, it’s recognized as a tourist & artistic community with 450 residents. 

  1. Kenn:

 The views are quite remarkable & make you feel more relaxed, carrying your family & others will be the best idea ever.

The list of small towns includes Kennett Square, located about an hour west of Philadelphia. On the other side, the interesting fact is the place is known to be the Mushroom capital of the world. Over 60% of the nation’s crops are produced in this area. 

Moreover, the commuters can enjoy several cuisines prepared with mushrooms & offering an ultimate taste. However, people can move around the whole area & try to understand the other things that make it quite distinctive from the others. 

There are multiple shops & galleries precisely located downtown along with the Mushroom caps. You are welcome here anytime to enjoy life with some different shades. 

  1. Ojai:

You can include it among the Best small-town day trips from 7 major cities & it was founded in 1874. It’s well covered by the hills that offer picturesque views, musicians, artists & others. A short trip to this place helps to uncover several hidden treasures in less time. 

People from different parts of the world can arrive here & enjoy a different environment. You can also go hiking & biking, which is a world-class experience. Besides these, the place comprises multiple restaurants, markets, and many more. 

  1. Beacon:

While being in a small town, Beacon provides a great cultural influence and beautiful nature. But, now the whole story is quite changed along with the vibrant streets to take a stroll. On the other side, there are shops along with Boutiques & shops. 

Other than these, the tourists can head to the beautiful valleys followed by the beach & the Mercantile. Here you are provided with a delightful home spa experience making you feel relaxed. You can also look at contemporary art forms from 1960 to the present. 

Once you book the flight with Spirit Airlines to explore these locations, it offers high-end services & more. Moreover, Spirit Airlines Vacation Packages provides an incredible experience as you can select your favorite seats. 

  1. Homestead:

It’s quite located at a distance of about 40 minutes away from Miami; you can find this amazing place. It’s Miami county’s second oldest city & provides an opportunity to visit the two national parks. Now, to enjoy some wild creatures like alligators, ibis, eagles & many more. 

Travelers can try to explore the beautiful islands that offer breathtaking views & coral reefs. Apart from these, you can take a boat tour, canoeing, kayaking, and many more activities. While on a small down day trip trying these things are among the great ways to enjoy. 

  1. Fredersiburg:

It is located in Texas hill county, an hour from the Northwest of San Antonio and half an hour from West Austin. You will, however, fall in love with greenery & hills. There were over 5,000 German emigrants who moved here between 1845-86. 

These are among the Best small-town day trips from 7 major cities that prove to be the best home escape vacation spot. In fact, you can go ahead with a self-guided tour in the downtown historic district. 

On the other side, the commuters can explore the Fort Martin Scott museum. When planning a trip to these areas, the best thing is first to move to the main attractions. However, these things will help you know more about the whole place.

  1. Pocono Mountains:

This place is just about two hours from New York, but it seems to be entering a different world. You may look forward to enjoying the skyscrapers & the concrete, but here the story is something else. 

Moreover, these places offer spectacular views of the wooded peaks and valleys followed by the lakes. You can also go hiking & other activities without hearing single noise. It’s going to be a world-class experience for the people searching for something quite different & unique. 

On the other side, before you arrive here, you can do some personal research & try to know more interesting reasons to visit this place. 

  1. Leipers Fork:

It’s about 40 minutes from Nashville & locate in the Big yard area. You can visit numerous galleries and wines here and many more elements. These are among the Best small-town day trips from 7 major cities and often make the trip amazing. 

  1. Cape May:

The place is in New Jersey, about two hours drive from Philadelphia by car & it always proves to be a great home-away escape. You will never get this kind of unbelievable experience anywhere else. 

Moreover, the overall style and architecture make your every moment perfect. Travelers can explore the whole place with their family & friends & this is a precious time in anyone’s life. 

Spending a vacation in these locations means learning about the other world. 

  1. Hamilton:

It takes less than an hour to drive to this place & various other things that are quite more worth exploring. On the other side, you can stroll around the whole area to choose to hire a tour guide that can introduce you to the entire city without any unnecessary trouble. 

Numerous things help it to register its name among the Best small-town day trips from 7 major cities. In addition, there are several attractions like the beautiful rivers and remains of the dome, followed by many more. These things often make a positive on the worldwide travelers & let them know about them. 

  1. Helen:

Helen, which is also considered to be a new version of Georgia & however, attracts a large number of tourists to enjoy the holiday in a quite different manner. Moreover, the overall vibes & environment make it unique to explore. 

The travelers will not regret arriving here & spending some quality time. Moreover, these are some hidden treasures that the majority of people are unaware of. Although moving under a fabulous climate helps to create some best memories. 

Travelers from different corners of the world often get bored due to repeating the same locations, but these small towns portray some different shades of exploring the world. 


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