Boat Aavante 15 30W Bluetooth speaker

Boat Aavante 15 30W Bluetooth speaker

In this post, we are going to review the newly launched Boat Aavante 15 30W Bluetooth speaker .so let’s move it this is the Boat Aavante 15 30W Bluetooth speaker and first we’re gonna talk about the build quality, sound, features, and design of the speaker.

Build quality:

It builds quality wise the whole speaker is made out of this fabric as you can see over you’re not made out of it. It is wrapped around with this fabric over here it’s made out of plastic at the upper part and the bottom part is proper plastic. Over here the fabric quality is very top-notch everything over here is very well put together nothing is rattling. If you want to read the best Bluetooth speaker under 500.

The build quality is damn good like this is a very been reported brand happen box to speakers of this brand. And they are holding a pretty well like both stone 700 that speaker was a dope speaker when we talked about the build quality why is because that speaker was a very rugged speaker and this is the same brand. If you want to be read mobile accessories earphones, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, etc click here to know best-electronic.


So you can expect that kind of raggedness from this speaker also and French design was also as you can see over here this design is very simple in my opinion like it’s not that eye catching.  It’s not that flashy like the Zook just blaster looks but this is a very simplistic design. Which I like in my opinion no one will think that this is the 30 bad speaker. And the weight of the speaker is also too much like it’s about 1.3 5 kgs.

Which is a lot the jazz blaster feels very light the dimension of the jazz blaster is more bigger than the speaker. So the speaker is a portable speaker so you can carry this figure we can keep the speaker inside your bag. If you’re traveling somewhere like you keep it somewhere but take it in mind that this is a heavy speaker. So you might feel the weight of the speaker inside your back but this is a portable speaker you can carry the speaker easily with you anywhere only the weight will matter.

features :

The features of the speaker features voice you get each and everything you get from other speakers also at this price point. Nothing different from those speakers only one feature which I’m going to tell you is that you get first the common ones like you get latest Bluetooth on the speaker. This is a 30-watt speaker water-resistant ipx4 waiting on this speaker. You get to pick up calls from this speaker your microphone and set the speaker. Boat Aavante 15 30W Bluetooth speaker has that auto shutdown feature like if it’s not active for 10 minutes you are not using it. It will automatically shut itself to save battery and the best part about this speaker is the battery life like 4000 mAh in this small package.


It’s superb in my opinion and you get a USB port also with that. So you can use this speaker as a power bank you can see over here you know USB put Oxford over you and your charging. But inside this cover and with that USB port you can plug in your pendrive or you can use that port for charging your mobile phone also because the speaker is having a 4000 mAh battery. And the most different part that most people’s doesn’t have at this price point.

This button as you can see over here you can connect two of these Boat Aavante 15 30W Bluetooth speakers you can sync a single song on both these speakers with the help of this button. But it only works with the same speaker it you should have the same. Boat Aavante 15  speaker to bear it with so this will work as a left speaker and the other one will work as a right speaker so this will give you a proper surround some kind of a feel to it.

Sound & bass quality:

The sound from the speaker was so damn good you can hear each and everything that the singer was singing. I know this is a boat speaker you expect that kind of quality but this speaker at this price point provides you a lot of stuff. If you want to buy a speaker for under six thousand rupees I know it’s not cheap by any means but it’s a value for money product at that price point.

You should not go for the JBL’s because those speakers are not that good at that price one. And they’re very costly also don’t go for any other speaker at that price go for this speaker. If you had that kind of a budget because this is such a great speaker.

When we talk about the sound the convenience the base the great part is the sound the sound is damn good from the past experience like the boat is doing very well. It comes to sound but the loudness and the base as per the Watts. they are providing this speaker is doing very good at that point because the loudness it’s superb for a 30 watt speaker. It’s very loud the base on the speaker is damn banging like I can feel those bass sitting. It’s that good you can you saw those vibrations this Boat Aavante 15 30W Bluetooth speaker is too good.

SO Conclusion:

We talk about the sound its value for money when you heard this speaker. I know it doesn’t look that great it looks like a traditional speaker. It looks very simple but it’s okay in my opinion don’t go on the looks the quality of this speaker is damn good. It’s just terrific to see at this price point they’re giving you such a great speaker. This is a value for money product. so I recommend this post have a budget of under fifty five hundred rupees or five thousand rupees go for this speaker definitely and friends to buy the Boat Aavante 15 30W Bluetooth speaker.


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