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When it comes to container sizes, the industry is dominated by two standard sizes: 20-foot containers and 40-foot containers. In most cases, a 20-foot container is enough for a minor move. However, anything larger or more elaborate will necessitate the use of a 40-foot container or many containers. Because of the increased container cost for a 40-foot container, you should not put your move at risk.

What Can A 20-Foot Shipping Container Hold?

A regular 20-foot container can hold the contents of a one- or two-bedroom home, as well as a car and a few boxes. They will accommodate properties with a total internal capacity of 1,169 cubic feet and a floor space of 146 square feet. These containers are approximately 19’10.5″ long, 8′ wide, and 8’6″ high, with a holding capacity of 61,000 pounds.

What Can A 40-Foot Shipping Container Hold?

A 40-foot container, on the other hand, can normally hold the contents of a three- or four-bedroom house with around 320 square feet of floor area, or a regular two-bedroom plus a car. These containers are 40′ long, 8′ wide, and 8’6″ high, with a total interior volume of 2,385 cubic feet. Due to the weight of the container, they can only store about 58,000 pounds of cargo, which is somewhat less than a 20-foot container.

This implies that, despite the fact that a 40-foot container is longer and has double the capacity of a 20-foot container, it cannot accommodate twice the cargo weight due to the container’s own weight.

Factors Affecting Shipping Container Cost

There are various elements that determine the cost of moving a full container, just as there are for any other sort of transfer. Following are some of the most prevalent factors to anticipate:

Volume, Weight, and Dimension. 

Your products’ volume and weight.  As you may assume, the heavier and larger your package is, the more expensive it is to deliver.

Distance of your move

The greater the distance between your leaving port and destination port, the more expensive it is to ship a container.

Port Destination

Your last destination. Every country has its own set of taxes and duties. So, how much you pay for them will be determined by the destination country.

Method of transportation 

Your shipping options will influence not only your relocation prices but also the time it takes for your package to arrive.

Type of Goods

This can increase the ultimate cargo cost if you’re transporting any particular products, such as cars, pianos, or fine art.

Extra services. 

Of course, adding other services like packing, storage, or insurance to your container shipment can raise the total cost.

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