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Determining If your Neighborhood is “Safe”

When most people think about burglary, they imagine a random criminal breaking into their home at night. While this is true for some neighborhoods in which there are higher incidences of crime than others (and may be happening right now!), even safe areas can become targeted typically by people who may know you (ie. neighbors or distant friends), looking to take advantage and get inside your home before you know anything’s wrong! To protect yourself against these invaders we recommend following these easy tips:

Upgrading your Home Security

1) Upgrade Deadbolt Door Locks

The first step to upgrading your home security is checking all the exterior doors on your property and replacing outdated locks. With today’s technology, there are many smart door lock choices that will best fit what you want out of keyless entryway needs – whether it be for safety or aesthetics!

2) Invest in Premium Security Screens for Windows and Doors

When you’re looking to protect your home and family, install premium security screens on all of the windows and doors in order prevent criminals from gaining entry. 95% of home invasions occur where the criminal(s) use force to break through entry points such as windows and glass doors. Installing aircraft grade steel mesh screens over these entry points will ensure no one is going to be breaking into your home or business anytime soon.

3) Install Cameras

Installing a motion sensor camera is the best way to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Not only will you have an up-close view on any suspicious activity around your property, but also help provide evidence if you ever do have a break-in. Motion sensor cameras are a must have for any home security system

Installing security screens on windows and doors not only helps to keep your home safe, but also makes it nearly impossible for an average person looking to break in. If you’re concerned about someone trying more complicated methods like picking locks then a combination of all three tips above would be the best option for you. Installing security screens and new deadbolt door locks with monitored service features such as closed-circuit television systems will give any would-be burglar pause before they even start their mission to turn your home into another burglary statistic.


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