India’s spice garden

There is no pleasure like having a delectable meal prepared from fresh ingredients and authentic spices. The state of Kerala, located in the southern part of the country, is India’s spice garden. The Cardamom Hills is the major spice-belt of the state. The weather conditions here are perfect for high-quality aromatic varieties of a large number of spices including cardamom, black pepper, clove, cinnamon cassia, nutmeg and vanilla. The humid climates and the loamy soil help the local farmers produce some of the finest varieties of these spices here. 

These spices are loaded with toothsome flavours and exotic tastes that add ample doses of amazing culinary delight into your food. With many online speciality ecommerce retailers selling these rich spices, you can enjoy their gorgeous flavours in any part of the world. Let us have a look at some of these amazing spices from Kerala.

Cardamom – The Queen of Spices

Cardamom is one of the most commonly used spices in authentic Indian food. Because of its absolutely feisty flavour and mesmerising aroma, cardamom enjoys its place as “The Queen of Spices”. You can add oodles of delicious taste to your food with only a little amount of this magic spice.

Kerala boasts of having the world’s largest cardamom market place located in the Kuminy area of the state. The Malabar variety of cardamom found in this region is a high-grade top-notch spice.

Cardamom is naturally found in pods with around half a dozen black rounded seeds inside. The pods are plucked and dried through various processes to end up in two different variants – a green coloured one, and the other a white one.

Cardamom finds many uses as a flavouring agent in tea and other beverages. Also, it is used extensively in traditional Indian recipes. You can also add it to cakes and other bakery items to make them more delicious. One special dish that uses a lot of cardamom is the traditional Kerala sweet pudding made of rice and milk.

Pepper – The Black Gold

Pepper is another famous spice coming from the spice-stables if Kerala. This spice is in the shape of black rounded shrivelled tiny balls. They are also crushed and used as a powder form generously in Indian food. It is a key ingredient in many of the famous masalas (a combination of various crushed spices) used in Indian food.

Pepper has a biting aroma and stinging taste. It can add ample doses of spiciness to make even the blandest dishes come alive. The skin is its most fiery part. Those who wish to try a toned-down version of this spice can go for the white pepper variety which has its skin removed.

Many good e-tailers provide amazing pepper varieties procured from the finest spice gardens in Kerala.

Cinnamon – Another Magical Kerala Spice

Cinnamon is a special spice found amply in the Kerala region. It is actually the bark of the tree of the same name. The aroma is invigorating, but pleasantly cinnamon tastes delicately sweetish.

This is one of the staples in modern confectionary. Pastries and puddings use sumptuous flavours of cinnamon to take their delights to the next level. You will also find cinnamon used in chips and quills.

You can find very good quality high-grade varieties of cinnamon in the famous whole spice market in Kerala.

Kerala spices are a magical ingredient that can add delectable flavours in your food. The good news is that you do not need to travel all the way to Kerala to enjoy these spices. Many successful ecommerce stores make these wonderful spices available right at your doorstep. That too at very affordable costs as these e-tailers procure the spices directly from the farmers cutting out all the middle-men commissions.


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