Do you ever stop to think about where your clothes come from? Who makes them, and under what conditions? Unfortunately, most of us don’t give it much thought. But the truth is, the clothing industry can be pretty unethical from using toxic dyes and fabrics to the unfair treatment of factory workers. The clothing industry is notorious for its negative environmental impact. It’s an industry that relies on heavy amounts of water and energy, producing a significant amount of pollution and waste.  

 With the increase in awareness of the fashion industry’s negative environmental and social impact, consumers are demanding better options. And with fast fashion making trendy clothes more accessible than before, it’s more important now than ever to be mindful of the brands we support. So if you’re looking for better alternatives, read on for our list of favorite ethical and sustainable clothing brands.  


Started back in 2002 with just a single warehouse, Beyond Retro stocks a range of vintage clothes sourced from across the globe. Through their vintage collection and their upcycled label collection, they are making an impact by contributing to the economy. They want customers to join this revolution of sustainable clothing, and so, they offer incredible products at affordable prices.  

A dress that caught our eye was Leopard Print 1990’s Dress. It is a sheer dress with a leopard print and a side metal zipper in polyester fabric. Beyond Retro is not only a sustainable clothing brand but also an affordable, sustainable clothing brand.   


Boden is not about fast fashion, and it never was. It is pretty much understood that Boden offers sustainable clothing by respecting every factory workforce and using as many recycled materials as possible. By this autumn, 95% of their clothes will be polyester free, or they will use recycled polyester. By 2023, 100% of their cotton will come from sustainable sources.  

We loved their Puff Sleeved Broderie Dress from their new collection. It is a summer above-the-knee dress that has puffed sleeves and button in the front that gives the dress a cute look. Made from 100% cotton, it is a perfect summer sustainable clothing option.  





Harvest & Mill is an organic clothing brand that believes in clean, ethical, and innovative practices. Some of the sustainable practices this brands follows are using plastic-free & recyclable materials, reusable packaging materials, using natural colors, and avoiding bleach and dye in their clothes. They have 70% less  

One of their bestseller products is Women’s Organic Jogger Pants. These are the casual pants that you need. It is made with breathable, comfortable fabric and natural stretch quality. It is made with 100% organic cotton grown in the USA.  


Since SummerSalt’s inception, it has celebrated women’s diversity, ethnicity, and culture. They use their platform to support black women-owned businesses by sharing their resources. SummerSalt uses recycled materials to create their clothing and packaging because they care for the Earth. One of the unique things about SummerSalt is that they have measured about 10,000 women to design their fit and size.  

One beautiful swimsuit that we felt was perfect for the beach and pools is The Tie Belted Cove. It is available in colors like hibiscus & tangerine and sea urchin. This swimsuit has soft cups that provide seamless support, a belt to give it a pretty look, and an open back to flaunt your stunning back. This product has some fantastic reviews, so check out their page for more designs.  

Final Thoughts/ In conclusion- 

So, consider an ethical and sustainable clothing brand the next time you’re shopping for clothes, to feel good about your purchase. It might cost a bit more, but it’s worth it knowing that you’re supporting companies working to make our world a better place. Let’s all try to do our part by making more thoughtful choices regarding the clothes we wear. Have you ever shopped at an ethical or sustainable clothing company? Let us know in the comments! 

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Happy Sustainable Shopping! 




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