How do heatmaps help in a better SEO strategy

Every year you can find new SEO trends that encourage marketers to rethink their marketing campaigns. But, what is the most important factor for every SEO campaign? It is all about developing the best user experience. You cannot easily measure the search experience. Still, it is essential to focus on different metrics, including the bounce rate, conversion rate, overall sessions and pages viewed. However, you have to find out more data to ensure that your search marketing program and website design work best for your visitors. To achieve this goal, heat mapping software is the perfect solution to identify the change.

You like to analyze your website visitors’ activities. It is vital for a successful SEO campaign. You will learn about the keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Moreover, you have to identify the content effective for higher keyword rankings and better links. That is why heatmaps are essential to ensure success in your SEO campaign.

Before using a heatmap, you have to know how it works. Check it out here.

Heatmap tools are useful to collect data about your website visitors’ reactions. You will find a colour-coded presentation of data. For instance, when a visitor visits your webpage and clicks on a button, the heatmap will track it easily. If he hits other positions, you will find changes in colours in the webpage.

In most cases, oranges and reds indicate the hottest spot on your webpage. That spot has received the highest level of activities from the visiting users.

Heat maps are of different types

Hover maps– They track the mouse move and display the cursor’s location when the user is on a page. However, you may find some issues with data accuracy. 

Click maps– Mostly, eCommerce developers rely on these heatmaps for the clickable link rearrangement. These maps let you know where the visitor has clicked on your page.

Attention maps– You can use them to identify the parts that have received the highest and lowest level of attention. Moreover, you will learn the duration of every page visit. By having this data, you may adjust the page design.

Scroll maps– You can find how much a visitor has scrolled down the page. You can use the data for creating long pages. For instance, a disruptive change in the colour indicates that the content does not seem relevant to visitors. These maps help in identifying problematic spots.

Using heatmaps for your SEO campaign

Decide on the best content structure and perfect length-

The overall length of the content plays an important role in your SEO campaign. You may have heard that Google presently gives more focus on the longer content. Most of the websites on the first page of the search results have content of about 2000 words.

In other websites with a lower rank, the content length is shorter. However, the customer types in every industry are different. You may use the heatmaps to know the audiences’ desires. These tools let you know how many words, on average, are read by your visitors in your home page.

Better internal linking with heatmaps

Internal links are important, as you have to use the anchor content for hyperlinking purposes. They also develop links between pages. You can create a proper hierarchy of your content by identifying the most popular web pages of your website.

Effective outbound linking using heatmaps

Outbound links that direct your visitors to some reputable platforms are beneficial for your SEO. By providing them with relevant information, you will get positive reactions. In this case, scroll maps are useful for reviewing the content.

What to do with spammy backlinks?

Mueller from Google was again asked about the spammy links and asked if they can cause any negative impact on the rankings. Mueller confirms that the algorithms tend to ignore such links. Moreover, this is extremely common. Furthermore, the anchor texts do not matter as Google ignores it all. 

Lastly, the site owner also asked if the links need to be disavowed as a precautionary measure. To this, Mueller replied that there is no need to do that; instead, it can be ignored completely. If the competitor intends to focus on developing bad links for the website, then they are not building a good website for themselves.

On-page surveys become easy with heatmaps-

Heatmaps help in finding the design problems, pain points, and some other information overlooked in the survey. By having feedback from different sources, you can understand the users’ reactions to your site.

With heatmaps, you can learn how to adjust the design. However, it takes time to analyze the data and apply the changes.

Detect the most distracting elements in your website

Have you visited a website where the apparently clickable items are not clickable? It is one of the most annoying things to every visitor. Your website may also have these negative things. Heat Mapping tools help you to identify the most distracting and confusing things on your website.

With click maps, you can find spots where your visitors like to get links. Based on this information, you have to rearrange the website elements. You will find lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

Compare your fluctuation with your competitors: 

It is the SERP that is responsible for all the ranking  fluctuations. Hence, you need to ideally compare the fluctuations of your platform with that of the competitors. This will help you analyze the situation better. 

Compare the rankings to traffic: 

While your rankings go up on a specific day, it might also take place due to a specific location, your device, or the like. You could get distinct rankings than what is being shown to people. 


To sum up, heat mapping software helps in checking your website visitors. You will have a detailed view of potential issues that lower the conversion rate. The best professional marketers rely on the heatmap to identify new opportunities and frictions. They can take steps based on the data provided by heatmaps. Most importantly, they focus on on-site elements, website structure, and content. That is why the use of heat mapping tools results in better SEO results.


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