The digital signature certificate, better known as DSC, has gained importance in recent years, with the government taking most enrolment processes online. The DSC helps directors and other business owners authorise documents and sign financial statements. All individuals who want to serve as directors of companies and hold such reputable positions must have a DSC. There are three types of DSCs, namely Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3. Do you want to check whether you have linked your PAN card and DSC? If so, read on to learn more about verifying your PAN-DSC linking and why it is essential.

What Is a Digital Signature Certificate?

A DSC or digital signature certificate is an electronic sign that allows you to authorise decisions and business documents online. Depending on their needs and requirements, individuals can apply for one of three categories of such certificates. Class 1 certificates help confirm the certificate holder’s name and email id and serve as a basic assurance. On the other hand, Class 2 DSCs help in processing monetary transactions and filing various government forms. The Class 3 DSC allows business entities and individuals to take part in government tenders and auctions. 

By reducing the amount of time and money spent on signing papers and contracts, digital signatures help organizations run more smoothly. With a single click of a button, documents may be signed by all of the needed parties. This is especially handy when the signer is in a distant location and there is no requirement that he or she be physically present. A DSC is recognised in all countries across the world, aside from official agencies such as GST, MCA, and Income Tax, because it provides more security. Companies who want to participate in government bids need to have a DSC.

Certifying authorities licensed by the controller of certifying authorities issues Class 2 and Class 3 DSCs in India. Individuals need to submit various supporting documents and file an application to receive such DSCs. Additionally, most certifying authorities ask individuals and business entities for their PAN details before issuing a certificate. Hence, individuals applying for Class 2 and Class 3 DSCs must link their PAN cards to their signature certificate.

Why Is PAN-DSC Linking Integral?

The digital signature certificate is a vital document that allows individuals to authorise various actions and decisions. People working in companies use these certificates to file their tax returns and apply for business licenses. Hence, the government verifies the documents of such individuals to maintain up-to-date records and check their identity. The PAN card is another vital document that serves as both an identity and address proof. The process of obtaining a DSC requires individuals to submit their PAN details to enhance the credibility of the signature certificate. Therefore, the government puts each application through various levels before issuing any DSC.

However, in some instances, individuals use the wrong PAN details while applying for a signature certificate. Doing so can create errors and delays when using the DSC for business-related purposes, such as incorporation and filing director identification forms. Therefore, individuals should check to ensure the PAN details they have linked to their digital signature certificate is accurate as soon as they receive it. The government does not code the PAN details onto the DSC as the typical 10-digit alphanumeric code. Instead, the digital signature certificate contains a hash value of the PAN to maintain privacy and security. 

How to Check Pan Details Associated With DSC

The hash value is a high-tech and high-security system of encryption developed by the US national security agency. When dealing with highly private information, such as PAN details, telephone number and address, databases cannot store the data directly. In such instances, they rely on the sha256 algorithm or secure hash algorithm to create an extensive alphanumeric chain to store such data. The output provided by such algorithms contains a 32-character alphanumeric code or hash value. If you want to check the hash value of your DSC to ensure the correct linking of PAN details, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Connect the DSC to your computer and verify whether the device can detect the certificate.
  2. Next, open internet explorer and go to the ‘Internet Options’ tab.
  3. From the internet options window, click on the ‘Content’ tab and then go to the ‘Certificates’ window. Double click on the certificate you wish to verify and click on the ‘Details’ tab.
  4. Scroll down to the subject field and click on this option. Users will also be able to view their DSC Class or Category in the ‘Certificates’ tab, under the ‘Issued By’ column. 
  5. On clicking the subject field, the window will display a string called ‘Serial Number’ which contains the hash value of your PAN details.
  6. Next, users should go to the emudhra portal using this link.
  7. Enter your PAN and click on ‘Search’ to find a hash value for your PAN details. Users can compare this value with the one they extracted from their certificate to verify their details and linkage. 

Benefits of Using a Digital Signature Certificate

  • Enables the authentication of the certificate holder’s identity for business purposes
  • Ensures smoother and more efficient workflow within organisations
  • Enables businesses to save time and money by fastening the process of documentation
  • Removes the need for business owners to be physically present to conduct their affairs  
  • Provides enhanced security and prevents unauthorised use of data
  • As per the Information Technology Act, 2000, digital signature certificates are legally valid in any court of law
  • Has global acceptance, making it easier to authorise deals with foreign corporations.

How Vakilsearch Can Help

At Vakilsearch, we help individuals and business entities obtain a digital signature certificate with ease from the comfort of their homes. Once you reach out to us, our representative will collect basic details to understand your needs and requirements. After verifying and validating your supporting documents and information, our team will dispatch your digital signature certificate USB token that opens your digital signature. We are authorised providers of DSCs and have a long-standing partnership with various licensed Certifying Authorities in India. Partner with us to fulfil all your DSC-related needs with ease and comfort. 


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