Choosing a PrestaShop theme would possibly look like a quite simple challenge. Well, “I want a theme that just seems notable”, you’ll say. But whilst you begin, you’ll remember the fact that it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I will show you ways deep the rabbit hole goes…

1. PrestaShop Theme developers

It doesn’t say whether you’re ordering a custom layout or purchasing a pre-designed theme matter for PrestaShop, you want to check with whom you are running. So don’t overlook analysing extra about the organisation or character you’ll cope with. You wouldn’t supply money to a stranger on the road, so why would you do this on the Internet? Here is what you ought to do:

  • Check the agency data. When was it founded? Where is it positioned? Did it win any awards in its theme?
  • Find the testimonials section on their internet site and examine them.
  • Research this organisation on the Internet: check reviews and opinions of ordinary customers.
  • Finally, leaf through their phrases of service, privateness coverage, and so forth.

2. Support

Who will you contact if something goes wrong with the template? That’s proper, the employer which developed it. Do they’ve assistance? Better check that earlier than you place the order, otherwise you are taking a risk of locating yourself alone in the middle of a wilderness with a broken vehicle. Sad scenario.

If they do have help, what sort of support is it? Is it 24/7? Is it time restricted? What channels do they work via: chat, electronic mail, cellphone? Never thought of it this way? You must, because help is a life belt in case you suddenly face problems with the website.

3. Documentation

Besides support, it’s also encouraged that you take a look at whether or not the template package consists of documentation. The theme ought to encompass commands on a way to use each of its particular features. If the template is not documented, it increases suspicions as to whether the developer is reliable enough. Would you purchase a showering system without a guide? Same here.

Furthermore, ask for an entry to documentation earlier than you purchase the template. This manner you may see the way to work with the template previous to ordering.

4. Updates

PrestaShop is an engine that is upgraded and made over through developers all of the time. That is how they improve the product. If you are going to use the theme for a long time, test whether it comes with updates for future versions, and if these updates are loose or paid.

5. Valid coding

Here I go down this street once more.This page will never be. You always have to test whether the template is nicely coded. Valid HTML and CSS. You can do it pretty quickly the use of diverse on line validators, no want to be a coder:

6. Responsiveness

Do you have a PC or PC accessible all the time? Probably not now. Why could you? No need to roam around the city with several pounds of metal and plastic if you have a telephone that is 10 times lighter.

7. Search engine marketing friendliness

You want to test whether the theme is initially SEO friendly to ensure it doesn’t kill your possibilities of rating high in search engines. Here are a few on line equipment to check search engine marketing of the template/website.

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8. Cross Browser compatibility

Creating an internet site requires a properly-concept-out strategy. One of these method points is to think about how users will reach your web sites. We have already mentioned responsiveness to make your internet site work with cell gadgets.

Nevertheless, you furthermore may need to make sure your internet site works and appears extremely good in all browsers (e.g. Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox, Safari, IE, Opera). 

9. Editability and customization

Would you buy a residence which you wouldn’t be able to refurbish or redecorate? Same situation right here. Check what you’re allowed and now not allowed to trade. Of course, it’s better to go along with a theme in which you can edit each tiny element.

Alright, being capable of editing the entirety within the theme is ideal… However, how can you edit it? Is all of it hard code or did builders upload more gear for quit users to keep away from dealing with code when it comes to easy changes?

By the way, documentation will help you to reply to this query as well, so pay near attention while looking through documentation.

10. Template features

The PrestaShop platform provides the initial functionality, but a developer can add something to it. For example, a special section for product videos, additional price or delivery gateways, more modules for personalization, weblog, and so on.

You can always ask the theme developer or employer representative to give you the listing of more features that include the template. They should additionally be mentioned inside the documentation.

11. Design traits

This is an intricate one. Web design is pretty similar to style. It can exchange significantly from yr to 12 months. In the past we had rounded shapes and textured backgrounds, but nowadays we have sharp corners, easy and flat design.

So, previous to ordering a PrestaShop theme, check current web layout traits. Yes, they could differ from what you personally like, but that’s what the majority of human beings prefer to see nowadays. The exception is in case you are developing a web store for a selected audience whose flavour doesn’t in shape modern-day design traits.

But let’s take a look at what current design is. I gained it bother you with an extended and full description, so test the list underneath:

  • Clean colorations – not more than three colours, one predominant colour prevails; shades are light and smooth to observe
  • Flat design – square or square shapes, sharp edges, no blocks, internet site have to look flat
  • Images oriented design – complete-screen pix, heritage HTML films
  • Parallax -while you scroll, an detail and its heritage flow at extraordinary speeds
  • Lazy load – internet site elements seem on the page simplest whilst you scroll right down to them
  • typography – the term “flat” may be used right here as well; fonts have to be sharp, huge and readable
  • Minimalism – it is the important thing characteristic of ultra-modern net design

Finally, we’ve reached the cease. Lots of facts, but it’s vital to select a theme that matches some of these standards. To reduce an extended tale short, test the themes from ThemeVolty. They meet all the necessities listed beneath. Do you have a query or have you ever observed something we’ve missed? Write to us in the remarks beneath.


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