Ducted Air conditioning

If you’re planning to install a duct air conditioning system in your house. There are many things to take into consideration. The most crucial factors to consider when making your final choice include:

Your budget;

Your home layout;

The long-term cooling requirements of your home

Find the Right Cooling Capacity

The capacity of cooling for the duct air conditioning system determines the size of the system you’ll need to cool your house. They usually range between 10 and 27 kwh. They are constructed to distribute air across many rooms.

The main considerations that determine the cooling capacity of your device are:

The dimensions of the rooms you will be cooling

If any areas of your home are shade to reduce temperatures;

The highest temperatures your region is experiencing during the warmest months of the year.

If you are working with a professional in best-ducted air conditioning. You’ll be able to utilise the information about your house and the area you live in to determine the appropriate cooling capacity.

Make sure that you have an air conditioning capacity that is not enough can overload your cooling system and create many problems.

Ask About Noise Levels

Because your ducted air conditioner is in operation throughout the year (most duct air conditioning units can be use to heat as well as cool). It is crucial to select one that will keep the sound to an absolute low level. While discussing various options with a sales representative. Look for models for ducted air conditioning with a focus on reducing sound levels.

Look For Compliance With MEPS Guidelines

In Australia, there are some Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) that companies can apply to keep the costs of running ducted cooling systems at a lower price. When shopping to purchase your new ducted air conditioning unit ensure that you choose one that is MEPS-compliant and provides the highest level in terms of energy efficiency.

Insist On Professional Installation

As we mentioned earlier duct air conditioning systems can be fitted into a vast array of different home styles and designs. With this versatility comes the chance that a wrong installation can cause damage more than it does good.

To get maximum cooling effects and energy efficiency from your brand new air conditioning system ducted you must get it install by a skill professional.

When you are shopping for the perfect air conditioner. Make certain to know how it will be put in place and the experts who will do the installation.

It is important to have only experts who are certified and have the experience to install. your brand-new ducted air conditioning system to ensure you get the most from it.

Find Out Maintenance Requirements

Each duct air conditioning system is require to be maintain every year, at a minimum, by a qualified technician to keep it operating efficiently.

But the new ductless air conditioning system must include ways to conduct maintenance yourself and ensure that the system is running perfectly all through the year.

Before investing in an air conditioning system duct be sure to know what kind of maintenance is require to ensure it is functioning.

Try to buy a device that lets you alter the filters, without the need to call an expert every couple of months to maintain the filters.

A well-designed ducted air conditioning system will ensure your home is comfortable for a long time.

Before making your final purchasing choice, you must take a look at the steps to determine which air conditioning system ducts are ideal for your house.

How To Calculate The Size (Capacity) of A Ducted Air Conditioner For Your Home

You’re installing ducted air conditioning in your home, it’s absolutely crucial to get the size and air conditioner capacity right the first time.

After all, it’s extremely expensive (not to mention difficult and time-consuming!) to change a ducted air con system after it’s already installed.

To help you make the very best decision, our experts have whipped up this easy-to-follow ducted air conditioning size calculator, which will help you discover the best kilowatt (KW) capacity for your brand new ducted air con. Follow our steps on how to calculate air conditioner size for a house (personalised to suit your home’s dimensions) to stave off future buyer’s remorse.

When To Select A Large Capacity Ducted Air Conditioner?

You may want to consider selecting a large capacity ducted air con if:

The windows in your house are big and facing west
You have a big family, and occupants spend most of the time in living areas and bedrooms during the day
Your home isn’t insulated

When To Select A Smaller Capacity Ducted Air Conditioner?

You may want to consider selecting a smaller capacity ducted air con for your house if:

Your home is fully insulated
You spend most of the daytime outside
You have a small family
There is high-rated ductwork installed in your house
There is plenty of roof space ventilation

Factors To Consider When Sizing Ducted Air Conditioner
Here are some factors to consider when you size a ducted refrigerated air conditioning system:

How much shade does your property get? Are there trees around it?
If you already have ductwork, what is their existing condition?
What is the current insulation and ventilation state of your home?
The height of your ceiling
The number of occupants in your home
The type of material used in the construction of your home
Why Does Air Conditioning Size Matters?
The size of air conditioning matters A LOT because of one specific reason: Energy Efficiency. An air conditioner won’t function efficiently when installed in a too big or small space. For instance, you cannot expect a 3kW air conditioner to cool an entire home.

If you install an oversized air conditioner, you are setting yourself for many problems, such as:

Short cycling (the unit will turn on and off frequently)
An increase in energy bills
Increased humidity
Hot spots throughout the house due to inconsistent cooling
Wear and tear and shorter lifespan
If you install an undersized air conditioner, you can expect problems like:

The air conditioner will never stop running
Inconsistent temperatures throughout the house
The home will be never fully cooled
High energy bills
Excessive wear and tear will most likely lead to repairs or a breakdown
Choosing the wrong sized air conditioner might result in you bearing loss in the form of comfort, energy efficiency, and energy bills. Therefore, it is imperative to do some research and consult with professionals before purchasing a ducted air con.

Ducted Air Conditioner Installation Cost

Ducted air conditioning is no one-size-fits-all cooling solution. However, it is the most comprehensive climate control solution out there. Compared to a split system, the installation cost of a ducted air con is higher. Beyond the upfront cost of the unit, you’d have to take into account other expenses in the form of ductwork installation, drainage, electrical wiring, labour, or even the removal of an existing cooling system.

A fully supplied and installed 12.5kW ducted reverse cycle air conditioner would cost about $7000 – $9000 in Melbourne. Consult with an expert before buying ducted refrigerated air conditioning.

Understanding your needs:

Both systems should be professionally installed. It is also important to get the right size system for your needs, regardless of which type of system you use. BTU’s (British thermal units) indicate how much power an AC unit provides, so you will need to measure your space to determine how many BTU’s your space will require.


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