How to set up a media company in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the richest cities and emirates in the UAE. It is a cabin for entrepreneurs from all around the world. Dubai has an outstanding establishment that can nurture the media industry. Thus, launching a media company in Dubai is a promising idea. It proposes a productive ground for media businesses to interconnect and unify, which is favorable for freelancers and start-ups. Similarly, there are ‘Media Business Centers to encourage entrepreneurship in Dubai. Hence, the opportunities for media companies are large enough to gain popularity out there.

Before going any further, let us take a look at the meaning and purpose of ‘media company’.

Illustrating  ‘Media Company’

A ‘media company’ is a top-level firm that owns several other operating groups which produce and distribute different forms of content to help their clients. This might be in the form of an article, photo, audio, or even video. Based on each client’s norms, it will assemble all the required content. In short, the purpose of a media company is to connect with a client and create content with the given idea along with fulfilling their requirements.

Next, let’s examine the role of Dubai Media City (DMC) in this field.

How did DMC aid the Media Company?

Dubai Media City was established by the government of Dubai to improve UAE’s media stability. Also, there are more than 1300 companies established in DMC. It is a global and provincial center for all the outstanding media unions including Forbes, CNN, Sony. DMC delivers a supporting forum for media-related firms to illustrate their creations and services. In other words, DMC is ideal for its outstanding and unified environment, free zone quality, and incredible class infrastructure.

One thing to note is that every permit under the DMC free zone has only one year of validity. So, it has to be renewed yearly. Delaying of renewing industrial permits might lead to a penalty.

Next, let’s look at the benefits that came with starting a media company in Dubai.

Media Company

Why should one choose Dubai?

As Dubai is recognized for its strong network and business-friendly atmosphere, there are plenty of benefits in choosing Dubai for starting a media company.

Here’s a list of additional benefits that came with starting a media company in Dubai.

1)  First of all, there isn’t a need to pay personal taxes.

2) There isn’t a need to pay corporate taxes.

3) Then it enables us to gain profits and capital.

4) Bank account facility is provided.

5) Another thing is that we can apply for multiple visas.

6) Better networking choices.

7) Total foreign ownership

8) No foreign exchange controls.

Likewise, there are different sectors under DMC recognized by the government of Dubai.

It includes Advertising & Communication, Business Information, Event Management, Event Support Services, Freelancing Media and Marketing Services, Media Support Services, Media Consultancy, New Media, Non-Profit Association.

Also, let us take a look at the procedure of company registration in Dubai.

How to start a ‘Media Company’ in DMC?

Company registration in Dubai is an easy and quick procedure, especially because it is in UAE’s free zones. The administration accountable for the registration of media companies and licensing is Dubai Creative Cluster Authority (DCCA). The expected cost to start a media company in the DMC is AED 50,000.

Types of Licenses available in Dubai Media City are;

  • Business Licensing Services
  • Event & Leisure
  • Business and Information Services
  • Consultancy and Retail
  • New Media & Media Support Service
  • Media & Marketing Services

The various steps of procedures for starting a ‘media company’ in DMC are listed below;

1)   Select your business division

Cite the business activity that you need to start evidently before opening a company in Dubai.

2)  Choose a name for your company

As UAE has specific rules for naming any commodity, it is important to assure your company’s name is fulfilling the norms, before applying for registration.

3)  Complete all incorporation paperwork

You have to fill an application with your company’s name and its activity, along with copies of your shareholder’s, manager’s, and director’s passport. Then, you are also required to submit additional documents indicating your business plan, application for a license, and Non-Objection Certificate (NOC). You may also be required to submit the proof of share capital, MOA, and AOA in case you are a corporate person. Also, submit the requested payments.

4)  Then receive your license

Next, the government will issue you with your company license right after your application is processed.

5)   Open a bank account

After they accept your paperwork, you become eligible to open an account in a corporate bank of Dubai.

6)   Process your visa

While applying for your visa, several free zones enable you to deliver applications for your staff and dependants.

Finally, by completing the above formalities, you are set for starting your media company in Dubai.

Final Words

To sum up, with starting a media company in Dubai, you can earn a lot of profit and success as this place is precise for partnership and expansion. Unlike any other country, Dubai grants you complete foreign ownership, repatriation of profits, high-quality infrastructure, and you don’t have to pay any personal tax, corporate tax, or even import duty charge.

So, for registering your media company in Dubai, the whole process will only take a matter of a few days. However, there are times when it gets reject or delay because of mistakes in your application. So it is important to double-check the application before submission. Also, you can approach a company set up advisor for guidance. So, you can relax and go with the flow, while they assist you with the formalities.





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