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What is MBA in general management?

MBA in General Management is one of the popular programs In post-graduation a student will cover all the basic factors and modules of management. In an M.B.A program, a student enhances the basic and core elements of business including accounting, management, finance, marketing, and others, You also add to your critical thinking, Analytical thinking skills by adding an M.B.A program to your Education.

Specializations in MBA in General Management

In General Management MBA you will cover all the important modules of Management. MBA In General management is a mixture of many major Specializations. Here we have General Management comprising of the below given Skill Sets such As Marketing, Business Finance, Technical Skills, Management, Accounting, Business Policies, Global Business Dimensions, HR Management, Organization Behaviour, International Business, Sustainability, Integrity, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and many more.

  Online MBA As a result, the topics and learning from a General Management Program are vast.

MBA General Management Online Program

MBA General Management is a two-year professional Online degree program offered by the University of Mysore, The course features a Practical and Holistic approach to the overall grooming of cognitive skills of the aspirants. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, the curriculum lays an impetus for developing analytical skills, communication skills, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. The course has a wide scope for career growth and job opportunities for Senior level professionals, Mid Senior level professionals along with Business owners. The program focuses on the overall development of managerial skills by introducing the problem-solving approach to Human-centric problems with the help of Management .MBA in general management

At the University of Mysore, you get the benefit of learning an online MBA in general management. You will get the best E-books and Recorded lectures from the professor of the University and other materials to support your studies.

The University of Mysore Facilitates anywhere Education (which means you can study at your ease from anywhere). You can also Continue with your ongoing profession and studies hand in hand. The program is designed for the comfort of the students.

In the current scenario the world is digitizing, So we have made an effort to digitize education so that education is for all, Every person it working, student, housewife, and others can upgrade their skills in the comfort of their daily routines. We at the university of Mysore have designed an online MBA in general management program so that we can focus on the overall development of the management skills of the student by delivering carrier enhancement along with a Valid Degree.

What are the benefits of a general management MBA

The benefits of general management MBA is that a particular person will get deep knowledge about corporate finance, entrepreneurship and this is the best choice for those who want to solve higher-level management issue and supervise the employee In current Ara, the competition keeps getting tough and if you want to stand out from the crowd you need to acquire or learn some particular skill set and post graduation and M.B.A program is the perfect opportunity for you can grab and learn some skills for your secure future and high margin salary then the average employee. Also, an interested candidate can go for international marketing and other relevant minors may develop a case study or dissertation

What is the Difference between MBA single specialization and MBA general management?

In a general management MBA, you will get the opportunity to learn about the various sectors of management and administration under one roof and get to choose a different field job in the future. In General Management an individual will grasp significant knowledge about the business during the period of the program candidate will learn about the various field of business management like HR, finance, and employee management and how to execute the plan and his theory in the real world targets and challenges under the umbrella of the Mysore university’s management and faculty. If you choose a specialized MBA and you are focused on particular management and administration field and want to conquer that department in the future so a specialized targeted course will give you a boost and in-depth knowledge regarding that specialized MBA.

Scope after the general management

You can use your MBA to enhance your reputation and either grab a promotion in your current job or move on to a new career path. Possible areas of work with MBA General Management are: Management of small and medium enterprises Managers in multi-national companies Adviser/consultant Financial sector Hr recruiter Entrepreneurship

Salary expectation after General Management

Usually, the average salary of an M.B.A graduate is not so average it can start from 8 lakh to 10 lakh per anum and it depends on the experience and the particular sector you study and choose to go to. The experience holder can get 15-18 lakh per year and a well-reputed job role in the company In that case, general management plays a big role and helps you in that because as you have already knowledge of almost every sector of management and administration so you can switch your job if you are getting better payroll in different sectors of management easily. A post-graduation in M.B.A will surely give you a head start in terms of salary and a better role in any company and if you have done General Management you can go for many different sectors of business.

Syllabus and semester of MBA in general management.

The duration of the post-graduation in MBA is 2 years. MBA in general management has 4 semesters and each semester takes 6 months to get completed.

Semester I Semester II
Organizational Behaviour
Quantitative Methods
Managerial Economics
Financial Accounting
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Business Communication
Information Technology Management
Organization Effectiveness & Change
Management Science
Economic Environment of Business
Financial Management
Management Accounting
Production & Operations Management
Marketing Research
Management of Information System
Semester III Semester IV
Business Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
Strategic Analysis
Legal Environment of Business
Project Study
Strategic Management
International Business Environment

After this students will learn all the major things in the mba because general management covers all the MBA programs under the one roof of a single program.

Job position after general management in MBA

The most important and crucial part of an MBA is what kind of job you will get after completing your post-graduation will it be the same job or it will be a manager-level job? So let me tell you guys that if you have experience in the same field you will surely get a manager-level job in any organization after completing your post-graduation without a doubt. There are jobs mentioned below that you can go for after the General Management.

Jobs after an MBA in general management

  • Marketing Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Executive Manager
  • Administration Manager
  • Executive positions.
These are some few jobs you can go for in any company in any sector as you have knowledge of all the branches in the business administration


Being a well-liked specialization with wide career scope and opportunities. General management is an intimate part of a business and it’s modified over an amount of time. currently, students with an online MBA in General management got to be a lot of inventive and distinctive with their ideas. throughout their learning process, students build new ability sets and improve their confidence which is able to facilitate them within the industry. The information that students have received will forever guide and help them in securing an excellent future.


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