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The Prime Minister of Pakistan made the policy decision to maintain the discount on fuel prices for households with up to 300 power units within the context of government (FCA). The prime minister forecast that by the end of August, around 75% of energy-using households will see price reductions. Those whose annual electricity use is less than or equal to 200 power units are exempt from the levy. A lot of individuals were unhappy since utility rates kept going up steadily. When the administration became aware of the issue, they decided quickly to take this specific step. The Prime Minister broke the news to the party’s Central City legislators during the course of his speech.

During his speech, Prime Minister Shehbaz said that the government led by former Prime Minister Imran Khan had not done a good job. He said that the previous government’s policies put the country on the road to ruin, but that the current government’s “tough decisions” have kept the country from going bankrupt by getting a bailout package from the International Monetary Fund. He said that the previous government’s policies put the country on the road to ruin (IMF).

IMF Forces Pakistan

He said that Imran’s childhood was one of a kind in the history of Pakistan. He said that Imran helped the government by selling watches. And no one paid attention to what Imran did. He said that Toshakhana made the watches for Imran.

Shehbaz said that once the recording of former Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin got out, there was no doubt that Imran “conspired” against the country by writing to the IMF to “wreck” Pakistan’s deal with the global lender. Shehbaz said this after the audio of Shaukat Tarin got out. When the audio recording came out, Shehbaz said this. Shehbaz said that the old government was to blame. He said that problems arose after the coalition government took office.

“Oil prices are at an all-time high, floods have destroyed the country, and the PTI government, which was in power before, made things worse by lowering the prices of petroleum products,” he said. “All of these things have contributed to the situation we’re in now.” “By lowering the prices of several gasoline products, the PTI government dug us another hole,”.

The Lahore High Court (LHC) has stopped the Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) from collecting the FCA informally. During this time, people could hardly wait for a written order from the Lahore High Court (LHC). From this point of view, the people of northern Punjab.

Petitioner Advocate Rizwan Elahi told The Express Tribune that the LHC Rawalpindi bench’s written order would most likely be issued on Friday. The person who filed the petition thought that the decision would help all people who use electricity, not just those who use up to 300 units. Since the government decided to raise electricity prices in August, people all over Pakistan have been protesting for a few days. This decision will affect businesses and people who use the grid.

Due to “inflation eroding the middle class,” the Prime Minister believes a 200-unit drop in electricity costs will not be enough. He stated Shehbaz Sharif owed each driver 20,000 rupees. He said it was a marvel that the administration maintained its dignity given the freedom to demonstrate. Shehbaz Sharif said the government was lucky to retain its face because the protesters were justified.

The government will convene a pre-bid meeting for 10,000MW of solar power next week, said Prime Minister Shehbaz. This decision coincided with plans to import fewer fossil fuels and employ more solar energy.

Shehbaz Sharif instructed electricity distributors to alter energy bills for up to 200 units within 24 hours (FAC).

Before announcing the edict, the administration raised gas prices (FAC). The Prime Minister formed an inquiry team due to consumer concerns. He’s leading a high-level meeting to explore these issues. The distribution business worked quickly to implement his directions and modify consumer energy bills. Wanted to know if his instruction to cancel all vacation days was followed. The PM requested that banks keep normal hours for the next three days so consumers can pay their adjusted electric bills. To help clients meet their financial obligations. The city’s religious leader wanted to help the underprivileged. Similar concepts arose organically. Fuel price reductions will cut 16.6 million homes’ monthly energy costs.

The Minister ordered the relevant agencies to implement the government’s rest programs, and they did so. Marriyum Aurangzaib told households on Twitter to limit electricity use by 100 to 200 units the next day. The Minister reassured citizens that DISCO will examine and correct billing irregularities. PM reports that the business canceled all trips to address billing issues.

She indicated Saturday and Sunday deposit boxes are open. The Prime Minister has urged that banks remain open during normal business hours so people can pay electric bills.

Your monetary commitments are doable in their whole. During the course of the meeting, we discussed this topic. Due to huge decline in the price of fuel, 16.6 million households have been able to reduce the amount of money they spend each month on their energy bills. The Prime Minister has directed the competent authorities to execute the government’s assistance efforts.

During his official visit to Qatar, which lasted for two days, the Prime Minister stated, while accompanied by the members of his team, that when they came into office, they had two goals that they wanted to accomplish. He made this statement while the Prime Minister was accompanied by the members of his team. According to him, the former government was to blame for the backlog that the present coalition government has inherited and is working to clear up. The previous administration was to blame for a string of disastrous performances as well as the decline of the economy. The country was on the verge of defaulting on its debts as a direct result of their pathetic policies. On the other hand, that threat has been removed as a result of the persistent efforts of the coalition government.

The Prime Minister blames the previous administration for rising commodity costs, but the current administration works day and night. Even if they hadn’t accomplished much in a few months, they “sent back the jinni of price hikes.” This is despite the fact that they had not accomplished much in the space of practically few months. This is in spite of the fact that in the period of practically few months they had not made a significant amount of progress.


Within the next twenty-four hours, Marriyum Aurangzaib tweeted directions to reduce the monthly energy bills by two hundred units. These remarks provide evidence that the instruction was absorbed and comprehended. Within just one day, minister lowered the monthly power expenses of individuals who had successfully finished the program. According to the directive, all slicing must take place within the force field zones. The chairman  stated that his staff will make effort to fix the electrics commodities and pricing lists as assigned. She brought up the point that clients might leave their invoices at banks even on the weekends.

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