Gen Desktop Payroll for HR & Employee's Work

For any company talent management is the most crucial issue. And we lend a helping hand in this domain by providing Gen Desktop Payroll Software so that you can prioritize other equally important, critical, and crucial issues. We design and develop both Desktop & Online Payroll applications for organizations and companies.

Gen Desktop Payroll for HR & Employee's Work

Gen Desktop/Offline Payroll Software is one of those top payroll software that is employee-centric after considering the needs of the employer. It is fully dedicated to payroll compliance. Our payroll software simplifies complex workflows and focuses on a user-friendly experience.

Gen Desktop Payroll Software for Hassle-Free Payroll Processing

It automates all core HR operations in a collaborative manner thereby allowing you to focus on higher and more important HR activities. It is specifically designed and built with an Indian employee perspective in mind and it is best suited for Indian companies. Our software provides ease of use and is efficient. And Our software offers leave and attendance data into the payroll system, to salary disbursement and payslip generation.

We design the application after considering the latest statutory changes and thus save your time to focus on other equally important, critical, and crucial issues.

Unique Selling Proposition of Gen Desktop Payroll Software

In case, you as our potential client want to know the details about our payroll software, you can have an in-depth review and understanding of our Gen Payroll Desktop Software for HR & Employees Management. All the features of our payroll software are in line with today’s requirements and compliances related to the global employee management framework.

Matrix of Formulas for Salary Calculation

Under this feature, one can create his/her own formula as per the requirement and specification. This inbuilt flexible salary structure system of the payroll application allows for implementing any type of salary structure. Auto calculation of TDS, in-built TDS Utility, and many more features that you can explore.

User-defined Pay Slips with Gen Payroll

It includes company logo, leaves details, loan and advances balance, salary period, authorized signatory name, header, footer, notes, tax deducted source (TDS), summary, employee signature, Actual Scale with Earned Figure, Fields having Null Value, Reimbursement Slip, Salary Computation and many more essential features.

Inclusive in-built TDS Utility

It includes Auto Calculation of Tax on Salary considering the Income Tax Act and  Preparation of Form 16, Form 16AA, Form 12BA, Return Form ITR-1, Form 16, Form 16AA, Form 12BA Continuous Printing., Preparation of Draft Computation Sheet, Preparation & E-filing of Form 24Q and much more.

Matrix of  MIS Reports

It includes the feature of the formulation of Cheque, Cash,  Formulation of Bank statements, Transfer Register, Attendance Register, Formulation of Payroll Register, Salary Computation sheets, Overtime Register, Status Report, and many more features.

E-Mail Facility of  Auto-Generated Pay

The mentioned email id of all the employees saved under the Master-Details shall automatically enable to get the payslip along with a user-defined message in Excel/Word/PDF/HTML Versions.

Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)

We have not left even a single HR feature and feature of ESIC  includes Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Forms

Flexible and Domain

It includes within its purview details such as employee’s salary data, employee daily attendance, salary data, arrear, reimbursement, investment declaration, overtime, perquisites, bank details of export/import, and much more.

Export Facility of Payslip in Excel

It includes overtime calculation, import/export facility of overtime data, options available to calculate overtime rate automatically/manually.

Reimbursement Facility

The domain of reimbursement includes the Carry Forward facility of Monthly Balance, Monthly Restriction Facility, Import facility of Opening Balance from the previous year, and much more.

Document Manager

In this feature, you can connect several documents, for instance, Photos, transfer letters, leave applications, and so on. Further,  It also provides an adoption to modify, edit and save the files in the software. And it supports all versions such as Word, PDF, Excel, JPJ, and so forth.

Arrear Collection

It is as per user-defined arrear set-up, import or export facility of arrears and the arrear calculation shall be done on amount basis or day basis and so on.

Project- wise Salary Distribution

An individual can define several projects handled by the employees and distribute their salary as per the project

Maintain Various Loan Accounts via Gen Payroll

This section automatically deducts monthly EMI from an employee’s salary account, Employee wise Advance Account. By availing this feature, an individual mentions in an advance monthly deduction from the salary

Auto Bonus Calculation

As per the requirements of the user, this feature allows to calculate Bonus automatically

Leave Management with Dynamic Leave Rules

It entails the features of  Group-wise Holiday assignment, Earns Leave facility, Leaves, Encashment Facility, and much more.

State-Wise Professional Regime Forms

It includes Monthly Forms; Monthly ESI, ESI Challan, Half-Yearly Forms; Form-5, Form-6, Form-7, and Online Form-1 (Declaration Form) Submission.

Report Guide Setup

It includes letters such as appointments, appraisals, and notices in addition to salary-related reports and so on.

Several Report Format

The report is available in different versions such as Word, Excel, HTML, and PDF.

Auto Bonus Calculation

As per the user requirements, this section allows calculating Bonuses automatically. Apart from the above-mentioned features, there are other inbuilt features and features made available on demand of the client.

So in essence, Gen Desktop Payroll Software for HR Work is unique in its kind and flexible as per the requirements of the client.


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