The Best Bike Insurance Plans in India
The Best Bike Insurance Plans in India

In India, there are lanes and roadways of all widths and lengths, and activity is constant. The Bike insurance plans seemed to know every bend and turn on the congested highways. Bike Insurance online is without a doubt one of the primary means of transportation, and there is consistently a need for them.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of people in our nation who do not view two-wheeler insurance as a need. In general, as the demand for two-wheelers rises, so does the demand for two-wheeler insurance. The procedure to buy bike insurance is hampered by a lack of knowledge.

We will talk about the many bike insurance online providers in our article today, which will inform you of the choices you have when purchasing insurance for your two-wheeler.

Insurance firms for two-wheelers

Every vehicle, whether a car or a two-wheeler, must have a current third-party bike insurance plan under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988. However, if you choose to purchase comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, both your own and third-party property damage will be covered.

Since two-wheeler insurance is required, the majority of general insurance companies offer two-wheeler insurance products to their clients.


Most Reliable Bike Insurance Plans Providers in India

There are two varieties of insurance firms.

Government-sponsored two-wheeler insurance firms:

  • National Insurance Company Limited, as an illustration,
  • Company of New India Assurance
  • Company of Oriental Insurance

Private providers of two-wheeler insurance:

  • Take HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company as an illustration.
  • Company TATA AIG General Insurance
  • The company is ICICI Lombard General Insurance.

You have the option of selecting a government-run or privately-owned insurance firm. Private businesses are significantly more prevalent and provide their clients with a variety of cutting-edge advantages. Government insurers are seen as the most reliable because of the mindset in India. Based on the features you want in a two-wheeler insurance policy, you must select the two-wheeler insurance.

  Name of the Company        Features the provides


    Ratio of Incurred Claims
    New India Insurance 
  • Quick settlements and purchases
  • No-paper renewals
  • Towing facility for third-party 
  • coverage for fire and theft as well as own damage.
  • Discounts for No Claims
  • Add-Ons are offered



  Reliance Insurance
  • A simple video claim
  • Individualized Add-Ons
  • Plans for the future are offered
  • Discounts are offered.
  • Greater than 1200 network garages
   Bajaj Allianz Insurance
  • Plans for the future are offered
  • coverage for both natural and man-made disasters
  • Quick and simple claim resolution
  • NCB coverage is offered
  • outstanding client service
    ICICI Lombard Insurance
  • Settlements, Renewal, and Quick Purchases
  • Coverage for Personal Accidents
  • Included are the Accessories
  • 24-hour support
  • good client service
     Oriental Insurance

        HDFC Ergo Insurance 

  • Reductions in premium
  • Personalized security measures
  • Reliable online gateway
  • High ability to pay claims
  • Handling minor claims quickly
  • Policies that are simple to obtain and need little paperwork
  • Various Add-Ons


      IFFCO Tokyo Insurance 
  • 4300 pay-as-you-go garages
  • Ten years of professional experience
  • 4-hour claim resolution


        Bharti AXA Insurance
  • Simple and quick insurance purchase
  • 24/7 Claim Support
  • Short-term goals
  • Discounts are offered.
  • 2,500 or more cashless garages
        TATA AIG Insurance
  • Customer-focused strategies
  • 24-hour support
  • Good client service
  • Slabs of already-declared depreciation
  • Options for various add-ons


Can you switch your bike insurance provider online?

Yes, you can easily change insurers when your policy is up for renewal. However, if you are still in the policy’s term, you would first need to terminate the current policy before purchasing a new one.

How to Pick a Two-Wheeler Insurance Provider:

It can be difficult to choose the best two-wheeler insurance policy for you with so many companies providing it. The following are a few things to consider while buying bike insurance:

  • List your Insurance Needs:

You must first choose the type of insurance coverage for your two-wheeler that you want. When purchasing a new or expensive two-wheeler, it is advised that you get comprehensive two-wheeler insurance. Coverage carefully because a third-party plan won’t cover the damage done to your scooter or bike.

  • Comparison Helps:

You must conduct some study into the many possibilities that are offered in the market because different plans offer distinct characteristics. The most effective approach to compare plans is online. To compare the premiums offered by different companies, you may also use the Online bike Insurance Premium Calculator.

  • Expense Amount:

The price of insurance is one of the most crucial considerations. Select a plan that is within your means, but avoid selecting one merely because it is less expensive. If you make a small investment now but are involved in an accident tomorrow, you might regret it. You’ll have to make a significant financial sacrifice and pay for your two-wheeler repairs. Select insurance that is reasonably priced and provides extensive coverage.

  • Be on the lookout for deals:

When purchasing a long-term plan or particular plans from one of the many two-wheeler insurance providers, make sure to search for a discounted rate.

  • The choice of add-ons:

Try to choose a business that offers a range of two-wheeler insurance add-ons cover that you would be able to incorporate into your plan. Add-ons and riders can significantly enhance the coverage of your base two-wheeler policy.

  • Learn about the Claims Process:

The primary objective of purchasing insurance is to make a claim, so do your best to learn as much as you can about the claim process it employs. Nowadays, the majority of businesses guarantee a simple and speedy claim resolution; you may get a good indication of this through online reviews.

  • Internet Garages:

In a network garage, the business pays the repair bills on its own, so you only have to pay a small fee. It relieves stress and makes maintaining your bike simple and trouble-free. Find a business that provides lots of network garages.


  • The ratio of Claim Settlement:

You can estimate the number of claims that have been settled by looking at a company’s claim settlement ratio.

  • The insurance company’s standing:

It would be simpler for you to choose the proper firm and subsequently the appropriate insurance coverage for your two-wheeler if you have a broad concept of the company’s reputation, customer care, policies, etc. Selecting a reputable, established business will help greatly.

What are the benefits of Bike Insurance Plans in India?

Bike insurance is a very important thing to have. It covers your bike against any damages, theft, or loss caused by an insured person. A bike insurance plans can help you save money on your next bike purchase. You can also get a discount on the price of a new bike if you have an existing policy with us.

Here are some of the benefits of getting bike insurance:

  • You get to enjoy peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to your bike, you will be compensated for it.
  • You also get to take advantage of certain discounts and offers from our company because we know how much you love riding bikes!

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not bike insurance is right for you, it’s time to climb off. There are many good reasons to have a bike insurance plans (such as the peace of mind it provides), and even if you think your bike isn’t worth much, that’s a non-issue. All too often, people make that assumption and find out too late how much their vehicle is worth.

So take the plunge, protect your bike, visit Square insurance company website pick the best insurance that fulfills your requirements, and enjoy the freedom that comes with the proper coverage for your beloved motorcycle.



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