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A long-distance move is not an easy thing to carry out. An individual has to consider a lot of things before long distance moving. Whether you’re moving to another state or just shipping your belongings to another state, you will have to do/consider the following: 

  • Get enough packing and moving supplies for the move
    • It is absolutely necessary to stock enough boxes and wraps before the move. Get enough tapes and other supplies so that you won’t have to run to the store to get those things at the very last moment.  
  • Disassemble your furniture
    • If you have furniture that can be disassembled, do it. It will make it easier to load and won’t be as heavy to carry. It will also make it easier to put in the truck.
  • Plan ahead
    • Always plan a long-distance move at least a month ago. Contact your moving company for dates and get your preferred date for moving. Prepare a proper plan so that the move goes smoothly.
  • Pack only the essentials
    • Always pack only the most essential things. Do not pack unnecessary items and make the load heavy. Also, if your new place is furnished, don’t bother moving your furniture.
  • Get Moving help
    • More hands are always better when moving. It’s even better if they are moving experts. Try to hire a moving company to do the job for you. They are experts and can do the job easily for you. They will do the heavy carrying, loading, and moving for you.
  • Opt for insurance.
    • If you have expensive and valuable things on board, always opt for the insurance option. This will help you to cover damage in case of any accidents during the moving process.

 Tips To Load Your Truck

Start with the heaviest item from the bottom

Load the heaviest item on the bottom to create a strong base. And then you can place the lighter objects on the top. This makes it easier to create a balance. Also, during the unloading, there is no risk of heavy items falling from the top.  

Fill to the top

While loading the truck, try to use all available space. Use paper, cushions, and blankets to fill the extra space. This will create a compact space and avoids shifting things during jerks on the road. Open space inside the truck will cause the things to roll down on an uphill road and roll up on a downhill road. This may lead to breaking things.

Tie-down your things with a rope.

After you’re done with loading, tie-down the things using a rope. This will help in keeping things secure and safe. Use cardboard to create a wall to avoid things from falling.

Use a lock

Always use a sturdy lock in your truck to avoid theft. There may be cases of theft if the truck is left unattended. Especially during long distance moving, the trucks have to make various stops to eat, take a rest, and do other transits. These are the times when the lock would come in handy.   

Questions to ask your Long Distance Moving Company

  • Is the Moving company licensed through the FMCSA?
    • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is a government agency that regulates commercial vehicle operations. A long-distance moving company has to be licensed under the FMCSA. They ensure safety for both the parties involved.
  • Does the company match your requirements?
    • Not all moving companies provide all kinds of services. Some provide only local moving while some provide all services. So, ask your moving company whether they offer the service that you need. Ask them whether they provide loading, packing, storage, auto shipping, etc. Make sure they meet your needs and then only proceed with the hiring process.
  •   Ask if they charge any hidden fees?
    • Many moving companies notoriously charge extra hidden fees to their customers. They disclose some information at the beginning and only mention them during payment. There are various legal terms in the contract that we don’t bother to read and they take this opportunity to scam us. So make sure to ask if there are any other hidden fees in the contract that you don’t know about. The best way to find out if they charge extra is by reaching customer reviews. Although customer reviews can be manipulated, some are honest and you can get the idea.
  •   Does this company offer any discounts?
    • Always ask a moving company if they have any offers or discounts. Some moving companies offer discounts to the elderly and students. Also, during the off-season, you might be able to land yourself some discount as the demands are not that high during the off-season. Some moving companies also offer discounts to military personnel, senior members, or in general to bring in new customers.

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