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Do you know that there are 10,775 fintech mobile app startups in America? Or Consumer fintech adoption rate for money transfers and payments worldwide is 75%? 

The pandemic shocked the whole world, and businesses went down. In 2021, the companies and industries again bloomed in which fintech industry is one of them. There is a massive craze for online payment, which makes the Fintech industry growth-oriented. One of the most significant trends is banking app development

The whole fintech industry is leveraging the technology to cater to the demand of their customers. If you are also looking to develop a fintech mobile app for your business then it would be the best way for revenue generation. 

For creating the best experience, referring to the best fintech mobile apps would be the best. The benefit is that you will get an idea about the latest features and functionalities included in the latest apps. 

This blog is all about the top-10 fintech mobile apps in 2022. These apps are some of the best fintech mobile apps available. Let’s start with the list of top fintech apps. 

What Do You Mean By Fintech Mobile Apps? 

The word fintech is made up of finance and technology. So, the clearer idea is the inclusion of technology for finance-based services that may be banking, insurance, financial information, and other finance-related tasks where customers are associated. The fintech mobile app is an application that runs on the devices such as Android and iPhone. 

Due to the shifting requirements of the finance sector and its customers, fintech solutions are much needed in the form of mobile apps or platforms. The banking sector is a fast progressing sector facing lots of development in the form of technology and operational efficiency. That is the reason that mobile banking app development is on the verge.

 Types of Fintech Mobile Apps

Before we proceed to the list of top-10 fintech mobile apps, it would be best to know the types of fintech mobile apps. It will help you make the right decision about your next fintech app. The fintech apps are divided into five categories. Let’sLet’s check what these are.

● Digital Banking: These apps are also referred to as internet banking apps that we use for banking activities via our mobile phones. Activities include checking balance, fund transfer, and credit card payments.  

● Investment: Investment apps are for individuals who have or want to invest the money and firms who need capital to run their business. These apps help the users to check the details about their investment and others, such as profit earned on shares, etc. 

● Personal finance: Most people are using mobile apps to manage their personal finance. The activities they perform with the help of personal finance are investing, saving, budgeting, insurance, tax-paying, bill payment, and more. 

● Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is a new currency mode that is used as virtual money and used while transacting digital assets. Bitcoin is a top-ranked virtual currency and is used via a blockchain wallet. It is one of the most hot-shot trends in the fintech industry. 

●RegTech: The coined term RegTech refers to the management of the finance industry’s regulatory process via technology. It includes regulatory monitoring, reporting, and compliance. In simpler terms, it is a community of tech companies that help businesses apply regulations seamlessly. 

Now, let’s move to the upcoming section of this blog that depicts the list of top-10 fintech mobile apps. 

List of Best -10 Fintech Mobile Apps 

Here are some top fintech apps for your reference.

#1. Braintree

One of the top-notch payment-related apps used by users from more than 45 countries and supports 130 currencies. The Braintree is a suitable option for businesses to receive the payment in their account. It accepts payment from all types of credit cards. From the safety features point of view, it offers a robust security mechanism, fraud prevention, user privacy, and more.  

#2. MoneyLion

It is counted as one of the best apps in the USA. This app allows its users to manage personal finance. Its advantages are easy to access and offer the perfect option for borrowing, investing, saving money, etc. Its features are instant transfer, zero-fee checking, 12% cash back rewards, real-time notifications, and many more. 

#3. Coinbase 

Cryptocurrency wallets are trending, and you will never want to miss them. Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency wallet app and can be counted as one of the best examples of Cryptocurrency app development. It supports multiple types of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, and around 50 others. The best thing about Coinbase is that you can convert cryptocurrencies to others.   

#4. Robinhood

Have you heard about an online stock brokerage firm? If not, then you will be surprised that the Robinhood app is a fantastic example. You can use this app for investing in cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs with a 0% commission. The users can invest in public companies and exchange-traded funds listed on New York Stock Exchange(aka. US Stock Exchange). Additionally, the digital account opening is accessible.  

#5. Revoult

It works like Neobank, which offers multiple financial products to businesses and customers. It is available for Android and iOS. Its revenue sources are subscription fees, interchange fees, trading, insurance, interest on cash, and many more. The users can also use it for money transfers. It can be a fine example if you are considering banking app development

#6. Chime

The chime app is counted as one of the fastest-growing fintech apps in the USA. It facilitates the users to manage their spending and savings. Its features are automatic saving alternatives, direct deposit to the chime account, no hidden fee except ATM fee, money transfer, deposit instant check, and others. 

#7. Acorns

Suppose you want to make an app that guides users about how they can earn more return on invested money, then Acorn is the best option. The best part about this app is that customers can deposit and withdraw money whenever required. It makes the users learn about intelligent investment. 

#8. N26- Fintech Mobile Apps  

The origin of N26 is Germany, one of the best fintech apps available in the market. It provides multiple money management tools with an excellent user experience. With the help of these tools, users can manage their finance easily. Its revenue sources are subscriptions, interchange fees, overdrafts, insurance, loans, and more.  

#9. Credit Karma

It is one of the most favored apps in the USA, UK, and Canada, with 100 million members. It is available on mobile and web platforms. Credit Karma offers multiple tools for credit monitoring, identity monitoring, loan shopping, saving options, and more beyond the expectations to manage finances.  

#10. SoFi

The term SoFi is shortfrom for Social Finance, which is the app’s real name. It is one of the newest apps in the fintech market. It is a perfect option for the young generation where they can opt for student loans, including managing their finances. Its features include individual saving accounts, five different investment portfolios, personal money tracking, and others. 

The Conclusion

If you are thinking about launching a fintech app, the above apps are best for reference. To create the best user experience, you can take help from experienced banking app developers. Moreover, including features and functionalities, it would be best to enquire about fintech app development cost or banking app development cost. The cost estimation will help you make the right decision at the right time.  


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