Healthy foods play a vital role in the well-being and healthy function of various parts of the body. Male hormone ensures the healthy development of the male reproductive system. Testosterone also gives males characteristics, like body hair, deep voice, bone growth, and bone mass.

Testosterone not only ensures smooth erection and performance but also keeps brain health intact and prevents osteoporosis.   Males with low testosterone levels often feel exhausted. They also have low libido, which increases the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Often males on Sildenafil Citrate 150 mg prescribed by doctors for erection boost, have low testosterone and libido. There are several ways to increase testosterone levels by taking supplements and diet. But the diet option is the best and safest.

Diet to increases testosterone levels

Egg yolk has vitamin D, which stimulates the testes to produce testosterone. Egg yolk also ensures that its hormone flows smoothly throughout the body.


Higher content of vitamin D, protein, and omega 3 fatty acids boost your testosterone levels. You also boost blood circulation as omega 3 fatty acid removes obstructions from the free flow of blood in the blood vessels. It clears waxy substances blocking the blood flow.


The higher content of zinc in oysters makes it one of the best foods for boosting testosterone levels. And Oyster is a natural remedy for males with erection weakness. A healthy diet with oysters helps a male to overcome erection weakness.


The chemical compound apigenin in parsley triggers the production of testosterone in testicles. Also the same chemical controls blood pressure and facilitates the smooth flow of testosterone throughout the body.


Raisin boosts testosterone production and lowers estrogen levels in males. Boron and antioxidant resveratrol trigger the production of testosterone. Sometimes an increase in estrogen hormone in males declines the libido and causes erection issues. It is important to prevent the rise of estrogen in males.

Milk low-fat one

Vitamin D in milk which is low fat keeps testosterone levels intact. The protein and calcium not only protect and prolongs bone health but also ensure adequate support to testosterone levels.


Beans, legumes, and lentils are good sources of protein, zinc, and plant-based fiber. Fiber controls blood sugar levels and protects gut health. The zinc in beans boosts testosterone levels.

Green vegetables

Magnesium in spinach, kale, Swiss chard increase testosterone levels. Studies confirmed that even in sedentary lifestyle people, there was an increase in testosterone levels after consumption of such vegetables. Those with an active lifestyle showed higher testosterone levels after a healthy diet including green leafy vegetables.

Spinach, broccoli, kale, and cabbage include nitrate, which gets changed into nitric oxide in the body. It widens the blood vessels. Also, The wide and relaxed blood vessels support a greater flow of blood to overcome erection weakness.


Garlic lowers cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone. The constant higher cortisol levels control the healing and growth of the body. Experts say that lowering stress hormones and having a balanced diet leads to an increase in testosterone levels. Garlic is also one of the natural remedies suggested to males with erection weakness.

Testosterone lowering diet

A high inflammatory diet contributes to lowering testosterone levels. Studies and medical observations show that diet that causes inflammation also pulls down testosterone levels. Obese males are vulnerable to adverse impacts on their testosterone levels and there is a correction between cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and lower testosterone levels.

 Processed foods

Processed foods are full of preservatives, sodium, calories, and some sugar. In addition, they are a source of Tran’s fats in your body. Tran’s fats lead to diabetes, inflammation, and heart strokes. Medical experts warn that regular or heavy intake of processed foods increases the risk of lower testosterone levels. But The risk of erectile dysfunction also increases in males with a diet full of processed foods and packed fruit juices.

Soya products

Studies have shown that tofu, soya milk, edamame, and soy products may lead to lower testosterone levels. All these soya products have phytoestrogens, a plant-based substance that produces the effect of estrogen in the body and removes testosterone. An increase in estrogen, while decreasing testosterone levels causes erectile dysfunction in males.


Mint is known for its soothing properties, but peppermint and spearmint, have shown some adverse impact on testosterone levels.

Drinking mint-based tea regularly could be a risk factor for males. However, most of the studies that came up with these results were based on animals and women. The mint impact on males was not investigated much.

Vegetable oils

Polyunsaturated fats in most vegetable oils can decrease testosterone levels. Though these facts are considered healthy to some extent, their increased consumption is harmful to a male.

Sugary foods

The list includes drinks, packed juices, aerated drinks, desserts, cookies with added sugar, and a whole lot of such items with added flavor and sugar. Their impact on the body raises the risk of blood glucose levels that leads to type 2 diabetes. Anyone who is on a diet to increase testosterone cannot get benefits when he is also using higher sugar content food.

Limit alcohol consumption.

Alcohol consumption over time increases estrogen in males, which affects the levels of testosterone. Estrogen levels lower libido, affect erection, and produce erectile dysfunction. An increase in belly fat with alcohol consumption further lowers testosterone levels by higher inflammation levels.

Alcohol damages blood vessels leading to a reduction in blood flow towards the male organ. Insufficient blood flow is the basic cause of erection weakness in males.

Need for a healthy diet

We lose testosterone levels after the age of 30 by one percent a decade. Testosterone ensures the healthy function of the body, a healthy heart, smooth production of semen, muscle growth, ensures effective brain function, and prevents the risk of erectile dysfunction.

A man experiencing constant fatigue, low drive, erectile issues, loss in muscle mass, decrease in bone density, or decrease in energy levels, should take medical counseling. These signs could be due to low testosterone levels and not only to boost testosterone but also to reduce type 2 diabetes. This is why doctors stress the role of diet when they prescribe Glucobay 100mg to type 2 diabetic patients.


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A healthy diet is a safest and excellent way to increase testosterone along with several other health benefits. A healthy and balanced diet will also curb the risk of lifestyle diseases including blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and erectile dysfunction.


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