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With its simple design, this 18-inch-wide Jaxpety nightstand may be used with a wide range of interior room adornment styles, including minimalist, modern, and even classical. Making a small bedroom look nice is tough, but it can be done with the right furniture and accessories, such as this nightstand. This nightstand, which has a simple white finish that looks nice, is one of the best choices for those of you who want to make your small bedroom look more attractive.

What’s The Best Lampshade Size For A Nightstand?

This way, you won’t have to spend the entire night staring at a blue screen. To get your phone, you’d actually have to get out of bed. Bedside cabinets are versatile since they contain a huge surface area for your lamp, clock, and other items, as well as drawers or cupboards for extra storage. Serena & Lily is currently on sale. Looking for a simple method to add texture to your space? Three major aspects of boho style are wicker, rattan, and pure cane.

Caccaro’s Punto bedside table Punto is simple yet fascinating enough to find a home in the bedroom of a sophisticated young lady. There is a completely white option, which appears to be more nightstand-like just since the wood prime immediately conjures up a plethora of different associations. Casamilano’s Romeo nightstand What has a more unique design appearance than curved wood? Its simple glossy design is appealing, but a picket open shelf elevates it to a new level.

Greatest Nightstand For Small Spaces

A little wire basket hampers, a circular tabletop that fits the scale of the hamper, stain, and hardwood joiners are all needed to build it. After the stain has dry, invert the tabletop and hammer wooden joiners to connect the underside of the wire hamper to the underside of the tabletop. You’ll need a dresser drawer, four old spindles, some wood planks, and screws to build this nightstand.

This is a personal option, but keep in mind that in order to obtain a better night’s sleep, you may need to keep your electronic devices hidden. The optimal lamp size is inches tall and one-third the width of the nightstand, which fits perfectly with a standard-sized nightstand (27-30 inches). A lamp should be large enough and have the same height as a nightstand to appear proportional to a headboard. Getting a nightstand might be beneficial because you can conveniently store all of your nighttime requirements by your facet. Whether it’s a bottle of water, an alarm clock, medications, or your laptop computer, it’s all there.

Convey Colour To Your Room With This Bohemian Bedside Table

Its curving wooden board, which serves as a drawer, provides a classic touch to this elegantly styled nightstand. A nightstand or bedside desk is an item that is frequently overlooked while designing a nursery room. Many homeowners will pick any low-cost, low-quality nightstand as long as it is glossy and brightly colored. Here are some bedroom examples of French country accent chests and nightstands.

If you’re feeling brave, go for the brightly colored or patterned nightstands. This nightstand is also available in black and will look great in any bohemian or mid-century modern bedroom. Check Overstock’s price. An ornate or hand-carved bedside table is definitely not your cup of tea if you already have a lot going on in your bedroom – and that’s perfectly fine.

Nightstand Ideas Perfect For A Small Bedroom

It almost looks like it’s built of two stacked storage boxes. The low storage capacity of this nightstand, however, is one of its numerous flaws. We also only chose a bedside table that was of the finest quality, which means that we only included a nightstand on this list that was made from the most effective, high-grade materials. Ensure that your charging station includes USB ports that are compatible with your device. This is especially critical if you’re using an older device.

Apply a stain to the nightstand in a hue that complements your bed’s headboard. You can even build cabinets within this nightstand with a little additional work. You can also create a door with a hinge instead of shutting off the front with connected planks. There are numerous ways to adapt this concept to meet the storage needs of your bedroom. Thanks to the IKEA shelving unit, you can easily put together a lovely and stylish nightstand. Simply purchase a single IKEA shelf module and use a drill and screws to attach wood table legs to the base.

Small Bedside Tables Good For A Tiny

The issue about automatic watches is that they need to be wound in order to stay charged and ticking. A dependable watch winder isn’t a bad idea for the bedside, especially with hours or even days of stagnant movement compromising the integrity of your precious wristwatch. Without a doubt, the Viceroy is a superb winder, with a variety of rotation options, directional settings, and winding applications. If you don’t have a matched lamp, think about matching the size of the lamp to the size of your nightstand to avoid an imbalance. However, if you use a lamp that is taller than the headboard. The light reflection may be muted since the bulb is too tall.

This slim bedside table is composed of responsibly harvested wood and receives excellent marks only for its high quality. It contains a drawer where you may store your various USB cords when they’re not in use, as well as anything else you’d rather keep hidden. It features four built-in USB ports for charging, which may be lined up when not in use.

Mercury Row Mazza 19″ Desk Lamp

Thanks to its one drawer and open shelf underneath, this nightstand also boasts a decent amount of storage space. As a result, you should utilize this nightstand to store a variety of items and make a tiny bedroom appear more organized. With this elegant Midcentury Modern-inspired bedside table from West Elm, function meets style.

Not only is this nightstand compact, but it’s also a low-cost DIY. Upcycle old table legs or spindles to give the characteristic luggage legs. You’ll only spend about ten bucks on this project because you’ll be recycling the majority of the materials. This Midcentury Modern-inspired nightstand is made of kiln-dried sustainably sourced wood and features two USB ports and two energy outlets. If you really want to save money, try a stack of old books; it also works to make your light appear taller in some way.

Slender Petite Bedside Tables

Even the tiniest home can benefit from a boho-inspired textile option to provide texture. To begin building this bedside table, you must first cut a large wooden piece. Then, using wooden trim, create a border around this piece of wood. Paint the trim with chalkboard paint after attaching it to the board with a wooden adhesive. Finally, glue four identical pieces of driftwood to the nightstand’s wooden body primary.

It is covered with leather and wood and focuses on the distinction of not only materials but also textures and tactile sensations. Bolzan LettiPoufs’ Afrodite pouf has more powers than ever before. They can be used as side tables, espresso tables, dining chairs, and nightstands, among other things. Hülsta-Werke Hüls’ Elumo II nightstand The allure of display cases in jewelry stores is undeniable.


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