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Consider how much fun it would be to trap someone inside with you while they try to escape. What if this could be avoidable simply by keeping your unit’s fire-rated door in place? This tutorial covers the installation of a fire-rated door at one’s HDB gate Singapore and provides reasons why owners might need such a door installed.

Why Install a Fire-Rated Door at Your HDB Gate?

If you live in a high-rise building, there is a chance that your building has an HDB Exit door. The fire rated door supplier in Singapore can classify the exit door as either Category C or D. This means that the exit door must have fire protection against classification in these categories. There needs to be automatic detection and extinguishing systems installed at the entry. HDB is, by law, legally required to place a fire-rated door at the entrance of all HDB blocks. Apart from the Fire and Life Safety Act requirements, installing a fire-rated door at your HDB gate makes up for securing your place and ensures that you have a timely exit to escape in the event of a breakdown or home accident. There have been around 45 fire-related incidents at HDB bus stops and parking lots in the first six months of this year. With HDB landlords and tenants alike concerned about these cases, there will be a heightened awareness of fire safety in public spaces that comes with installing a fire-rated door at the HDB gate. The primary cause of these fires is cooking, rather than burned furniture caused by carelessly discarded old cigarette butts. Landlords commonly build illegal kitchens near bus stops and parking areas; users can be spared from any dangers caused by fires or dangerous chemicals if the landlord hires a proper contractor for kitchen renovations.

How to Install the Door Background

There are two types of door layouts in Singapore, and they must abide by certain fire provisions to be up to code. In a wet layout, which is the standard, one opening allows people to pass through. There are two openings in opposite walls for airflow in a dry layout. Suppose your HDB has retrofitted fire doors on all the apartment towers in your building. In that case, these must also have means for evacuation of residents. It can lead from every side of the flat) to an outside stairway and an open land area. HDB’s gates typically use a loop handle to open, which creates a lot of human error and heavy drilling pressures. The installation explains how the fire doors work like standard or optional features. The tube was also raised to prevent children walking under the gates from being trapped and suffocated.

What Is the Cost of Installing a Fire-Rated Door?

One of the most valuable steps in our HABRA Form 3D building designs is incorporating fire-rated doors into the HDB building plan. This will assist owners in ensuring their property is protected from external hazards. Carbon monoxide gas poisoning to your family is always a serious risk, and in many cases, fire-rated doors can protect against this risk. A fire-rated door makes a difference in the structure of your building. The benefits are that they reduce the chance of injury for residents and the general public, as well as the prospect of cost savings for refurbishing measures, material replacement, and building safety rules. Not sure? Find out even further by installing this important door yourself! Apart from the design, construction, and materials used in producing a fire-rated door, it must provide two things: proper airflow for mobility and safety. It also needs to be more robust than the traditional door as it will be subjected to above-average wear and tear at all times during its life.

Alternatives to Installing a Fire-Rated Door

Alternatives to installing a fire-rated door include installing security shutters, using manual interlocks, and alternate door panels with fire-rations. These alternate panels come in different styles and can be designed according to the entrance height of your building. Fire-rated doors should provide adequate protection against a fire emergency if installed properly. But be aware that they are not the ultimate option either. Besides, they’re only applicable where this kind of door covers the open sector. It’s best to install them at the main entry points of your premises and protect your surroundings, such as lifts, stairs, and corridors, from wind-driven fires with PMD (plasterboard mounted dielectric) panels or metal extinguishing systems. When you live in an HDB, your main priority is protected and safe. However, many properties will not install fire doors by themselves because it’s extremely difficult. There are a few people who can install a fire door. They are experienced, and the cost of installing them is cheap as well. They have contacted the HDB and have met their requirements to install these fire doors. You can also contact your HDB to let them know you would like them to do this for you by offering some help with labour costs.


Fire-rated doors are required for all metal building exit doors or gates adjacent to any publicly accessible area. HDB residents should make sure the metal door exceeds the minimum FIREEXS rating of 280 and that it does not have any openings below the closing plane of the door.


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