The colours of India’s many different cultures and traditions are ready to dazzle in September and October when people are happy and devoted. Dussehra, also called Durga Puja and Vijayadashami in other parts of the country, is the first big festival of the season. During the ten days of Dussehra in India, people from Gujarat to Arunachal, Himachal to Karnataka show off their ethnic style. And we find out where they are and how they are celebrated. Scroll down to see 10 Places to Visit in India during Durga Puja.

Why is Dussehra impo rtant in India?

Dussehra is a major festival for Hindus in India, and its celebrations are known for high levels of revelry. This October event is among the greatest in India. The victory of good over evil is commemorated at the celebration. There are melas and a Ramlila performance (based on the Ramayana) during the festival’s ten days. On day 10, the Ravana Dahan scenario is performed. Ravana, Meghnath, and Kumbhakarna statues are then burned. The feasts are spread out across the country at various Ramlila fields. There are several amusements available, such as food stalls, games, and a Ferris wheel. Popular Ramlila locations are usually well-lit, and celebrities frequently make appearances there.

Even though many things are the same, not many people know that the reasons for celebrating Dussehra and the items used vary from place to place. As the most significant celebrations are getting ready, we’ll tell you about the best Dussehra celebrations in India.

10 Places To Welcome The Best Celebrations 

Here are some unique places in India where you can celebrate Dussehra and learn more about this grand festival. Some parts of the country don’t have these kinds of celebrations very often, which is even more reason to go. So, here is everything you need to know about India, from north to south:

1) Kullu Dussehra
2) Almora Dussehra
3) Delhi Dussehra
4 )Varanasi Dussehra
5) Kota Dussehra
6) Kolkata Dussehra
7) Bastar Dussehra
8) Coorg Dussehra
9) Dasara In Mysuru
10) Kulasekarapattinam Dussehra

Kullu Dussehra: Fascinating as it Gets

Kullu Dussehra has a big name among people around the world who are looking for unique celebrations. This may come as a surprise. Kullu is a great place to go to during Dussehra. Even in India, the festivities in Kullu are a little different because they start when people in other states go home after ten days of partying. On the 10th day of Dussehra, celebrations begin in Kullu and last for a week. You should go to Kullu to see the best Dussehra celebration in India. It is just one way that people in north India celebrate Dussehra.

Almora Dussehra: Burn the Demons who are Parading

Almora goes all out for Dussehra. The people of Ramayana get revenge on the demons who hurt them. The people in the area make statues of all the wrong people from the Ramayana and parade them across. It would be best if you put Almora on your list of places to visit during Dussehra because it is one of the best. At the end of the parade, the statues are burned to ashes in an open area. The people in the place burn down the effigies of Ravana’s whole family. Hundreds of music bands and decorated people walk with the procession, a sight to see.

Dussehra in Delhi: Shows all over the capital

The best thing about Delhi’s Dussehra celebrations is that they can be seen all over the city. The Ramlila shows, which happen primarily at the Ramlila Maidan and Red Fort, are the best part of all the celebrations. Over ten days, the plays act out the story of the Ramayana. On the last day, Lord Rama kills Ravana to end the story. During the Indian festival of Dussehra, many theatre actors get to perform for the crowd and keep them entertained.

Varanasi Dussehra: Also Popular as Ganga Dussehra

Varanasi is known for the Kashi Vishwanath temple, one of India’s most important religious sites. But, through the years, this city has stuck to its traditions. And this is where you’ll find the Ramlila shows that have been going on for more than 200 years. Every year, the Ramlila takes place for a whole month. It starts with the birth of Lord Ram and ends with the death of the demon king, Ravana.

Get a feel for how Rajasthanis live at Kota Dussehra.

At the Dussehra fair in Kota, it’s easy to see the traditional attractions. Artists, cultural performers, and other events at the big fair give you a sense of what life is like in rural India. Villagers all over the city wear traditional clothes and pray to the Lord. Ravana figures are also burned at the end of the festival to show that it is over. The fair is near the Chambal River, where the Kota Adventure Festival is held. On your way to this festival, you can also visit some of the best places near Kota.

Kolkata Dussehra: The Biggest Party of the Year

Kolkata celebrates the time of year when “Good wins over Evil” with dance, music, food, and parties. In Kolkata, Durga Puja, also called Durga Pooja, is the most important holiday. The celebrations are grand, and they happen simultaneously as Dussehra. See the decorated panels, the Bengali culture, and the beautiful lighting. The festival is celebrated with great care because, in Bengali culture, this is more important than anything else. So, when you go to India to celebrate Dussehra, you’ll see vast crowds of thousands of people and sparkles everywhere.

Bastar Dussehra: A Special Holiday for Tribes

Bastar, Chattisgarh, is the strangest place to celebrate Dussehra in India. It is imperative in the area but has nothing to do with Lord Rama’s return to power. In Bastar, Dussehra is a celebration of the goddess who lives there. It is one of the world’s longest festivals, lasting 75 days. It’s also one of the best things to do in Raipur when the weather is nice.

Coorg Dussehra: The Madikeri Dasara

Tourists also like to go to Coorg, one of the best hill stations in South India, to celebrate the Dussehra festival. The celebrations start with traditional and ritualistic garage folk dances. This event is also known as Madikeri Dasara. The ceremonies are for Goddess Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas. The party goes on all night on the ninth day to welcome the tenth and last day. People start getting ready for this 100-year-old tradition three months before the Madikeri Dasara.

Dasara in Mysuru: A Grand Event

Mysore Dussehra also called “Nadahabba” and the state festival of Karnataka is the most well-known Dussehra in India. It has been going on for 400 years. This festival is held in the area to honour how the goddess Chamundeshwari beat the demon Mahishasura. The 10-day festival begins on the first day of Navratri and ends on the tenth day, when the royal procession follows a decorated elephant carrying the idol of the worshipped goddess. During Dussehra in Mysore, people like to see the royal family and how they light up the Mysore palace. It’s one of the most prominent Dussehra Melas you’ve seen in India.

Kulasekarapattinam Dussehra: The Kulasai Dussehra

Kulasekarapattinam, a small village in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu, is famed for its extraordinary Dussehra celebrations. As part of the Kulasai Dussehra celebration, devotees flock to the Mutharamman temple to pay their respects to the Goddess Kali, The shrine honours the Hindu goddess Kali and is thought to be around 300 years old. Participants are encouraged to take on the persona of their preferred deity or deities for the duration of the event. The devotees then enter into trance and dance all night long in honour of Goddess Kali.



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