National Parks in Kenya
National Parks in Kenya

Kenya is a beautiful country in South Africa and a vacation destination blessed with endless beauty and adventure. The wilderness and exquisiteness of the place are hidden in its rustic and tropical national parks, which are habitats for plenty of animal and bird species. Originally, many ancient tribal groups, including Samburu, Kikuyu, and Maasai, used to live with utmost happiness and harmony in the lapse of mother nature. 

There are diverse things to discover in Kenya, from safari tours, sightseeing activities to participating in adventurous activities. Wildlife enthusiasts can plan an exciting trip to Kenya and witness the unseen treasures with their naked eyes.

Best National Parks in Kenya

Here are the six beautiful national parks in Kenya that you can consider exploring during your trip.

Maasai Mara

Maasai Mara is one of the famous and popular wildlife reserves in Africa, situated in the Southwest part of Kenya. It is 270 km from Nairobi City, and by road, it takes around four to five hours and 40 to 45 minutes by flight. The park is combined with another site, the Serengeti National Park, habitat to more than 95 mammal species and 570 bird species. It’s a perfect place to witness the surreal and breathtaking views of the wildlife. 

The best time to explore the national park is between July to October. Some of the unusual attractions to discover in Maasai Mara are Mara Triangle, Olare Orok Conservancy, Mara River, and Ol Kinyei Conservancy. In addition, tourists can enjoy the Jungle Safari and see the wilderness of wild beasts. There are so many options for accommodation within the site. You can consider staying at Elephant Pepper Camp, Mara Bush Camp, and Enkewa Camp. 

Amboseli National Park

Being one of the best and beautiful national parks in Kenya, the site has tons of things to offer its visitors. The park is located at the bottom of Mount Kilimanjaro and easily accessible from the roads. One of the best things to do in the park is witnessing 100 immense elephants with big tusks. The vibe and atmosphere double the park’s beauty; you can enjoy the incredible sightseeing tours the entire day. 

The ideal time to visit the park is between July and September in the summers and January to February. Hiking at Mt. Kilimanjaro is a popular activity in the Amboseli National Park. You can head to Observation Hill to meet and interact with the Masai Tribe. Some of the major attractions to see in the park include Elephant Research Camp, Sinet Delta, and Lake Amboseli. Here, you can find many stay options, including Kimana Lodge, Tortilis Camp, Amboseli Serena Lodge, and Ol Tukai Lodge.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Tourists can see hundreds and thousands of flamingos and other species in every corner of the Lake Nakuru National Park. Moreover, they can see some of the beautiful birds and feed them. Other than birds, some other animals are to see in the park: rhinos, zebras and beautiful waterfalls, and wonderful cliffs, making the place exquisite and charming. 

You can go on a Safari ride and explore the beaches, parks, and other attractions situated in and around the national park. Spend a day trip in the Nairobi national park for $350 a day and witness the breathtaking views of the place and get a chance to interact with animal species. Make Allegiant airlines booking in advance from the official site and pack your bags to discover endless thrill and adventure. 

Aberdare National Park

Aberdare National Park was designed to preserve the moorland of the mountain and moorland. The park is easily accessible as it is 160 km from Nairobi City, and you can find numerous routes to commute to the place. Due to its high altitudes, the temperature of the site is cold and prone to frequent rain. Moreover, the park is a habitat to the second-largest herds of endangered species, including Black Rhinos. Besides Rhino, you may witness African Elephants, Bongo Antelope, and Black Leopard.  

Kereita Cave and Waterfall, Soysambu Conservancy, and Thompson Falls are some of the major tourist sites to discover in Aberdare National Park. The perfect time to go on a trip to the park is between June to September in the summers and early winters and January to February in the winter season. While you are here, you can participate in some of the thrilling activities, including hiking on the elephant hills and twin hills. After sightseeing tours, you can relax and eat at the Country Club and Outspan Golf. 

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Tsavo National Park

It is one of the ancient and largest national parks in Kenya, featuring extinct volcanoes, rocky landscapes, large grasslands, and rugged mountain ranges. The park is divided into two parts, including Tsavo East National Park and Tsavo West National Park. Between June and October and January to February is the ideal time to plan a trip to the national park. Major attractions to witness are Tsavo East, Agenzia Safari Vera Africa, and Epiya Chapeyu Tented Safari Camp. 

Some of the awesome and must-visited sites to see in the park are Mzima Springs, Ngulia Hills, Lake Jipe, and Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary. One can also take his/her personal transport or take a bus from Nairobi, Malindi, or Mombasa. While you are here, consider staying at some of the best hotels and eating at cafes or restaurants, including Voi Wildlife Lodge, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, and Voyager Ziwani Camp.

Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya National Park is folded between the charm of Mt. Kenya is considered the second tallest mountain with a height of 5199 meters in Africa. The park is surrounded by exquisite views of the beautiful lake, glaciers, mineral springs, tarns, and huge mountains. 

The ideal months to plan a visit to the park are between December to March in the winter. Some of the popular tourist attractions to explore are David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Mount Kenya. Here, you can find a number of amazing restaurants and hotels to stay in and eat with your travel companions. It comprises Kinondoni Campsite, Like North Hut, and Austrian head campsite. Besides sightseeing tours, you can participate in Camping, Caving, and Mountain climbing. Make Alaska Airlines Booking and get ready to surround yourself with wilderness and natural beauty in Kenya. 


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